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Travel for a Canadian to China

From: Canada British Columbia Vernon @madmac Time : 2013-05-18 13:36:02
Hi to my fellow Canadians here on this site! I need some travel advice. I am looking to travel to China for a 2-3 week vacation, I would be flying out of Vancouver and am not sure where to go, I was thinking of starting in Bei Jing, I would like to eventually see the great wall and eventually ending up in Southeast China. If anyone (fellow Canadians) has experience flying and travelling from Vancouver, i.e. best times of year, airlines to look at airlines to avoid etc.... I am not even sure when the best to go is? I know about paperwork, visas etc..

all replies most welcome!

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From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2013-05-18 16:14:17 #1
@madmac - I wrote a long comment to your thread, but then decided it was too long for a comment so I posted it as a blog here: . I am a fairly long standing Expat in China, but there are others (Garrett, Justin, David and others come to mind) who have more China travel under their belts, so I hope they'll come here too and comment, or also blog on the topic of your thread, all to assist you and many others who are asking themselves the same question you have posted. Please give my blog a read, and then come back here to comment or question, or do so there on the blog.
From: China 广东(guang dong) 广州(guang zhou ) @ivygou Time : 2013-05-18 17:07:51 #2
建议你:第一步:北京(看长城、故宫等主要景点用三天时间)第二步:(二天)由上海去杭州看园景观,上海没什么好看(不外乎现代繁华,)第三步:如果你对兵马桶有兴趣最好也去西安,不过建议不宜停留太长时间。跟着可转道到广州-香港,再回加拿大。 纯是个人意识,或你参与下地图。因为这些是中国比较有代表性的城市,中国有许多旅游地,但我个人认为如果你没有一个好导游(要为你着想:省钱,熟识中国文化等等)带着你,你就不要随便到处游。因为有时不开心的事情,身边有多么美好的风景,你也无心欣赏。
From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @Apinkapple Time : 2013-05-18 18:51:04 #3

I have written a posting about heating in northern China to correct the false information in Mr.John's blog that titled A-Canadian-in-China
I just hope some wrong information won't frighten you that you dare not come to China.

Have a nice trip in China.
Best regards.
From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @Apinkapple Time : 2013-05-18 19:00:04 #4

I'm in Urumqi,the capital of Xinjiang.The best traveling time here is from April to November.There are unique cultures and customs in Xinjiang, which are very different from those in inner mainland of China.
Welcome to China.

Enjoy your trip.
From: Canada Ontario Ottawa @yangguizi Time : 2013-05-27 10:37:26 #5
If you have a Chinese friend, you might like going on a tour somewhere with a Chinese tour group (Lijiang is awesome). I don't speak Chinese well but I enjoyed the tour and it was a lot less money then an English tour would have been.

On the flip side though, if you want to see Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, whatever you do, do not go with a Chinese tour. I cannot stress that enough ... choose an English tour even if it costs a lot more.

If you do use a Chinese tour operator, you will eat Chinese food everyday rather Thai food or the local food, spend too much time shopping in expensive stores, vitamin stores, jewelry stores. The shopping thing also happens on any tour within China but it is much more acceptable and I think it is mandated by the tourist bureau.

My point is that as westerners we want to shop in flea markets and find bargains and eat local food.

Touring China with a small Chinese tour group is quite awesome though and I would do that again.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @scarli Time : 2013-06-01 11:23:09 #6
Suzhou is one of the ancient cities of Jiangsu. there are many Classical Garden in suzhou such as Zhuo Zheng Garden and Lion Garden etc .

the two gardens are near the train station , if you visit the two gardens ,it would spend one day.

the taxi 's fee is rmb 12 or so from the station to the garderns.

Bus #1, #3, #101, #102, #103, #701, 游2, 游5......the fee is RMB 2 ...

the ticket price 0f zhuozheng garden is rmb 80 or so and lion garden tichek price maybe is 30?

if you have extra time ,maybe you could go to Tiger hill....

welcom to visit our coutry and suzhou .enjoy it...

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