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Toilets and Soap

From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2020-01-31 11:26:26

I was talking with my Chinese partner about the coronavirus this morning. She asked me "Has the number of cases of coronavirus detected in Australia increased?". I said it had, from 7 to 9. She looked very worried at the mention of that increase. I said we need to keep things in perspective. The annual flu virus kills on average 800 Australians in a year. More than 8000 Americans have already died from the flu this year and the flu season is far from over. In 2017  80,000 Americans died from the flu.

The Australian government has, in the last few days, quarantined over 1 million face masks and at the same time has publicly broadcasted that the general population does not need to be wearing face masks. Sounds contradictory but it makes a lot of sense. If these facemasks were on the market, the vast bulk of them would be posted to China by Chinese Australians like my partner. If they are eventually needed, then the Australian health authorities will be the ones who decide who gets them and how they are used.

My partner followed me to the toilet and continued talking. "Why close the door?" she asks. I just feel more comfortable that way. She tells me that I am silly. I asked her "Did you know that toilets like this one and the humble bar of soap save billions of lives?" We need to keep everything in perspective and give community health much more attention and resources than individual health.

If people washed their hands with soap, stayed at home when they are sick, and vaccinated where appropriate the world's death toll from disease would dramatically drop. My partner is not convinced and is ready to be spooked yet again by the next news headline.

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From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2020-02-06 19:27:05 #1

My partner and I rarely argue but we strongly argued last night on the phone. My partner does not believe that I am taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously enough. She gets very annoyed when I make comparisons with the precautions needed for the flu virus and says I can't know much if I don't watch the news. Tonight I started watching the 7pm news. I now know that she will be talking about cruise ships tonight. Wish me luck.

From: Canada British Columbia Lavington @newbeginning Time : 2020-02-09 01:51:12 #2

@melcyan, sounds like you need to sit her down and educate her on how flu viruses do their damage etc. I find alot of Chinese people(women) are uneducated in how viruses work and allow themselves to feel panic and fear when they dont need to.

It also sounds like she will think she is right and you are wrong no matter what you tell her....Personally I would not put up with it.



From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2020-02-11 14:32:35 #3



I finally broke through. I watched many internet videos that she showed me. When she finally thought that I understood the extent of the problem she started to listen to what I had to say. First of all, we talked about the bushfires in Australia and the panic it caused. Much of the talk about the bushfires on Australian social media was rubbish. Fear and panic drive irrational responses. The coronavirus internet talk is similar. Much of what she had shown me from the internet was driven by fear and panic. There was very little science behind what she showed me.


 However, instead of trying to tell her that the present situation is not as bad as it seems, I deliberately went the other way. I talked about how things could be much worse in the future. She was horrified to hear that it is inevitable that decade after decade new viruses will keep emerging and in the future, there will be viruses much more deadly than the current coronavirus. It is not just a matter of bad luck.


 She remembers the SARS virus. She remembers still eating in restaurants in Shanghai when the SARS virus was at its peak. She now concedes that was foolish. She desperately wants this virus to end and for things to get back to normal like it was after SARS. However, there was no "normal" after SARS. We simply chose to ignore the scientific reality of viruses and bury our heads in the sand. She now reluctantly accepts if we are going to survive the new viruses of the future we have to permanently change how we respond to viruses …. now!. Practices of the past are just not good enough. Hopefully, this present coronavirus will mark the beginning of a new world-wide scientific approach to managing viruses.


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