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The Increasing Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD ) in China and SE Asia

@Anonymous322 Time : 2012-06-11 22:03:58
Well its a subject that most people seem to avoid. Just what is the situation with STDs in China and SE Asia. I live in Australia and I can tell you the number of people being treated for STDs is increasing at an alarming rate. So I did some research online about China, the results of surveys I read are scary. It is scary because of the catch 22 situation that exists.

The people most at risk are the sex workers who unfortunately work in an illegal industry. They cannot be educated by Public Health Officials to the risks of STDs and encouraged to use Condoms while the Police and other groups arrest and persecute them.

If you think they are the only people at risk then think again, following is a website address which has published some interesting facts My apologies here as I have not found the same information in Chinese script.

Why have I raised the subject of STDs? Thats easy, this is a dating site where I assume almost everybody is looking for or has found a partner. The person they meet online and email/chat to for 1,2 or 3 months generally meets them in person and in the normal course of events provided they hit it off OK, sexual relations occur. Thats all well and good, but, its not always smooth sailing. That special person you chatted to for months might turn out to have an obnoxious habit or character defect that they hid from you and the wheels fall off the relationship. So the process usually repeats itself until the right person comes along and over a period of years that might involve 2,3 or more partners. So how many ladies out there in CLM land are sleeping with a man they have met online and think they are safe because of an IUD they have in place or chemical contraception or the man has had a vasectomy and they are not using a condom?

Well guess what? You are not practising safe sex if you are not using a condom and both of you have not been screened for STDs. For example half of all men and three quarters of all women with Chlamydia never display symptoms to the disease.

My advice is simple, get yourself screened and ask your partner to also before discontinuing condom use. It is a simple inexpensive process involving your doctor and some blood tests and well worth it for peace of mind and long term happiness.

Take care people. For those of you who have met someone special, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.
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@Anonymous1984 Time : 2012-06-12 09:23:31 #1
Surely everyone knows that properly used condoms are the only protection from STDs except for absolutely no sex, which just isn't an option in a relationship. Men, wear your raincoat, even if she doesn't want it. Women, if he doesn't want to..insist on it. When you are comfortable that you are in a 100% monogamous relationship and both have been tested and have another birth control method in place then, by all means throw those God awful things away.. I was lucky in my younger and more reckless years that the only thing I ever caught was a yeast infection that I thought was the "clap" by the symptoms. Yes, before someone screams "Men can't get yeast infections", I'm here to tell to you that we can. But it could have been much worse...

From: China 广西(guang xi) 南宁(nan ning ) @vivian1973 Time : 2012-06-12 09:37:29 #2
I am a Chinese lady, I strongly urge you to change the title of this article. You in the racial discrimination, you're stressed that China is the country with the most serious venereal diseases, you put the Chinese STD and Southeast Asia juxtaposed, only according to one website data write such a title, you are careless, you are irresponsible.

From: China 广东(guang dong) 珠海(zhu hai ) @lucyove3 Time : 2012-06-13 03:16:06 #3
hi, Anonymous friend, thanks for ur concern about our health.
@Anonymous1992 Time : 2012-06-13 17:57:17 #4
Well, that got a couple of responses didn't it?
Vivian1973 if I offended you I apologise. That was never my intention.
All I wanted to do was promote some discussion. Perhaps I should have posed the title as a question " Is China and SE Asia at risk from an increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases".
Unfortunately ladies and gents, the evidence seems to point to an increase in reported cases in China. That is the case in my own country ( Australia ) also, and not just among younger people but in the 40 to 65 age group also. They have had a 100% increase in reported cases for their age group to date.
In China there appears to be an increasing incidence of STD infections which researchers seem to feel coincides with the introduction of the " open door policy" in the 1980s.
I have attached another link for perusal. This research involves a number of prominent Chinese and Western Medical Experts and Scientists and was published in November 2011.
The data I have read identifies key "at risk" groups but dating sites have not been mentioned to my knowledge. They have in though Australian research, and the big increases in 40 to 65 yr STDs has been partly attributed to internet access and online dating and meeting new partners more easily.
Neighbouring countries to China like Thailand and Cambodia I believe have had Outreach programs in place for sex education for a decade or so targetting sex workers and other at risk groups and have achieved a steady decline in overall reported STDs. Yes it is amazing what can be achieved by promoting safe sex habits and condom use.
I have visited China and admire and respect Chinese culture and people very much.
There is a lovely Chinese lady in my life I hope to marry when the time is right for us also. So I certainly don't have an agenda to stir up trouble.
Comments are welcome but please be objective as I am certainly not a rascist, and I hope, not irrresponsible either.

@Anonymous1994 Time : 2012-06-14 00:50:50 #5
I hadn't thought about it when I commented earlier, but I have to agree with vivian1973 that the original poster could have just left China and Southeast out of the title.

That could make some on this site scared of Chinese women, when actually STDs are probably no more of a problem in China and SE Asia than the rest of the world. From what I have heard it is Africa where the highest incidence of STDs are, AIDS in particular, which is the real killer. BUT, it is just common sense to practice safe sex wherever you go in the world.
From: United States California Sacramento @danruble Time : 2012-06-14 07:37:08 #6
A serious and reasoned discussion undertaken by adults on a very good subject. We need to be able to discuss health and welfare issues that affect our community in an open and honest manner.That said... To suggest that someone has racist inclinations merely because the say one name before another is totally bogus. I call Bullshit. There are enough miscreants out muddying the waters of society by using the " race card" without people here using such divisive tactics. This method of divide and conquer The media loves to use inflammatory words. and of late makes up totally untrue statement for self serving purpose. To say black and white as opposed to white and black? racist? reverse discrimination Or just Bull shit? How about North versus South.. Is the South slighted by secondary status? To say north versus south .. racist? or bullshit? To say good versus evil.. whose side are you on? I might suggest before you go screaming racist, you might stop and consider calling someone a racist is a VERY OFFENSIVE slur to many people. certainly people that can see through the fog of Bullshit that has served to fill the pockets of the self serving people and and organizations. before you start calling some one a racist I suggest that you look into cases of real racism that exits in this world. people in the middle east poison girls that want to only attend school? Or maybe they can't drive a car. Why? racist? NO they are the same race and faith.. But they are female.. To some backward people that makes them less human. In Slavic countries they have neighbors killing neighbor.. racist? again no.. the are both the same nationality. But one belongs to a different religion. stupid? yes. Insane? yes. it had been going on for hundreds of years. Now Hitler and his bunch that murdered millions of Gypsies, dark skins, and Jews.. THAT was racist.. Some people that still use derogatory terms to describe another human of darker ethnic type ..And hate them because of their skin. Racist?. oh, Hell yes! That is racist. Until people stop using the race card for any perceived slight.. we will have a certain amount of division.. The poster that opened this article, was trying to make a point. about a very serious epidemic that is leaving no nation, race or community untouched by it's horrific effects. I am sorry I got sidetracked, but please let's all try to understand that such headings are in no way racist and to state such clap trap as fact is doing yourself and humankind agreat disservice.
@Anonymous2010 Time : 2012-06-18 21:22:42 #7
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @chrisfr2 Time : 2012-06-19 07:21:19 #8
There is nothing in the title that says or let think china is the "most" dangerous country for STD...
your reaction is unfair and you should go to weibo to make your propaganda and earns 5 mao.

China has denied the AIDS pandemic for decades untill recently. Still more than 20% of chinese citizen have no idea what it is ....
A large operation to collect blood in years 1990 has spread the pandemis as doctors used same needles for every patients, and connected the patients to the same machines to collect platelets. This seems to let you totaly unconcerned as liong as you have made your childish reaction and earned your 5 mao.

It's not because africa has more case that there is no serious problem somewhere else.

To improve, One should compare himself to better ones, not to worst ones
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 温州(wen zhou ) @zhangjiyao Time : 2012-06-21 17:51:24 #9
From: United States Arizona Tucson @woaizhongguo Time : 2012-07-07 07:22:34 #10
Good advice. The only thing I would add is that testing can provide one with a false sense of security. Many diseases will not show up on tests. For example, herpes only shows up if the sores are active and they are tested. So by all means, get tested; it will at least tell you if you have aids. But the most important thing is to always wear a condom, or if you are a woman, insist that men wear a condom. My own experience is that Chinese women are lax on this point.
From: United States California Clovis @bret5007 Time : 2012-07-11 04:09:45 #11
I find the advice good as well, nothing more than a reminder to be safe in choosing a partner. Both men and women from all around the world. In my opinion as I read it, was merely stating China and SE Asia for the very reason that this is a site to meet and hopefully gain a relationship with a lady of Asian decent. Not a racist statement by any means. And to the women that are offended, I'm sure that with the population of China the amount women in the sex industry are few in comparison. The same is said for ladies here in the west. The point was to be safe, get checked, and take precautions.
From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 丹东(dan dong ) @evahuihan Time : 2017-12-12 21:39:39 #12
be self-respected and loved and abstained no casual sex.u would never be infected by sex deseases.
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