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Should your first trip to China be for a lady?

@Anonymous1168 Time : 2014-06-16 03:21:12

After reading Barry's many adventures, it made me think about travelling to China and meeting a Chinese woman during one's sightseeing experience. If this is someone's first trip to China, they are bound to be overwhelmed by the whole experience: the sights, the smells, etc. Combining one's first visit with a potential marriage match? I'm not sure about this anymore.

From my own personal travels, I tend to travel with groups of others and certain things the men said always stayed with me. Whether it was their spouse or girlfriend, they made some interesting comments. For the most part, the men wanted to stroll about on their own and take in the sights with minimal interruption. They did not want to be bothered or disturbed by womanly requests or affections.

One time, after separating from the female contingent one man whispered to me "I finally got away from the old witch."

Another time, one guy got into an agrument with his girl by shaking her arm off of his yelling "Stop it, you're smothering me!" and he forcibly walked away from her.

And another time, one man yelled to his wife "I'm just trying to enjoy the sights for a moment!!! Please!!!" The woman stormed off in anger and left the man to his sightseeing.

All of these events were incredibly embarassing and did not bode well for any of their future relationships.

So, what I am trying to say is, for the men who like to go to places to sightsee and enoy the experience for themselves, perhaps it is better to go to China FIRST for some sightseeing and then LATER go to China to meet a woman for marriage. Get the sightseeing part out of your system so it does not conflict with the "lovey dovey" stuff. I see them as separate things.


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From: China 山东(shan dong) 济宁(ji ning ) @paulfox1 Time : 2014-06-17 17:48:27 #1
Well I am probably not the best person to offer the first reply here, but I believe it is possible to do both

I tend to travel to China for business as opposed to sightseeing but I have never had any issues with essentially doing my 'own thing' during the day and then catching up with some company for dinner etc

Depending on who you intend to meet there, there is a good chance that the lady will be working during the day. You can get on with your sightseeing trips etc and then maybe meet your lady for dinner and some evening company

If things go well between you, then you could spend some quality time together on the weekend and perhaps do some sight-seeing together?

Incidentally, the comment you made about 'you are smothering me' - this is not un-common with Chinese women
Unless you are deliberately holding hands or being 'close', we all kind-of need our one-square-metre of space that should never be invaded. Chinese women appear not to understand this, but if you explain to her early on (that's it's a western thing etc) she will be OK with it

I have had many a 'run-in' with my Chinese gf for the same reason - especially when I am in the kitchen cooking dinner

She's an accident waiting to happen but it's from genuine feelings - even though she often invades my one-square-metre of space and I need to remind her often

Hope these comments help - good luck! You will have a great time in China, especially if it's your first trip
From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 丹东(dan dong ) @evahuihan Time : 2014-06-17 23:56:42 #2
if you coundnt even have a happy sightseeing with the one you want marry how could u two lead a real happy couple life in your whole life?travel sightseeing meeting the one for marriage should be simutaneously you two can find out wether there is much possibilities of further developing relationship.
From: United States Texas Corpus Christi @Chicano Time : 2014-06-19 04:22:52 #3

Ghee, Eva Huihan, why you no have your own TV show on marriage consulting?
Seems like your well educated and for sure Eva is good looking.

Yes, people sometimes stay together for the wrong reasons.

One is much better alone than having to put-up with a disagreeable mate.

From Texas, USA
Victor A.
@Anonymous14200 Time : 2014-06-21 06:36:23 #4
@Chicano, you always have interesting posts. I am wondering why you have settled/retired in Texas? Why not live in China the remainder of your years chasing attractive women? I remember reading in an earlier post of yours that you lived over in China for some period of time? Why come back to live in the States where the good women are so few? Please help me understand your philosophy of life.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @aussieghump Time : 2014-06-21 08:34:14 #5
Yes, you want to be sure that your attraction is to the lady, and not the exotic-ness of the situation or location. Certainly if it is your first time in another country you want be sure the situation is 'real' and not a 'summer fling'.
I agree with Paul Fox's comments about the invasion of personal space - it is a significant difference between cultures! In Asia, you have little personal space! Both because of the sheer number of people and the cultural norms of 'clinginess' of 'couples in love.'

Some other factors:
1) Many Asia women tend to be 'cute' when they are out with a partner - this usually means they act like a 12 year old! That is why you are attracted to then, but also why they annoy you!
2) That stroll down the street looking at the market/architecture/people/activities is just plain 'everyday' for the local person! They see no interest in these things so you stopping to talk to every person, investigate dried fish and trashy artefacts, is akin to walking your dog - you keep wanting to take a piss on every vertical surface when she wants to get to the restaurant!
3) you want to talk to people and look at things she would never contemplate - you are photographing old bicycles, beggars and embarrassments - you are actually highlighting her poverty! Remember, in general, She wants you to take her to places she couldn't normally afford, to do activities she wouldn't normally do and make her feel like she is important whereas you want to tinker around in smelly markets, point at street food and street people and make fun of the things she eats daily!

Put it another way, if she came to your country and insisted on taking a photograph of every rubbishbin, graffiti mark, fast food stall and telephone booth, how long could you tolerate it!

Short and sweet of it is, take some extra time alone to explore and spend quality time alone with her! It means you might have to wake up earlier and wander about but most of the best action in Asia occurs 4am to 8am anyway!
@Anonymous14211 Time : 2014-06-21 20:22:47 #6
Actually if you come for short vacation it is recommended to see ur new GF as much as possible. Do it as intense as u ever could. Both of you will see the other in various situations , not only at some shiny dinner. She will understand ur interest in daily chinese (poor) stuff, and you should not bother her with running thru the city 24/7. Talk, make mutual agreements, let her be your guide. Even after some days u might have a little argue. So what? it also belongs to relation. How will you find out if she acts girlish, smothering or whatever? How u want to know, if u can stand it and where is ur limit? You want to find out after marriage??? Come on!
From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2014-06-22 00:06:12 #7

I think the thread that you have started here and the comments it has generated would be a good starting point for a conversation with the person you intend to meet in China. After you have both dissected and discussed everyone's comments you could do a practice “sight-seeing tour” just using the internet. A good practice place to start with, would be a “sight-seeing tour” of Mt Emei. There is a lot of information to be found on the internet about Mt Emei outside of CLM.(the way Barry's blogs read, it seems he did not use the internet to research Mt Emei at a detailed level. Two hours less training and two more hours of internet research could have saved Barry a lot pain. ) You could exchange ideas on how you would like to travel , what level of exercise is acceptable to each of you and what sights you want to see most. You could then compare what you agree and disagree on with what is contained in Barry's blogs. Traveling together amplifies the good and bad of a relationship. This is what you need.
From: United Kingdom London London @alasdair Time : 2014-07-01 10:11:54 #8
I dont agree. Not all men act in such a way. I would be overwhelmed by the love a girl showed me and would never reject her affections. Why would you reject the attention you received from a Chinese woman you truly loved. No I dont think your right in your observations since I for one love to have my girl show me she loves me. A great feeling.
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