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is fail story.hope will help someone,also remind me why i am fail.

@Anonymous1269 Time : 2014-09-16 14:51:04

 always hidden the corner read the CLM article in the midnight,especially my emotions not very peaceful,the love seems far away for day,i press wrong keyboard,send the one wrong message for some guys,he very quickly reply me and ask me qq.after few days,we chat on the qq ,and than he call me,i found he have magnetic vioce,of course i must admit,he not i like that type very handsome western old man,i dont have fall in love at frist sight ,no palpitations feeling.but he express he have good felling for me,i never date the man from website,i dont believe the Internet date ,the success chance is very small.but he insist every day call me use his Australia phone,through the chat,i know he had a china wife,but seems not good person,use he and got the PR,but seems he forgive her,and always keep in touch her,he know a Filipino woman,he feel huge warm love from her,that is why he always compare me and her.i had ask him,you think this woman is your friend?he said no,he don't have any future with her.because he dont have ability bring her to Australia, i use my china thinking way thought this logic and explain,i very tangle,no future why still keep in touch her and bother her life,and don't let her go ,find her really happy life and true love, he very want to sure i have good feeling for him or not,he let his friend add me qq ,this girl also meet on the CLM,i just said,didnt meeting,i don't have any feeling for you,he decide order the flight come to china,he had ask me can as his girlfriend,i dont know why i said yes at that time ,maybe his decide effect my emotions,i am feel moving,the head feel hot ,and said yes.but i know this is super wrong answer right now.after that day,i also have some feeling for him,maybe is the love slowly and slowly plant in the heart,i don't realized this things happen.

before he come to china,seems i also do some wrong things again,is huge and hurt him things,that is main reason when he living in china,we happen huge war or argue.

 i had sex with my ex-husband.this man in my life is very important best friend and fall in love at frist sight,and together come over the biggest hard time.we together face the serious sickness and my mum past,and help me far away betray ,scam  and no conscience family ,protection me and father,daughter ,i am very appreciation him.i also think he is my mr right in my life,i never want to leave him,even he got more and more sickness,i still stay with him,never think one day will abandon him.never and never.but i dont why ,we always miss timing,when i want to get married with him,his heart dont mature,when he think he already ready get married with me,more things happen in my life,mum die,father cant speak,cant move,found family so bad,run away born place,my hometown,my favorite place,move over thousand place and settled.

the day final come in ,he arrived the airport in midnight,because i am so much new driver,i cant drive the car in the fastway in dark,i let my exhuband help me drive the car pick up him,sent him go the hotle,he very exciting and unhappy,because he meet me give me huge embrace,at that moment,i am so happy he arrived,but he unhappy meet my ex-husband.

jealous also slowly and slowly plant in his heart and his shadow past life effect his judge,i also late know this small place let us happen war and argue.

i pay the hotel bill one month for him ,we together go to shopping and enjoy the coffee when i have free time,we drive the car and go to furniture city and choose the new house mattrechoss,because his back bone have some problem,he express so much passionate,he look forward he will living in my home.we together visit my daughter school ,join the party.

after few weeks he move to my home from hotel,we living in together,when we are go out eating restaurant,sometime,he will insist pay,sometime not,but when we go to coffee shop,he will pay every time,for me,i think every week waste money go the the coffee shop enjoy coffee,that is very wrong things depend on his income not too much,he just pension money.when we together choose the mattress,he said he will pay,but he don't do that,i also don't hope he will pay,actually i dont hope he pay anything in china,because i think if we dont work,he can save the money come back Australia,for me,i have my home in china,he doesn't.before he come to china,he chect out his rent house,of course i still cant understand why he do this action,at last i know the fact,he had plan anythings,he got the government house after he come back Australia.

we spend more and more happy time and get along well,we also dicuss about the future and marriage.seems every program no problem,we will get married in the future.

one day,he feel uncomfortable,he don't tell me,just fall alseep long time,i go out market,buy the foods and noodles,fry for him,but he dont want to eat.

seems i do stupid things again,i call my ex-husband,ask him ,had dinner?he said very busy,still not,i said my home have more extra,if he dont mind,he can come to my home,during he eating,i very tried,fall alseep ,i dont know what happen between the exhusband and the guys, he very upset and online Internet,when i wake up 1am,he still cant sleep,i found him write the letter for his Filipino woman,i express my point,you dont have any future with her,please let her got the peace if you think she cant as your friend.

i go to bed again,but he still keep in touch his Filipino woman,i wake up again at 3pm,i let him get out my home,and never come back china.

he hope me help him contact he had know another chinese woman ,or go to Philippines,i said no,i throw his package get out my home,and said,if he dont go out ,i call the police.

after 2days,i found he leave more cloths and medicine in my closets.i send to the hotel,we argue in the hotel lobby,and i blame he use the love name cheat the china woman feeling and money.he should feel shame,he should pay me back the hotel money and go the hell with his Filipino woman.

few days past,we also have some calm down,but still angry each other ,he decide come back Australia,i also told him,i love him,i cry whole night,i warning him,if he come back Australia,he will lost me forever.

after he come back Australia,he still keep in touch Filipino woman,i give up admit my fault and i dont think i do wrong things.

once time he call me,he hope we should try again,he want to come back china,he confidence we will work,we will let the every misunderstood past.

i said no,i said i dont believe him ,built the trust is very hard again.

but i know i also have more fault during we together time,final,i give him a test invite,if you want to as my daughter teacher come to china and we relationship temporary stay at friendship is ok?he said no.

seems that is fate,i dont feel i am the one for him,he dont feel i have any love for him,he dont want to pay his love for me,we close any contact.


the story the end result,the timing is very important between couple relationship.

success relationship need each other the patients.tolerance.

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@Anonymous17700 Time : 2014-09-19 00:33:00 #1
Hi, interesting story, I am not very sure as to why you would be involved with this Australian man and sleep with your ex-husband? It seems you are not able to let go of him while you are angry the aussie cant let get of Filipino woman. You involve your ex husband with your new man, call him to help pickup from airport!!!! Big big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are fortunate your new bf didn't turn around and leave. What is wrong with you? Why would you invite ex husband over to your home while bf is there sleeping??? There is no legitimate reason or thinking for this... You showed your new bf total lack of respect...if it was me I would never have taken this treatment and behaviour......I would have dumped you as fast as I could and left....

You are still in love with ex husband.......

good luck....
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 宁波(ning bo ) @zqy2014 Time : 2014-09-19 09:51:10 #2

First thanks for you would like to sharing with us on your story.

My general impression on your story is: everything is totally in mess and happened too quickly w/o sensible reasons. We need have our own reasons to do or not do anything before we take actions.

If you try to ask yourself the following questions, you may will understand how the ending of the story were built step by step by yourself:-

1. The Australian guy was cheated by his Chinese ex-wife, why he can be cheated? This is huge hurt and bad experience for a normal man, why he still would like to keep continuous contact with a woman who have ever badly hurt him? Did he used to enjoy maltreat feeling or he still beg/long for something like sex life from his ex-wife?

2. From the Philippine woman,the Australian guy feel much warmth and comforts from her, it may be the truth. He was affected and appreciated this kind of feeling to him so that he can't easily get out from this emotion.However,he don't have the ability to fulfill his "love" for her since he don't have ability to bring this woman in Australia, this show this guy actually don't have ability to love and support a family.He is not suitable for a woman who hope to establish a family.He need to work hard to make improve on the current situation or peacefully accept the reality including don't interrupt any woman who longs for a family.

3. Quickly jump into new relationship before the last one is cleared up in the mind.The Australian guy knows well she appreciated and like the Philippine woman in his heart, why jump into another new relationship with you and confirm flight China to see you even if you said you don't like him?What kind of relationship he was looking for? He can't stop being in relationship with any woman? Why? When face such kind of person, your decision and standpoint will be very crucial for you and your relationship. However, seems you made the same mistake as him? Are you more or less the same or similar type person?

4. When you make sure you don't like him, why you say "yes" to him, this is un-responsible for you and the Australian guy.Please always don't make any quick decision before you are well ready for and have your own enough/sensible reasons.Too quick sex will make your mind blind and paralyzed on all objective and sensitive feeling, thinking and adjustment..

5. Your still have sex with your ex-husband, this is not a right thing and fair for you, your ex-husband and any of the new man in your following life.Your action is a huge hurt for all people involving in.Obviously, there is too much mess in your head and life and you actually need time to think it about, cleaning and heal yourself from the previous relationships or experience.Otherwise, you will be more and more painful and don't know where should go.During this experience, it is not the Australian guy who hurt you but you hurt all people involving in.You need to be responsible, face and accept the bad ending. If you could learn something from this experience, you will be stronger than before.

6. From your description, I can feel your appreciation and pity to your ex-husband. If like this, why you leave him behind when he is badly sick? Why you made divorce with him? Only due to he was sick? He has helped you so much why you can't help him out when he need you?? Love is not only taking but also need giving and take responsibilities. You should not escape the responsibilities. Past is past, right now you only need work as a good friend of your ex-husband and give him all helps and assistance but absolutely not sex!

7. The Australian guy keep contacting with the Philippine woman in the night.You know well they have been keeping contact all the time before he come China, you try to persuade him give up that woman but found you are not successful, then you are angry since you finally did not change him? Please keep aware and awake on all points with the man, know which is or not acceptable for you and don't tend to change but influence him on anything...He told you everything with his Chinese ex-wife and the Philippine woman but you say "yes" when he said he will flight to see you. So you don't have any reason to complaint when you see he keep contacting with the Philippine woman!! Actually in such messy situation you arrange for the Australian guy and your ex-husband to meet and face again, you should allow the the Australian guy some time or internal space to peace/calm down himself. It is you who broken out your relationship instead of him instead.You can't accept the one who he is. If like this,why sleep with him?He come for you in no matter but you throw him on the strange street without any compassion? Even if you could not be a couple but you still could be a normal friend and have not behaved in this way.

From whole story, we see the Australian guy have never stop blindly being involve in any relationship with this or that woman.He is sick not only back but also with his brains.

The last, I want to say, yes, there is some person who seems don't have much passion on the relationship(they will do thing as according to their mood and feeling) and don't have any further action but he/she would not like leave you go and tell you their thinking or plan either. If you encounter this kind of person, please keep you away from them since you never know what they are thinking and what they will do in the following.

I hope you could have some time to sort yourself and learn to be responsible for yourself and other involved person.

Thanks for your sharing again.

From: China 广东(guang dong) 汕头(shan tou ) @Belle77 Time : 2014-09-19 15:56:36 #3


我觉得奇怪的是你为什么要帮他付住酒店的钱呢?从你的描述看得出来,你挺在意你在他身上花的钱。如果他是个中国人,你会在他身上花钱吗?如果你的答案是YES, 那就当我没说吧。

@Anonymous17743 Time : 2014-09-19 19:56:08 #4
From: China 陕西(shan xi) 西安(xi an ) @zhang77 Time : 2014-09-20 00:07:19 #5
@Anonymous17782 Time : 2014-09-21 08:19:36 #6
@Anonymous17783 Time : 2014-09-21 09:06:11 #7

You are a stupid woman. You complain that the Australian man is connecting with the Filipino woman while you are having sex with your ex-husband, allowing him to accompany you to the airport to meet this man and then inviting your ex-husband to your home to meet him again
I cannot believe that you are complaining that he left you
From: China 上海(shang hai) 上海(shang hai) @lzqjyl Time : 2014-09-24 21:18:12 #8
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