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Who Knows What Is The Truth Any More

From: Canada British Columbia Vancouver @Imi5922 Time : 2021-08-18 06:00:16

Several wise people out there on alternative news sites dubbed "conspiracy theorists" have predicted today's events after the stolen election in the USA. For once, I'm not writing about the Covid-19 plandemic, even though it exceedingly affects my personal and professional life every day. Instead, I focus on today's headlines, specifically the news coming out of Afghanistan and Taiwan strait.


Let me ask you this, how do you take the focus off of COVID crimes and election fraud? Answer: start a global conflict. Many of us will fall for this diversionary movement and forget we are at war for humanity playing out on various fronts. Therefore we have to find a way to connect the dots to have the slightest plausibility to understand the complete picture.


Chaos is always the objective with totalitarians. They need it. They thrive on it as much as on misrepresentation and deception. In fact, these things are the foundation to build entire political parties on to help reach their goal. An insidious goal that will surely destroy the rest of us and only serves and empowers them. Democrats, liberals, progressives and communists are one and the same, marching under one flag while using different names.


Study the images coming out of Kabul very closely. This is what it looks like when society collapses and the rule of law is obliterated. America failed in Vietnam, Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Incompetent leaders wasted trillions of taxpayers' money, thousands of lives lost, and nothing gained. All of it falls on the laps of the political and bureaucratic suits in partnership with the military-industrial complex. Although the actual psychopaths controlling the events from the background are the writers of everything that transpires since the second industrial revolution.


The fall of Afghanistan was the sign of instability that America's enemies have been waiting for. Do not be deceived. These are planned events. Biden is voluntarily giving the Chinese their wish list for helping him steal the election. And the top of that list is Taiwan. At the same time, America and its way of life have been destroyed by deviant Marxist perverts. Nothing today resembles the America true patriots of the past and soldiers of the new age gave their lives for. Nothing.


The world is collapsing, and America is going down with it. It ceased to be the Land of the Free and the symbol of independence. Let's face it, China is the new Super Power, and it will be as long as Biden is the president.


It's about time for everyone to realize the most giant firewall in the world are MSM. They don't care about the truth anymore. Everyday folks' lives mean nothing to them. But we, ordinary Joes, "conspiracy theorists," do care because the truth and our lives matter to us.             

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From: Switzerland Bern - Berne Bern @kalzorch Time : 2021-08-29 00:09:24 #1

Although I agree with most of this, I do have some quibbles.  Some of the videos and "news" coming out of Afghanistan are fake.  The world is being brought down, being made ripe for The Great Reset, and America is the crux of the matter.  Much as they would like it, China will not reign as the only superpower.  Russia and America still have a lot to say about that.

On the positive side, the entire Plandemic is falling apart.  They've gone too far, too fast; people are waking up and smelling the tyranny.  When the plandemic goes down, it will be the beginning of the end for the cabal.  YMMV

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