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From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 沈阳(shen yang ) @lanxin80 Time : 2010-09-17 18:28:41
what does people wants from here?
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From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2010-09-18 04:32:14 #1
Hi lanxin80. I'm curious about why you chose to ask your question under the category of Scammers? But even more, I'd like to hear what you want from here? You ask a great question so maybe you should be first to give a great answer :).
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @chrisfr2 Time : 2010-09-18 23:32:24 #2
even if it's not the right thread.... maybe some links with...

Today i've been invited for a chat by a nice 23yo girl, student in suzhou... I was just finishing to say hello.. that she told me i am handsome and asks me if i'm serious and want to marry....

So : these are the data we have for the daily exercice.
I'm 42 (43 for china)
Not handsome at all
installed in shaanxi......
She's 23
in suzhou
and she start to talk about wedding after 3 sentences.

So maybe the scams thread is not a bad choice : what does (some) people wants from here?

From: Switzerland Bern - Berne Bern @kalzorch Time : 2010-09-19 02:49:30 #3
Chris, from what you wrote she didn't ask if you want to marry HER, only if you want to marry. Maybe she simply wanted to know if your intent was to find a wife, or just to play around. Most of the girls here don't want to waste their time with a guy who isn't seriously looking for a wife.
From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 沈阳(shen yang ) @lanxin80 Time : 2010-09-19 07:47:21 #4
Well, yes that strange. she only talked to you a little bit and she wants to marry you?hehehe.....funny.
but people are different. some people wants love,some wants marriage and some only wants sex.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @chrisfr2 Time : 2010-09-19 17:12:14 #5
he he : kalzorch : so you think she asked me if i am serious, so if i was interested to marry ... another woman ???

lanxin80 : yes exactly, i think it's hard for anyone to sort out people here for scams, for fun, and for LT (long term relation)... and even in long term, there is weddings abnd free union also...
Most foreigners are sent in china for a few years and will return back in homeland after. Some wants just to play... some are serious but will not continue a relation after the contract is finished... And some will involve forever... Now do they plan to stay in china, or to go back to theyr country with theyr wife ? Many chinese women don't plan to leave china !!! another question to solve out

it's a hard way to find who is who anyway
From: United States Massachusetts Boston @thedragonb1 Time : 2010-09-19 22:46:06 #6
Yea Chris,
I think you misjudge her intent when she brought up marriage. Hopefully you were cool about it. Also dude, never NEVER talk bad about yourself being an ugly guy and your age as a bad thing. C'mon man, have some SELF CONFIDENCE. Yes, a 23 year old may be quite young and not your cup of tea, but you should be FLATTERED! Many Chinese women by their 20s are thinking marriage BIG TIME! No question. It's the culture and if you are thinking of being with a Chinese woman it's always about marriage ultimately.

As for Lanxin80 question of what do people want here:
My thought is love and happiness. Don't we all? Yes, some may not take it so serious (like the scammers), but the real genuine people who do take the time to sign up here, really hope for the best and find a loving companion.
From: China 山东(shan dong) 济南(ji nan ) @daryl1002 Time : 2010-09-20 06:30:42 #7
Good Morning:

I've had the greatest pleasure to travel to China many times, lived with Chinese in Singapore and welcomed to many Chinese homes as family. Often I find there's alot of misunderstandings between our customs and cultures. We often think another culture will think like we do in our culture, and our dating habits, etc, are similar, so not true. I truly love the Chinese culture for many reasons, and we need to understand and show the highest respect that they are Chinese, and not try to impose white rules and beliefs. ....... continued below
From: China 山东(shan dong) 济南(ji nan ) @daryl1002 Time : 2010-09-20 06:31:51 #8
Where our white women tend make and expect men gropple like dogs, be nearly perfect physically, and attractive just to get a date, this is not true of the Chinese girls. Often a little attention goes along way. Too, the Chinese girls tend to few the heart of the man, not only the face and how many hairs on head. Too, we tend to view dating as more casual most Chinese girls wish to get settled and start a family. Family and the unity of family is very strong in the Chinese culture. What might seem pushy or fast to us, as we just don’t expect a woman to wish marry so fast, as the white girls normally wish a long relationship before commitment,........ continued
From: China 山东(shan dong) 济南(ji nan ) @daryl1002 Time : 2010-09-20 06:32:17 #9
, and guys seem to fear that long walk commitment, the Chinese girls wish to cut the chase and get down to business, they want a family. From my experience with the Chinese women, they are kind, caring, loving, loyal, sensual, sexual, difficult at times, but all women are, but leaps and bounds above the white women in general.
From: United States Nevada Las Vegas @nice2bwith4ever Time : 2010-09-20 07:40:29 #10
i want to find a nice, caring, and loving chinese woman to be my wife.
From: China 河北(he bei) 石家庄(shi jia zhuang ) @bestfriends Time : 2010-09-20 09:06:07 #11
but people are different. some people wants love,some wants marriage and some only wants sex.

That's true but you miss the word 'Friends' some of us foreigners only seek a nice women to be friends with if they work in China, like me, there are some foreigner men only looking for a young women on this dating site because they can't marry a western women because of their age.
From: Iran Azarbayjan-e Gharbi Tabriz @saman1355 Time : 2010-09-20 10:36:36 #12
salam khobi
From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 沈阳(shen yang ) @lanxin80 Time : 2010-09-22 18:45:22 #13
yes, there are many old men on this site. and some are wants young girl because they cant find a woman in their real life?
From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 沈阳(shen yang ) @lanxin80 Time : 2010-09-22 18:50:59 #14
so why you are here? because your age,thats why you want to find a young girl here?
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