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financial support

@Anonymous1618 Time : 2016-08-13 00:58:17

This question is for the Chinese women on this site.

If you are involved with a western man in a committed relationship or are married already, you are not yet together in his country or yours, you have a steady job and he has a steady job, do you "expect" your bf or husband to send you money each month whether you need it or not?




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From: China 山东(shan dong) 济南(ji nan ) @sunrise68 Time : 2016-08-19 10:47:42 #1

The answer is No.

@Anonymous25175 Time : 2016-08-19 21:08:31 #2
There is no answer to your question as you seem not know your girlfriend/wife well. Being a good communication you should have known each other before you have commitment. If you love each other , you would try your best to meet her needs and she would do her efforts to meet your expects. So there are some questions to be followed. To anwer these questions I thought it might help you. If you love her, what would you like to do to show your love to her in distance? and what do you wish to receive from her to let you feel love ? You are anonymos, so I do the same here though it is not my style .
@Anonymous25177 Time : 2016-08-20 01:28:37 #3

sunrise68, thank you for your reply.

From: China 江西(jiang xi) 赣州(gan zhou ) @xingyu66 Time : 2016-08-20 09:27:20 #4
No, I don't need his money. In economy, I have the ability to meet own needs
@Anonymous25184 Time : 2016-08-21 02:22:52 #5

@anonymous25175  "There is no answer to your question as you seem not know your girlfriend/wife well."

I never said I was involved or in a relationship with a Chinese woman. I had asked the question as I know some men who are involved with Chinese women. When we talk about their relationships the subject of money comes up, so based on what I have heard in these conversations, what I have read about Chinese women/western men relationships, I wanted to hear/know about how Chinese women feel about money in their own relationships.

Thank you for your reply :)

@xingyu66-thank you for your reply :)

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2016-08-21 21:12:21 #6

@Anonymous25184 - just so you know, and not meant as criticism, there was something you posted that was in html code and it caused the comment pages to stop functioning. According to our developer, because the comments are now being posted in a limited html editor, posting in html code can cause issues so please don't do that.

@Anonymous25191 Time : 2016-08-21 23:56:19 #7

John this is strange as I have only typed in the comments box and pressed submit. Since I am not a computer whiz I do not know what html means. If something has or is happening I assure you I have no idea how this happnened.



Thanks for the heads up.

@Anonymous25193 Time : 2016-08-22 00:25:39 #8

@Anonymous1618 - How old are you? You look like a young man who is curious about chinese women :) Would you like to answer me the two questions i left even you just heard somethings from others? I am also curious about what you would resond  :)  Thanks in advance.

From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @JFjane Time : 2016-08-22 12:41:14 #9


As you said ,she has a steady job , why does she ask for money from you? A self-respect lady  does not stretch out her hands to you  for money ...

You need to  be sure what she loves .money ? you? what will she  do  with your money? she is in trouble ? 

Good luck

@Anonymous25201 Time : 2016-08-24 01:37:35 #10

@JFJane, I reitorate, this is not about me, I am not involved with a Chinese woman at present. I am asking as I have good friends who are involved with Chinese women and from what my friends tell me, it is all about the money for the Chinese women(wives/gf's).  For my own knowledge I had asked these questions hoping some of the Chinese women on this site would be willing to explain or give their viewpoints. 


@Anonymous25193- I am a middle aged Causasian man. Yes I am curious about Chinese women which explains why I am on this site to begin with...right?

If I was in love with a Chinese women I would respect her first and foremost. Love her for who she is not for what she has i.e. money/real estate etc.. Make her feel safe, loved and appreciated. From her I would want/expect love, honesty and to be "faithful" to me.




@Anonymous25206 Time : 2016-08-25 05:38:15 #11

Everyone is different, if you can't accept , you should just walk away, keep looking for the right one for you. 

Let me tell you my experience. I met quite a few western men  online in the past two years. Guess what ? Most of them tried showing their big c**k online  only, or they just want sex when they visit China... So , should I consider all western men the same too?

@Anonymous25207 Time : 2016-08-25 14:24:54 #12


Good to hear that you are a middle aged Caucasian man and curious about chinese women. I am curious about you western men which explains why i am on this site to begin with, too :). What's your answer here to us sounds very warm and romantic. I could feel you are sinere to look for a lifetime for yourself from this website. I am very glad to see it. But to begin with your happy life like this, there is a long distance. For example you asked the question in the thread. We have to have basic ability to see if someone we meet is a scammer or not at first. Then we have to see if the person matches you or not. I thought we should not always keep asking ourselves if someone is a a golden digger or scammer. If so, it is better to let her go at once without a hesitation. If not, and you feel you are match with her in many ways, you should learn how to trust her and try best to meet her needs from. She should does the same to you. And money/real estate could help you both feel safe, loved and appreciated as you metioned.  Being a chinese woman, like many chinese women here, if i was in love with you, I would give you all my love, honesty and to be faithful(what do you mean when faithful become the “faithful” in your comment?) , a one man woman as you want and expect. I am learning English. I hope you could understand my Chinese English and I am sorry if my words bring you misunderstanding. 

If you find someone someday, we all hope you sharing your love story with us here :D

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2016-08-25 14:46:32 #13

@Anonymous25191 - I had no thought that you had done anything on purpose to cause the comment pages to not work. HTML is a webpage code - is it possible you copied something from another site and pasted it into your comment?

@Anonymous25207 - this will be meaningless to anyone but you, but anyway, as you know you owe me one. So how about writing me a letter to and telling me how you are doing these days? And what you are doing? And where you are doing it? :)

@Anonymous25216 Time : 2016-08-27 18:28:34 #14

@JohnAbbot, I wrote a letter and sent it to you as soon as i could after I read your messagen here. I clicked a botton "contact us"  into a wibe page page and input my words "in the space blow" and submitted there. Did you receive it ? If not, I would send you again on the forum. I hope someday I could find my right one here. I believe our dating website become more hot because we have a hard working boss with a great team (y)(y)(y)

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