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From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 宁波(ning bo ) @zqy2014 Time : 2017-11-13 15:51:09

Last Friday my car was bumped and scratched by a car parked besides my car. This was happened about 2 minutes right after I parked. Even if that car was slantingly parked but I clearly remembered there is enough space between his car and mine. When I got off my car and intened to tell the driver that he/she has bumped and scrached my car, the driver hesitated for a moment and then quickly drove away. I run after the car and shouted lounder but the driver finally disappeared. I was a little bit angry and desperated at that time but I instinctively rembered the plate number. I came back, wrote down the number and finally called the police(110) after several minutes of inner struggle. I thought that is the only right thing I should and can do for the good of myself, the driver and the societ when I encounter such person and such thing.

I remembered this is the 3rd time that I claimed my legal rights through proper/legal ways and I was successful on previous two times.Even if the bumping and scratches is not so serious but I think such manner or atitude can't be tolerated even if only once. We all should be responsible for our own behaviors including all mistakes we made. I can't take responsiblities for others' faults or mistakes and they have to pay the price by themselves. We are also responsible to protect us and our legal rights including our properties. Basing on this, when encounter such person or such thing, I think we should not "forget it" or try to comfort self that there is nothing we can do to avoid such thing or such person, instead we should "fight it" but through proper and legal ways. Many people gets used to say that there is nothing they can do or nothing will happen before they take action or do something. This is why action speaks lounder than words. Of course there is still an exception such as when the situation looks like the other person is insane or our physical life is obviously threatened. We have to temporarily put up with it and try to look for another chance or time.

Today I was compensated through cash by the driver at the traffic police office.The driver seems to be very polite, friendly and cooperative this time. I was happy and felt satisfied with the result. Besides I also felt proud of myself on my wittiness, courage and ability to protect myself and solve the problem. I hope we all take responsibilities for our own behaviors and be a responsible worldwide citizen. Tolerance sometimes can't help to avoid the situation gets worse but encourage the person to do bad or illegal thing again and again...




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From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2017-11-14 10:48:22 #1

@zqy2014 - I say Bravo to you for doing the right thing. In situations like the one you faced, it is so easy to yourself, "Ahhh. Forget it. Tracking this person and making him do the right thing is more trouble than it is worth." But when you do that, you are telling the person who wronged you that it's OK to wrong people and run away. You are encouraging his (or her) bad behaviour.

You are contributing to a breakdown in society, in which such bad behaviour, one event at a time, if encouraged, will eventually lead to a culture of lawlessness and disregard for the rules that make our living together possible, much like the way a single, endless drip of water can eventually wear down a seemingly indestructible rock.

You were right to follow through on this, and you are deservedly proud of yourself for doing so. You are a good citizen in a time when so many are not.

I would add this one thought. Very likely the reason why this person ran away from the situation at the time, but was cooperative and friendly later in court, is because he had been drinking prior to damaging your car, and he was not prepared to pay the price of being charged and convicted of impaired driving if he stuck around to take responsibility at the time he scraped your car. This is by far the primary reason for anyone leaving the scene of a minor accident like the one you described.

That does not excuse his behaviour, it simply explains it. Nor does it make your efforts any less valuable and admirable.  

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 宁波(ning bo ) @zqy2014 Time : 2017-11-15 11:36:57 #2

Thanks for your comments and I like the word of "Bravo". It brought a big smile on my face.Yes you are right, as I mentioned, under some extreme situation, tracking could bring us into big trouble or even take a high risik of being physically hurt or killed. It is possible the driver could turn around to hit me or shoot me(if he has gun in his car) if he lost his mind or controlling at that time like after ate drugs. I did not keep running after the car when I realized the driver intended to get trid of me at that day.

I was once robbed by two persons who were riding motorcycle about 10 years ago in shenzhen. I was knocked down onto the wet/dirty ground and draged along for some distance as I instinctively tried to hold my handbag. I have put everythings I have into my handbag right before the robbery and not even one yuan left with me. This is why I did not want to lose my hands. My face was seriously bruised and one of my front teeth was partially broken at that robbery. That is the most horrible experience I could imagine or experience all these years. I still remember the temperature of that day dropped a lot, it was raining,windy and blowing hard...It was very very cold, getting darker and darker. I was absolutely like a beggar, wandering in the lonely street. I have been standing outside of one local shop for about 2 hours to wait for my friend to bring money to me because I have to pay the shop the calling fee. As you may have heard of such robbering story happened here and there everyday in shenzhen some years ago. The robbery and hurting was extremely commonly, badly and seriously at those years.Many people even lost their fingers, hand, arm or life when they tried to hold their mobile phones or bags. So I still belong to those lucky ones who have not been seriously hurt.

Back to my car scratches, as you said yes the driver may be drunk at that time and thought that is no big deal. This is why he drove away. Nevertheless, I feel satisfied and appreciated that there is still someone/organization that I can rely on and ask assistance from and my issue finally has been properly solved. When I went back shenzhen these years, there have been assigned many policemen along the roads and those busy crossing areas. I was happy to see this change and feel the whole social order of China is getting better and better. I am pround to be one of Chinese citizens and feel happy, peaceful and safe enough to live in China. I love my country China. We are much more luckier than many those who have to leave their home or countries for this or that reasons...Through this thread, I pray from bottom of my heart for all people in the world to live a happy and peaceful life no matter where they are. No wars, conflicts, confrontation, shooting,prejudice and violence... the life is too short and precious to waste or fight.


From: United States Pennsylvania Pittsburgh @spiderboenz Time : 2017-11-16 18:40:58 #3
Is there any way at all that the mobile version for CLM can be disabled? It is a major inconvenience.
For people search, there is no way to narrow down location, so it searches through everywhere. Majorly inconvenient if I'm trying to find someone in my area.
Cannot start a new forum thread (which is why I'm posting this here). It effectively silences anyone who is stuck only using a mobile device; massively inconvenient.

Or, barring that, could there be a "disable mobile version/switch to Desktop version" button? I renewed my subscription for a year to find that the changes have effectively made it useless to me.
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