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spitting in public....

@Anonymous1409 Time : 2015-04-09 00:21:14

I am hoping to get our Chinese sisters opinions and viewpoints on this matter. I have been to China a few times now and I love the cities except the air pollution which is absolutely horrendous. The people are open, friendly and for the most part extremely happy. I really enjoy the children running up to me to look at my blue/grey/green eyes, my girl tells me most of the time the kids are so excited to see a big foreigner.

My question to the women here on this site is: Why do so many people spit? I have seen many lovely chinese women just stop and spit a huge glob on the ground or in trash cans, in the bushes etc  Why do you do this? The Chinese men are far worse, they seem to have a contest going to see who can be the loudest and spit the biggest glob of spit possible, almost like they think they are being the most obnoxious, loudest it makes them more virile or manly by doing so.

Personally seeing a woman spit a huge glob of phlem is so unattractive, the men and the spitting makes me feel sorry for them but I truly hate the splatters of spit all over the sidewalks and on restaurant floors.....a person has to constantly keep looking down to avoid these globs of spit.

So my good sisters here please feel free to give any insights into this situation....

Thanks so much....

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From: China 广西(guang xi) 南宁(nan ning ) @eternalvenus Time : 2015-04-09 22:49:25 #1
当别人随地吐痰的时候,我觉得有点失望,我希望更多人能够注重自己的形象! 和更多的社会责任感
From: China 广西(guang xi) 桂林(gui lin ) @lihongvt Time : 2015-04-10 09:16:30 #2
From: China 山东(shan dong) 济南(ji nan ) @sunrise68 Time : 2015-04-10 20:58:48 #3
I agree with you. Spitting everywhere is disgusting. We can only behave ourselves, but can't change the environment around us, a headache.
@Anonymous21647 Time : 2015-04-14 12:35:08 #4
@Anonymous21660 Time : 2015-04-15 14:58:52 #5
I was in China in 1992 and the air quality then was good. Blue sky everyday in Beijing. But I did notice many women spitting on the ground, they were beautifully dressed and attractive. I thought it was maybe because of air quality it is just accepted to do this in public.
It's also interesting that I went out with Chinese woman for several years in Australia. We would be walking along the street and she would spit in a rubbish bin, many people would look. I never said anything to her beacuase I did not want to embaress her or hurt her feelings.
From: China 广西(guang xi) 南宁(nan ning ) @eternalvenus Time : 2015-04-16 22:17:16 #6
I think that they can carry a pack of paper towel,When they need to spit ,They can use tissue containing fragrance,But you are very considerate,I was once like a Western old man,But I always use love to stimulate him,Love is tolerance,I will be able to learn more for you thanks!
@Anonymous21680 Time : 2015-04-17 01:35:21 #7
Hi and thanks for the 5 replies to my article, I was hoping to get more opinions and feedback but am thankful for the replies so far. I will say from what I have seen while in China is that many women do spit on street, in trash cans etc and yes many of them are extremely well dressed so it is a bit shocking for a westerner to see this happening so much.

lihongvt touched on the air quality where she lives in Guilin as having good air quality, as I have not been to her city as of yet I will not disagree with her. I do want to say that as well as the spitting I have noticed many people even young children with chronic clearing of the throat or couching almost like a smokers cough. Could it be the continuous throat clearing and coughing is causing the spitting or is it cultural or maybe it is both?

Barry mentions in his blog many times he is aghast at the amount of air pollution in and around Tina's city which is a smaller city.

If any of our sisters here live in the south or southeast of China please feel free to express your opinions as to whether spitting is prevalent in your coastal cities or is the air quality much better.

One last thing...when was the last time you saw the stars and or the moon on a clear night?

Thanks so much in advance........


From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 温州(wen zhou ) @zhangjiyao Time : 2015-04-18 07:41:57 #8
From: Australia Victoria Altona @mysolemate Time : 2015-04-18 08:14:24 #9
@eternalvenus Yes I think a paper towel is a good idea. I do feel that bacause of air quality and dust in some ares that peolpe need to do this. I travelled from Beijing to Xian and to Guiling
(A beautiful place) but still found people spitting. But I must say Beijing was the worst. More so if you went to to crowded market areas. But having said that nothing could spoil the beauty of China.
From: China 广东(guang dong) 东莞(dong guan ) @Enyaluo1977 Time : 2015-05-08 14:01:20 #10
I am reading some Chinese medicine book recently, the writer, a famous Chinese doctor said because it's hot and wet in Guangdong, people take too much wet air, and also because people use air conditioner so the wet air(湿气)can't come out. Those wet air changed people's body condition to 痰湿体质, it means people with too much wet air inside has more phlegm and also have heavy body and are easy to be tired and lazy.

The doctor joked that if somebody said they don't have wet air, it means they are not too much in Guangdong.

Other wet area people is also easy have this disease, like Sichuan. But Sichuan people like to eat hot food. Hot food is a big helpe to get those wet air out.Guangdong people also often drink some herbal soup to clean the wet air out of body.
From: China 陕西(shan xi) 西安(xi an ) @Anniehow Time : 2015-05-08 22:14:21 #11
I will throw in my 2 cents. Personally I think the habit of spitting has a lot to do with the fact that China was an agricultural society for a long time and Chinese people have kind of naturalistic view in terms of health and body.

China had been an agricultural society up to one or two decades ago. When I was young and at school over 80%of the population lived in the countryside and had a country lifestyle. People pretty much spit in the field or on the dirt ground and took it for granted. Back then air quality was much better so it has nothing to do with air but it has a lot to do with the habit instead.

Lots of people moved to the city driven by the wave of urbanization and they brought their habit or their father's habit to the city. Some people restrain themselves from doing it while others don't. Most families do not really teach their children to cover their mouths or noses while sneezing. We hate spitting too but it is kind of difficult and disrespectful to correct your parents or grandparents. If you do not constantly remind yourself or you are constantly in such exposure sometimes you are inclined to do it occasionally. Then the kids pick up the habit as well. We need deliberate family upbringing and enforcement to get rid of the habit, which is lacking in China in many families. I believe though with the younger generation who have better education and more exposure to the modern city life China will be different in the future.
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2015-05-09 17:00:44 #12
@Anniehow - your comment here has reminded me how much I wish you were blogging for us. You have a great take on things, you have good international experience and you can write very well in both languages. Please give it some thought and let me know by writing me at In any event I'd love an update on how you are doing back in China.

Cheers, John
From: Australia Queensland Brisbane @Barry1 Time : 2015-05-09 17:14:41 #13

All this talk about spitting reminded me of one of my earlier blogs, where I laughed so loudly after seeing our bus driver hurl an enormous spit out of his driver's window, that it caused me to burst out laughing.

The incident is described here:

"Half an hour after leaving Chengdu, our bus driver very enthusiastically cleared his throat and ejected an enormous blob of phlegm out the window in as raucous and uncouth a fashion as possible. Witnessing this, I burst out laughing, loud enough that the driver turned around to see what was so funny. Tina whispered to me to please be quiet and not giggle at the driver." (rofl)(clap)
From: Australia New South Wales Sydney @oldghost Time : 2018-07-20 15:49:28 #14

On my first trip to China mainland, 1997, it drove me crazy -the sound of hawking - I did see one person in Ningbo or Hangzhou issued an 'on-the-spot-fine' .

In 20 years it has improved enormously, and so too the endemic bronchitis is disappearing.

As a child, in Sydney I remember there were street signs saying 'no spitting' so it is not a unique Chinese custom, but awareness of TB has eliminated it here. 

Chinese people DO indeed have different customs, manners, eating and spitting out bones for example, or pumpkin seeds on trains and ships ... It really is a matter of manners and manners differ across cultures.


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