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Thank You Bob Hawke

From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2019-05-17 00:18:51

Tiananmen Square 1989 and Prime Minister Bob Hawke changed my life.


On 16 June 1989 Prime Minister Bob Hawke surprised his colleagues by making an emotional announcement which extended all temporary entry permits for Chinese nationals legally in Australia for 12 months, with work rights and financial assistance. Bob Hawke acted alone in making the decision. Eventually, 42,000 were granted permanent visas. My partner was one of those Chinese nationals.


I applauded his decision at the time without knowing it would eventually transform my life. Bob Hawke died yesterday. I regret not letting Bob Hawke know how much he meant to me, my partner and my partner’s family. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bob Hawke, R.I.P.

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From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2019-05-17 12:20:07 #1

My wife was also among those who were instantly granted permanent residence. She was in Australia at the time on a student visa. She also is extremely thankful for this extraordinary gesture by Bob Hawke and, since I clearly would not have met her many years later if not for this life changing event, I am also filled with gratitude. 

From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2019-05-18 15:35:56 #2

@JohnAbbot I always suspected that was the pathway for your wife getting Australian citizenship but I was too cautious to ask the question to make sure.  Your wife would have been in her mid-twenties when she came to Australia to study.


My partner was a 34 years old student without any English skills. 34 years of age was one year below the cut-off point for allowing Chinese citizens the chance to apply for study overseas. Ten of my partner's friends applied. She only applied because they did. Out of those 11 applicants, only my partner was successful.


 I thought I did some gutsy things when I was young but nothing like these two amazing Chinese women.

From: China 山东(shan dong) 济宁(ji ning ) @paulfox1 Time : 2019-05-19 18:43:57 #3

Bob Hawke was possibly the best, and only, 'great' PM (Political Monkey) Australia has ever had.

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