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From: Canada British Columbia West Vancouver @yaroo Time : 2014-04-27 16:40:06

Heart of a stranger, so simple, perhaps in a crossroads in life, in a word, a look, an action or an expression. A damp longing, two of heart. Never think later, has quietly begun. We give a seed of each other, let each other in the heart.


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From: Australia Queensland Brisbane @Barry1 Time : 2014-04-30 10:51:25 #1

A wise person once said that life is the first gift; love is the second; and understanding is the third.

Though I ask, what sort of life would it be, without love?

Yet what's the point of life or love, if you don't understand?

So to me, life, love and understanding are all on the same level. All are complementary. One cannot satisfactorily exist without the other.

Another interesting thought is that many people, especially those on dating sites such as this, think that finding a lover will bring love into their heart. But I believe the reverse is true. If one doesn't already possess love within oneself - then finding someone who'll love you will be almost impossible.

To love oneself thus is the beginning of a lifelong romance. To not love oneself is the beginning of a deteriorating and disappointing existance.

Bear in mind though that true love stories don't necessarily all have happy endings. Just because there are sweet fairies dancing merrily at the bottom of the garden, doesn't mean they'll happily cavort there forever. Love needs to be continually nurtured, nourished and validated, in order to last. Without this, like wilting grapes on the the vine withering inexorably as the season passes, love also will slowly wane and decay.

There's nothing worse than a love that has languished. Fervor that has faded. Devotion that has diminished. How sad is this! Yet is the cup half full - or half empty?

Is it better to have loved and lost, than ne'er to have loved at all? Are the joys of having experienced it worth the utter heartbreak of its denial? Sorry, I'm not smart enough to know the answer here.

What I do know though, is that love is an emblem of eternity; it confounds those who've never felt it; it continually delights those who have it. Its value is emphasised by the fact that poor people may experience it, just the same as those who are most rich. It's a fallacy to believe that true love can be bought.

Well may it be said that a life that has experienced genuine love is indeed, a life that has not been wasted. Love's greatest gift is that everything it touches becomes sacred and holy, not in the religious sense, but the empirical.

To feel love is to walk on hallowed ground indeed. To never feel love, is to dwell in hell.
From: Canada British Columbia West Vancouver @yaroo Time : 2014-05-06 00:40:23 #2
Love is understanding, love is tolerance, love is hope. Love is very simple, not so complicated
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