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Seeking Your Help (part 1 - introduction)

@Anonymous1762 Time : 2019-07-01 11:46:31

Seeking Your Help   (part 1)

Hello, my name is Ian Bridgemaker. Well, that is only partially true. Bridgemaker is not the name printed on my birth certificate but my middle name is Ian and I have always been called by my middle name. My adopted surname Bridgemaker sits very comfortably with me because I have been a bridge builder all my life.

Whether it be sport, work or community projects I have always worked to bring people together to make a better world. I was a full-time researcher at a pharmaceutical company until I experienced a mental breakdown towards the end of 2010. I miraculously discovered a way of combining a group of five different chemical substances to make a cure for cancer. Unfortunately for my research three of these compounds occur naturally in cannabis. I was heavily pressured by my company not to publish.

My ability to publish was extinguished when a fire destroyed my laboratory and all my records. I knew it was not an accident but I was fifty-five years old, blind in one eye and was at serious risk of my retina detaching in the other eye. I couldn’t take anymore. I gave up and accepted the substantial retirement package that they offered me.

I was heartbroken and a lost soul from 2010 until 2017 when it became necessary for me to provide full-time care for my ten-year-old grandson for nearly six months. His name is Ian. He was named after me. Love for my grandson and the enormous responsibility of looking after him properly brought me back to life. I owe him big time. We have a very special bond but I greatly fear for his future. I don't want there to be any chance of what happened to me, happening to him. I am now determined to do what I can to help create a fairer and more just world for him to live, grow and reach his full potential. A world that is worth living in. One that replaces lies, deception and greed with true humanity. 

The last two years have been a revelation to me. I firmly believe it is possible to create a better world but the lies, deception and greed are more widespread and deeply entrenched than I could have ever imagined. There are many people like me who have considerable insight into the darker side of our modern world but they are not making an effective difference. Why not? They just don't work together. Even worse, they often oppose each other. How do we go about making an effective difference to this world of lies, deception and greed? The forces that crushed me in 2010 are even stronger now. What hope do we have? I think I now have the answer.

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@Anonymous26523 Time : 2019-07-14 14:00:24 #1

I am highly introverted, so it is against my nature to publicly speak out. However, I now feel compelled and driven to speak out for the future my grandson deserves. I am now starting to think I could become a voice for a better world through the use of the following five compelling drivers -


1. My life as a carer -this would be the foundation of my exploration of identity – it would also give me the edge over other conspiracy theorists with attracting female followers.


2. Reluctant messenger - I am an introvert. I hate being in the spotlight. However, once I accept the challenge to make a better world for my grandson, there is no way that I will back off from that challenge. The “message” is everything. Relative to the “message” the “messenger” has no importance. I may stumble but I will still hold the “message” up and out of the water. I will make the change that he needs. The change the whole world needs.


3. Science – I would avoid trying to explain things scientifically. It takes far too long and loses many more people than it wins.


4. Connection – regardless of the way the world appears we are all connected.


5. Respectful soft critique of other conspiracy theorists – I would try to extract every “positive” that I could out of all the conspiracy theorists that have some semblance of coherence.


This 5 pronged strategy by me has some serious holes it as far as scientists are concerned but who really listens to the voices of leading scientists? That would be an easy problem for me to get around because scientists are not being taken seriously by the media.


I would take advantage of the general population’s belief that anyone can be bought, sold and manipulated. I would channel “the everyday person’s” thinking about corruption. (I would hide the reality that scientists who are leaders in their fields do not believe this. Real genuine scientists are not for sale. While it may be possible for a real scientist to be silenced like I was, it is not possible to force a real scientist to tell a scientific lie. There is little point in expending a lot of effort to get other scientists on board because that approach is very cumbersome and time is short. If it happens that will be a bonus, but it is not essential for me to succeed.)


@Anonymous26524 Time : 2019-07-14 14:16:12 #2

This forum thread is a practice attempt. What does it really take to get off the ground in the internet world of conspiracy theories? For those people who have spent considerable time looking at Max Igan youtube clips, there is a good chance that you will have noticed strong parallels between the Max Igan story and the Ian Bridgemaker story.


Yes, they are both unbelievable.


Both use fictitious names and work hard at making their own history uncheckable. My “Ian Bridgemaker” story is my adaptation of the “Max Igan” story. It is fiction. I haven’t put enough time or work into the story to get it to the “Max Igan” level of storytelling but probably another 1000 hours might get me close to the mark. My late father was a great storyteller and a fraud all of his life. His life motto was “It's not what you know but who you know that really matters in this world”(and make sure you bleed them dry). The world of Conspiracy Theorists is very much a money-making world. If you know any leading Conspiracy Theorist who is not making money from spreading conspiracy theories then please let me know who they are.


My father was a great liar. If you want to take lying to the highest level then you need to convince yourself that your own lies are true. I think all the leading conspiracy theorists have this trait in common. It means that they can be very indignant when they are challenged and the “unjust” challenge is just further evidence that they are right.


Some of you may have guessed that the author of this thread is melcyan. You could be right or maybe, just maybe "Ian Bridgemaker" is real and your world will be rescued from our "evil overlords" in part 2.

From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2019-07-17 15:39:13 #3

This thread has been written by me, melcyan,  and it is a deliberate lie. I  deliberately tried to fabricate the background foundation needed for a new conspiracy theory. Lies are a required part of the infrastructure for most conspiracy theories. “Everything you have been told is a lie” Who has said this more than anyone else? If you answered Max Igan then you are correct. Paul Fox is a huge Max Igan fan.


Why did I create this thread? I constructed it so that it could be read alongside the conspiracy blog “DOUCWHATEYEC?”. The blog falls apart by itself but I thought this forum thread added extra insight to how suspect information can be created for online consumption. I modelled my creation story on that of Max Igan’s. A person’s history does matter especially when they create their own internal accountability loops and enlist the support of other conspiracy theorists like David Icke. Igan and other conspiracy theorists like Icke are very quick to throw mud at the reputations of others and major institutions. Relentless repetition is engaged in the hope that some mud will stick. They know their own reputations cannot withstand close examination. If they throw enough mud at others, then they might appear to be acceptable by comparison.


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