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china yunnan province is good place

From: China 云南(yun nan) 昆明(kun ming ) @songguiping Time : 2010-08-13 20:41:39
china yunnan province locate at china of west and south aspect .north side connect with tibet autonomous area ,sichuan province.east side connect with guizhou province,guangxi province.west side connect with kampuchea.south side connect with lao, viet nam. because almost place of yunnan province locate at south of call yunnan.
yunnan is a good place to travel.there is have a lot of nationality people live .such as tai,yu,hane,hui nationality people and so's a most of nationality people in the world.
there are have a lot of plant souce and animal souce in yunnan province.
there is a complex climate and change more.basical is the tropical plateau shape.and there is have a lot land souce waiting to use...welcome to yunnan.
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