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is he still like me ?what is difference chinese woman and thai woman?

@Anonymous544 Time : 2013-04-19 23:10:47
15month ago i met he we like each other alot but after 3 month he told me have no feeling with me . and he met a thai girl he said he been asked her many time for date finaly she say ok . then we stop dating . so sad! i pretend i dont mind i dont care .(but im very care)reply he congratulations and be happy 、take care 、and you are luck nice world etc.
but he never say something nice work to me like good luck and hope you meet someone later soon . up to now form we stop dating beteen one year some time we had talk alittle but he dont even wish a find someone nice too.
sometime i tell myself he just self person or he dont care about me or maybe he dont want wish me to find one.
my question: is he like me ? what does he thinking ? what is difference chinese woman and thai woman?

anybody opinion?
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@Anonymous5697 Time : 2013-04-20 19:59:05 #1
这是因为泰国政治制度是亚洲所有的国家中最接近西方国家,民主化程度高,思想文化自由 ,还有就是中国女人不够西化,不太和老外的口味~~ 再加上泰国的包容性比中国强很多啊
没户口,高房价(100平,曼谷最高18万刀,北京最低18万刀,还是五环以外),重污染,生活节奏快,文化差距,入境审核复杂,他们来中国干什么? 中国的人口太多,处处要找关系,目前还不是一个真正的法治国家;、由于中国的重工业发展比泰国好,但是污染整治的力度一直跟不上,导致中国的环境污染严重;对于生活在发达国家的人来说,这犹如去贫民窟体验,显然不是养老的合适地方;、中国的进口关税高于泰国,要买进口商品比较便宜;4、泰国所处的地理优势,交通便利,同时气候适中,不会过冷过热;、政治上,泰国是一个君主立宪制的国家,与西欧,日本的政治体制比较相像,移移民者不需要有过多的改变来适应新的政治环境。,,而且还有一个更重要的原因‘租妻文化’

“租妻”在泰国是小菜一碟,一种很常见的现象。很多老外专门到泰国来就为艳遇 “ 黑珍珠”,寻找当地黑黑的女孩租为臨时的 “妻子” 。

那些被租为臨时“妻子” 的女人们大都是年纪很轻的女孩子。她们不但要提供妻子应尽的所有责任,还要兼职担任旅行的导游之责。而老外则提供金钱,住宿費,和吃、用、玩,衣服什么的。泰国女孩子们被 “租妻” 的时限长短不一,短的仅几天,长的到一个星期,当然也有几个月甚至是一辈子的。
有些老外,到当地租到妻子后,十分喜爱,会每年都来和 “租妻” 过上几个月,有的既使回去了也会每月给“租妻”提供一些生活费,甚至为她们在泰国当地买房、买车,生儿育女。如果被 “租妻” 的女孩子运气更好的话,那些原来的 “东家” 还会把她们由 “租妻” 改为娶回家,帮助办理移民去外国。
但是,大部分求 “租” 的 “妻子” 的命运是,老外租了几天,或是几个月,就拉起裤子拍拍屁股走人了。被扔下的 “求租” 的 “妻子” 们则淡定地继续寻找新的租客了。
泰国很多求 “租妻” 的女孩子都是家庭环境不那么富有、不那么和好,才走上求 “租妻” 的这条路。她们慢慢地学习英文,学会了如何向男人,特別是向老男人献媚,学会了在几个男人之间周旋,从而寻找可能要她们做老婆的 “丈夫” 。她们走上寻觅 “租妻” 这条路,也可以选择离开,但是大部分还是继续着。
如今,在泰国各地,尤其是在普吉岛巴东地区的街头,“租妻” 们的身影特別刺眼。

这些广告真过分!你有50岁、或者50出头了吗?来泰国找个女孩子做老婆快乐一下,租、买、转让、借用,,,,, 有了这些便利因素,老外当然要权恒利与弊。。

@Anonymous5698 Time : 2013-04-20 22:38:01 #2
i had checked on internet that say the same as your comment .but i think there is some normal girls too in thai as i know some west man are working in thai and marry thai girls had kids too . i belive he wont rent a wife in there but who know right.
but what is 18万刀 mean? i know living in thai are cheap for old mens there but i also know some rich man are there have "gf" too i belive rich man dont need rent gf
i hope some men who are been live in thai or been have a thai gf .
you can be a anonymous !
@Anonymous5699 Time : 2013-04-20 22:40:28 #3
From: Canada Alberta Edmonton @canadianmike Time : 2013-04-20 23:18:15 #4
@Anonymous544 - I think you should forget about this man and congratulate yourself because you no longer have to be with him. This is a bad man. Huài nánrén (god I hope I got that right). You seem to be very polite and you care about the other person. This guy may be playing games and looking for a fun date instead of a life partner.
Anonumous5697 may be right that he likes a Thai woman because of a different political or cultural climate in her country. Or he is just interested in a rented wife for his convenience. I like her comment about pulling up his pants before leaving.
Take heart, and if he didn't tell you "Good luck and take care", then everyone else will say it for him. You are better off without him and will find a man that cares about you and your feelings. Remember... always be yourself and never try to force the matter of love. It happens spontaneously and naturally. Take your time.
From: Canada British Columbia Vernon @madmac Time : 2013-04-21 01:54:17 #5
Hi to the author of this message, he is not interested in you and has found someone he wants. Yes he should have wished you luck and been a gentleman but he didn't. Do not waste anymore energy ir thiughts on this person, he is not worth it, let him go in your heart and in your mind.

To Anonymous5697, what you have described about Thai women and western men can be said of any race on this planet in varying degrees. It is sad but is true. As for pollution, every city in every country has some form of pollution, I live in a town where there is very little, we have blue skies and clean water, but we have air pollution during the winter due to prevailing wind directions at that time of year, alot of wood burning fireplaces as well.

The old addage goes....if you are unsure of someone or warning bells are going off in your head it is time to move on. I personally have learned the hard way and have been burned a few times with women from this site as well as a local woman. I have let them go and I know it wll eventually work for me and I will find someone.

From: China 北京(bei jing) 北京(bei jing) @springflower06 Time : 2013-04-21 07:41:29 #6
To be frankly, there is no point to compare Chinese women and Thai women in your
case. We know that everything has positive and negative sides, even though there are
a great number of differences between the two countries and people. Most importantly, in my opinion, you have to adjust yourself instead of considering what he thinks

Also, as you said this man is not only selfish but also is indifferent to you. Why did you spend time in making friend with him? Especially, is it worth for you to develop a further relationship with him ?

@Anonymous5711 Time : 2013-04-21 22:14:16 #7
thanks for everone well the problem is i think i had fall in love with he but i dont know .i always lie to myself after stop dating he .tell myself he maybe just dont want me to find so maybe later he break up with his gf he might want to come back with me.he always say im really nice good woman .but i know that he not interesting at me anymore just be polite sometime talk to me alittle bit when he want.

yes you are right i still dreaming he come back again that is why i keep talk
to he sometime .i know im silly .i know is there is no chance .im just like this guy so much i have never meet someone like he so im painful .i know i can find someone better later and time will help .
hope some people here can say some strong words to me make my heart die for he
im just silly silly so hard to take he off my head.
@Anonymous5712 Time : 2013-04-21 22:42:38 #8

@Anonymous5719 Time : 2013-04-22 09:42:41 #9
From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @shazaohua Time : 2013-04-22 21:36:11 #10




From: China 福建(fu jian) 福州(fu zhou ) @destiny1 Time : 2013-04-24 22:36:51 #11
@Anonymous5739 Time : 2013-04-25 17:31:47 #12
是的,这也为什么在泰国的大街上满眼都是老外,比我们国家看见的要多的多,他们觉得那里的吃,喝,玩,乐,人妖表演,租妻,正宗的泰式按摩 等旅游项目,比在中国旅游要刺激的多也有意思的多,,回到家后一传十,十传百,口碑的宣传比广告的效应还利害,于是老外们便都涌向了泰国去寻欢作乐,,,
From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @Apinkapple Time : 2013-04-25 22:00:29 #13
I don't think all of western men like to go to Thailand to indulge themselves.
If the man likes aThai girl,let him go.You are not his cup of tea.There is no point in comparing who is better.Every man has his hobby horse.
There is a saying in China:Golden flowers match with Silver flowers, while zucchinis match with pumpkins.
Good luck.
@Anonymous5741 Time : 2013-04-25 22:15:57 #14






谢 谢 !大家 。其实这个怎么说呢,我们不是真正的了解泰国的以上姐妹们说的都是大家对泰国的印象,当然也是部份的事实。那边的热带气候是很多西方国家的人,特别是男人所向往玩乐、休闲、退休的地方。有点为泰国女人难过。我第一次听说泰国是人妖。第二次是从我们老板口里得知,一个英国的中国区总裁离婚了判给老婆 很多钱,再不不打算结婚就在泰国找了个妇朋友,在泰国也卖了几套房。退休了就在那边活。第三次听说就是从和我约会的这个他,他说泰国女人很喜欢钱,所以对他们没兴趣。结果他还是甩了我和泰国女人在一起了。我是个长得好看的女人也很nice的一个又年轻28。他51岁了看起来像个40的。他算得上是个成功的人吧!也很负责对家庭。他的一举一动连说话的声音都很喜欢。就算天上掉下一个亿在我面前我都不想捡,特别满足的。他问我想要做什么想去那里。我只想跟他说我那里也不想去,最想做的就是和他保一块,傻着也好。粘着他特别幸福。就像blog the end of our relationship 里定的一样每分每秒每个时刻都想就此停在那里。和他约会的时侯总觉得我选择跟他在一起算他走运了。加上他年纪不小他不能再挑了。做楚也没有想到。他最后说对我没感觉。我当初自已怎么那么笨,如果不是我追着他问。怎么不回我信息。你是不是不那么的喜欢我。是不是在某个地方有你想着的女人。总之我犯了一个很大的错误。我跟他的过程也有点复杂。很多时侯都是我一相情愿。
话说回来我想信泰国那边也是有正常的泰国女子的,需然她们比不上咱们中国女子。这就是我有点不服气输给了一个泰国女人。也许我真的不合他味口吧!真的很难忘记他!曾为他哭过好几次。哎!i think time will help me and hope i can meet someone better than he soon
谢谢!姐妹们。good luck!
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