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From: China 云南(yun nan) 昆明(kun ming ) @sara1202 Time : 2013-01-27 11:43:53 #15
Hi John,

I am agree you said there are scammers in life, everywhere. however ,only we need how to distinguish them , better and to refuse resolutely .

Here , panda2009 only give advice of kindness to every chinese woman , and keep good search , so that try to avoid was deceived . this is very good thoughts sharing with everyone , I think .

Your efforts that do all for CLM , I am always express homage . no every men are scammer on CLM , only we need to keep a high alert , that's right . yes, but don't stop living because of them , after all , come to here only a purpose for seeking real marriage to most of the people . of course , this including western men and chinese women .
From: China 广东(guang dong) 广州(guang zhou ) @Grace172 Time : 2013-01-27 14:39:18 #16
You are funny and kind, thank you. But 对于曹操的话‘宁可我负天下人,不能让天下人负我.' 我自己希望是'既不让天下人负我,也不愿负天下人.'
@Anonymous4622 Time : 2013-01-27 15:38:15 #17
JohnAbbot 你能说的具体点些吗?你是怎样定义‘侮辱’?和;愚蠢,?‘说直话’不好吗?难道在这说话就必须迎合这里的某些人的意思才可以吗?你也太牛逼了!这里你是老大,顺你者昌,逆你者亡对吗?但不管你是否喜欢,以后还会有‘讲实话’等犀利的贴子出现在这里,你登不登无所谓,发正你看了就行!
@Anonymous4624 Time : 2013-01-27 21:09:13 #18
嘿,JohnAbbot 老家伙,什么事情并不能因你的喜好而决定,事物存在就有它的合理性和必然,你讨厌有屁用,我们还讨厌美帝国主义和日本鬼子,恨不得它们能从世上消失,但这都无济于事,人家衣然存在,这里都是你的会员,以后说话要动动脑子,什么讨厌这个,喜欢这个,这类愚蠢令人讨厌的废话还是少讲一些为好!
@Anonymous4625 Time : 2013-01-27 21:14:25 #19
Thanks Panda2009 for the good reminders for most of the CLM ladies. What you said will help some Chinese girls, who are dreaming of a western Diamond Prince on the safe side to some extent.

About dating site and scammers, I have my own interesting experience. Before joining CLM, never in my life I thought I would join any dating site. However, about 3 years ago, I unconsciously joined Netlog by a link sent from an old friend who had not been in touch with me for long time.Then I thought Netlog might be a good site for me to find lost friends in somewhere. So I uploaded some of my pictures. However, all of a sudden my hotmail box was stuffed with all the information came from netlog and some messages from America and England. Each message from different person showed similar informations. If I returned the message, more messgages even love letters came in. I started to puzzle why's going on?

One day I decided to give my yahoo account to a man named Richard as he requested from netlog and started talking with him. When I chatted with him online ( Never vedio or voice called), he seemed to be impatient, while just within 3 days, he sent me a few love letters which were really heart touching. I was moved by the letter but not by that Richard. Although I am a very sentimental type of woman, not a woman who is silly enough to fall in love with someone whom I never meet before.

More interesting thing happened later. On the 4th day after my first conversation with Richard, when I told him that I was moved by his love letters. Then I felt Richard's excitement . He said he would send me another good one next day. The next morning after I woke up, I did see an email came in on my mobile. It's from Richard. In the email, he wrote: he was in England on business trip, unfortunately he was robed before the hotel, so he lost everything including his passport, ID, credit card and so on. At that moment, the only person who he thought could help him out was me. He was in tears and was writing the letter to me in the police station... After finishing reading that email, I couldn't help laughing, as I had already highly suspected this Richard from the moment of his first message came to me. It's the sixth sense told me that he was hunting something from me. Then, this foxy person eventually exposed of his tail. Even though, I was still kind enough to send one email to Richard to tell him to get help from embassy and if he was genuine people, he was welcome to visit me in Australia. Indeed, Richard is not the only scammer and his scamming techniques are not fresh at all in this world.

About CLM, based on what I experience and saw, I think there are lot of genuine men and scammers as well.

The positive side of CLM is to provide a platform for girls to meet genuine men. I have a very good example. My best girl friend found her Aussie husband here 3 years ago and they have been living a very happy life since then. I joined CLM just because of my girl friend's recommendation.

However, although there are quite a lot of geniune people but also some bad eggs like Richard are trying to hunt something from girls . Personally I think most of scammers are aiming for money. They see the weakness in some of the Chinese girls: eager to go abroad, dreaming of having a western Diamond Prince... There is nothing to be blamed for seaching for a western parter or husband. But girls, have you ever think about the cultural differences and the language barrier? To live in another country will definitely need courage, braveness and strong mind, because living in a foreign countries is not like living in a paradise, In every where of this world most of people still need to work for food, house and other living expense. And another question is, if you don't speak English at all, how are you going to communicate with your future partner? Do you both just use your bodies and gestures to communicate with each other?

I've been living in Australia for quite a few years, I have seen and heard quite a lot of mixed matches. Some of them are quite happy while others are not. Therefore, don't expect too much on western men. Every man in this world is the same----this is what a western man who had a chinese girl friend told me.

Overall, to increase your English level, to understand more about western culture, not to think Western countries as paradise, then you will find yourself in a safer boat.

From: China 广西(guang xi) 南宁(nan ning ) @yolandan Time : 2013-01-27 21:16:31 #20



@Anonymous4627 Time : 2013-01-28 06:55:19 #21
I hate all kinds of scammers as I am in the scammers's target group and they think I am desperate in love. :). Luckily, I am wise enough to spot them miles away. The following message is from one of the CLM members sent me last night, I am 100% sure this man is a scammer. The following attached is the message. Hey girls, whenever you see this kind of message, be aware of that is from scammer. You should know what to do.

信息: Its my pleasure to look into your profile and i like your style and you look so amazing, i wonder how God could take his time to create angel like you.

I will love to know you more. It will be more better we write to our private mailbox so we could exchange conversation and know more about our self. (email address removed by CLM)

Best Regards.

From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @Apinkapple Time : 2013-01-28 13:12:46 #22

In the eyes of one thousand people exist one thousand LINDaiyus,and one thousand Hamlets. The world is so colorful because of its diversity. Behind each glamorous figure is hidden some unknown unhappiness more or less, so we have to learn to bear and defuse these disappointments.In any case, please retain the sunlight in our heart, because Where there is a will, there is a way. Cheer up.
In China, There is a folk saying:The golden flowers match with silver flowers;while Squashes match with Pumpkins. So don't complain here and it doesn't make any sense.
Cinderella's Story is just a tale, don't believe it.Dreams are made up of steps.We must make great efforts to keep us fine both in apprearences and minds.
I want to thank this website to create a good platform for users.In the Internet Age, we need to open not only our eyes, but also our minds. No matter what different views are expressed here, we should understand and respect them.It is exchanging of ideas. Three lines must be my teacher.I am willing to learn from each unique soul, regardless of their ages.
Please do not pour bad words here,Even if you hide yourself.One has to pay for what he did some day.
From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @panda2009 Time : 2013-01-28 13:23:30 #23
Panda, I dont even know why you are on here...
Good question.
This is a famous attachment on
I write blogs here as practice my English express, as for communicate with westerns. My present blog has some tense mistakes, but can't correct after publish, very sorry to readers.
Because very difficult to find a nice guy for me here, so I also don't try to eager-beaver here. Say away.
From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @panda2009 Time : 2013-01-28 13:44:13 #24
Maybe you are my a girlfriend in Australia?
Anyway, your attachment has strong persuasion.
Overall, to increase your English level, to understand more about western culture, not to think Western countries as paradise, then you will find yourself in a safer boat.
That's right. That is the reason I hide my profile here.
@Anonymous4632 Time : 2013-01-28 14:11:05 #25
From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @panda2009 Time : 2013-01-28 18:39:38 #26
@anonymous4622 @anonymous4624,
John don't know Chinese language, so don't penalize him for giving your scrambled eggs in Chinese. If you are really want to find a Lao Wai as your husband, please learn English hard. I should write the forum in English, so that John and other Lao Wais can understand easily. I just scrimshanked, hadn't translated it in English, incur some lazy women's raving.
From: Canada Saskatchewan Strasbourg @scubaguy14 Time : 2013-01-29 11:00:43 #27
I can sympathize with Panda, I to get jaded with trying all the time and not getting the great results you hope for from your efforts.. I know I missed one great girl before, simply due to work, but I may find another
From: China 北京(bei jing) 北京(bei jing) @jwksdy444 Time : 2013-01-30 10:36:51 #28
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