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From: Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dneprovskoye @Sergey77 Time : 2017-12-12 21:26:25

I sent many requests for friendship and some compliments to the girls whom I found attractive, but she received even a negative answer. Am I that bad? Or is it because of the country in which I live? Please respond without flattery and what do you think. The answers are preferably from the girls, but I'll take male criticism into account too. Sincerely Sergey

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From: Hong Kong,China Hong Kong Tuen Mun @jellyfish Time : 2017-12-20 00:20:41 #1


Believe me or not. Dating online is game which requires a very strong mentality to win!!! If you are good at math, you will know it is all about the number game. Okay, apart from the number game, it is also a game of timing. 

Just be patient. As I said in other thread, both genders are looking for different things. There are so many things in women's mind. 

Buddy, you are fine!!! Trust me. You just need time to meet the right person. 

Don't get frustrated easily. 

From: Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dneprovskoye @Sergey77 Time : 2017-12-22 18:34:45 #2


 @ jellyfish  


Dear. I'm sorry that I did not answer you so soon. I defined you as a traditional Chinese girl oriented to the family, and never mentioned your mercantile spirit - in order to judge such things, I do not know you much. I communicate with Chinese young students studying Russian - they are very polite, educated, respectful, very curious and eager to learn new things, but when it comes to Chinese girls - these lovely people become aggressive, reveal disrespect and accuse Chinese women of commercialism. I treat women with respect, regardless of their social status, nationality or age. I always look for good in a person and try to understand his inner motives, sometimes a person commits bad deeds - and we can only condemn his actions, and not the person himself. We must understand what guided people to do rash actions. You correctly said that to get closer to understanding and knowing the desires of a Chinese girl you need to know history and traditions. I grew up on a democratic relationship and with respect for a woman, it's disgusting for me that a man can suppress a woman. Psychology is closely related to language, in Chinese there is no gender division of words, and this removes the differences between the sexes, but when  This gives a stronger dominance over the weak, it affects not only the superiority of sex, but also on the superiority of status, social status, age differences, etc. At the expense of the family - that women and men are looking for different things in a relationship, I disagree with you. We are all looking for mutual understanding, love, support. And marriage is an equal union, it is a single whole and there should not be obedience or superiors in it. I do not want to insult believers with my statements, but even most religions have a basis of gender superiority. A man can be a strong, respected person in society and at work, protect his family and his beloved, he not only has to give feelings of comfort and security from the outside world, but also within the family. Since husband and wife are one whole, their desires should be common. And thank you for your attention. Yours faithfully

From: Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dneprovskoye @Sergey77 Time : 2017-12-22 18:57:22 #3




And by the way you did not answer any of the questions). Only spatially and in general terms hinted at vague circumstances. I am an open person and I really am interested in the opinion from outside. I know you do not want to offend me and I do not really like this topic myself, but I think that honest and direct answers even if they will be unpleasant to me will be useful, especially from you girl (you are my agent and I'm not the type of men that you like), you will be an ideal critic.

From: Hong Kong,China Hong Kong Tuen Mun @jellyfish Time : 2017-12-24 23:50:34 #4




I am a genie in a bottle and today is the Christmas eve. So..... I make one of your wishes come true. That is some of your answers will be answered!!!! 

1. Question #1 from you: Am I that bad? 

When people have self doubt like this, they usually want to hear the answer "no". They want confirmation. Here is yours. I am going to tell you that: from what I read from your threads, I think you are not that bad. You maybe little bit "好辯" (like to argue or disucss). It is not a real big deal. But don't over the line. 

2. Q # 2 from you: is that because of the country I live in? 

Seriously, people more or less evaluate a person with their background, unfortunately, their nationality matters somehow. Let us face it, we have so many stereotypes to EVERY COUNTRY.  Our nationality will affect how other have certain "assumption" on us. To me, when I know that you are from Ukraine, (I have to admit that I don't know your country that well). The first time when I knew when you come from, I immediately linked your country to Russia which is a country I am very afraid and I don't have a friendly feeling with this country. Also when I read your thread about your upbringing, the first thing in my mind is: this guy already learned how to kill animals in a very young age, well..... does that mean he is violent? Please forgive me. I know you emphasize several times you are kind. From what you wrote, I feel it. But it was maybe the mis-conception about you because I don't know you that well. I don't know anything about your country. 

I don't think it ISN'T about where you come from. People fall in love with each other because of different reasons, not because where do they come from. You know that. 

All the BS about (BS stands fro Bullshit) are from a little genie who just want to comfort you and make you feel better. This is a little gift that I could contribute to you. 

Merry Christmas again. 



@Anonymous26099 Time : 2017-12-24 23:50:55 #5

@Sergey77 if you are getting ingnored or you have received negatives replies back after sending complimentary messages to them it could mean a few things. Such as they just are not interested in you, they do not like your profile or you pictures so are not attracted to you. They could possibly misunderstnd your complimentary messages as most likely they have to translate to Chinese and we all know it doesn't always come out the way we wrote it.  I personally found that when I posted a profile picture of myself smiling(not a selfie but and actual picture taken by someone else) it changed how the women here felt about my profile and I then received many many interests and replies. My Dad used to tell me that "a smile can light up a room a frown can dampen the soul"

Good luck and may you find the woman fo your dreams here!

From: Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dneprovskoye @Sergey77 Time : 2017-12-26 23:48:05 #6

@ Anonymous26099 

Thanks for your reply. I think I'll have to use your advice and try to squeeze out a smile. At me the truth it very badly turns out and to me sometimes it seems that with a false smile my face or paralyzed or warped). But when you wish me good luck, I really got a sincere smile - thank you very much for your support.




From: Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dneprovskoye @Sergey77 Time : 2017-12-27 01:34:10 #7

@ jellyfish 




Thank you for your gift). I am very pleased. I live in Ukraine, but was born in Russia, and more of my blood is Russian. Yes), of course when a person asks such a question, he wants to receive a negative answer, you are absolutely right. At the expense of kindness, I think this in other countries can boast of such a vice, but not in my environment. I described my upbringing, not hinting that I later hardened and lost my soul. I struggled all my life with public opinion and went against the rules, I was brought up in an environment of racial irreconcilability and a charity to any nation except Russian, the weak must die is not worthy of life. As in the hunt - you are a hunter, and he is a victim, you will become a victim of a victim. The right is not who is right, but who has more rights. And fits of disappointment are mine because they are right and kind, decent, respecting others and their culture will never achieve success in life. And to achieve success, money and all that I want, I just need to step on my principles and conscience. Any fallen woman who steals her clients will seem holy compared to the people who surround me. The abomination that they do is not mere murder or violence, these are the things that the most resistant person can wrest from and they are all respected and high-ranking persons who are clean before the law because they are the law. I think I even more frightened you, forgive me, but I needed to get out.

@Anonymous26111 Time : 2018-01-02 07:37:49 #8

Here’s a thought: if you are primarily getting no/negative responses...  perhaps you should change your approach. 

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