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We should have a pioneering spirit

From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @panda2009 Time : 2010-04-20 12:33:09
World today, the most advanced technologies appear one after another. What kinds of modes of thinking are realistic? How should our small printing centre exist under the sharply competitive circumstances? All the workers and staff members of our factory are called upon to take a creativity by our directors. We must replace our old ideas with the new first, so that we can adapt ourself to new circumstances. Because the advance of any material production and the content, the way of life which is always company the advance of people’s thoughts and ideas. It is also same that the development of a corporation and change in economy form can’t leave unceasing liberation of thinking and replacement of ideals.
Our printing centre has been holding up by Hubei Electric Power Semiweekly and China Center Electric Power Newspaper. In addition, Printing and Binding of three magazines and many test reports within our institute which also are our source of income. But the two kinds of newspaper have not been printed in our factory this year end. Because we are not able to print colour newspapers. Our institute leaders pay great attention to us in this bad situation. New machines purchase embodies their care for us. Two binding machines made our quality of products better immediately. We worked manually more before, the levels of automation are very low. By now, we study hard new technologies, and printing theories through the specialized skills’ examinations, enhance the quality of ourselves.
Our staffs in the same storm-tossed boat have been walking since the time of fire and stereotype. We hard struggle, constantly strive to become stronger, have cultivated a good tradition of standing hardship, be imbued with gratefulness and the most beautiful wish to work hard, so that we can repay society with products and services of high quality.
It goes without saying that does who change the idea of thought firstly, who just could take hold of opportunity within changing time so that rise fast in the time of knowledge economy today. We have to learn new technologies and renew our ideals so that we find new way out. We must have enterprising spirit, and use everyone’s initiative on the most extend. We must do our best to do our work. Maybe there are not any opportunities on printing market, yet we remain undeterred. Only if we renew our ideals, replace our mission, and adjust our business directions, there is hope.
In short, we should have a pioneering spirit.
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