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From: United States Michigan Rockford @Tyler72 Time : 2013-01-21 20:51:48 #15
@Apinkapple , I think you are right Pinkapple.

My last girlfriend, a filipina, loved to smell me, LOL, sometimes it was like she wanted to sniff my brain out through my ears.

...and once in China I was shopping for a bag for my camera, there was this little shop in a pedestrian mall with military looking bags and the sales girl was super HOT! So as shes leaning across me to reach for differe t bags to show me I caught this whiff of terrible body oder and I knew Id been sweating alot as it was Guangzhou in the summer time a d i thought, "oh noo" is that me? So I tried to subtley check myself... Nope, my deoderant was still holding firm! It was HER! This beautiful creature had BO like a construction worker. ...and yet... I was strangely attracted. I had to breath her in deeper. It was the
strangest thing, and I did NOT ask her out, LOL, though I wanted to. It was of course partly her looks and smile that drew me to her, but there was something about her smell. Not the disgusting, you seriously need a shower n some man syrength deoderant smell but something underneath that that I couldnt put my finger on., something chemical and pheremonal that was definitely affecting me.

I have read about studies that compare a genetic set of immunities to certain genes and if yours and the other person's are complimentary in such a way that your offspring will be stronger and more immune to more things then you will be more attracted to their smell. It said women are more consciously aware of the scent of their partners but that men are just as affected even if we dont know it.

Or maybe its chemical like drugs. Some partners are like bad drugs, hurtful and addictive... We know they are bad for us. But we cant help ourselves, we keep going back even when our lives are falling apart around us because of them. Ive been through that kind of relationship before.. This time around I just want someone who smells good, and makes me smile. Like good drugs, medicine to heal and make it all better.
From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @Apinkapple Time : 2013-01-21 23:01:44 #16
Thanks John.I think you are a lovely gentleman.Also,thank you for liking my usename.*^_^*
You know when I found I wrote some simple words wrong, I was really shy.I think I should treat every word I write seriously,so I corrected them.
I used to keep diaries and now I write micro-blogs almost every day.I think it is a way of writing(or talking) to myself.I guess your wife must be a lovely lady too. :-)
As for my usename,It means I'm a pink apple.I like natural things,such as flowers,all kinds of plants and animals,etc.I have an English name,Apple.Apple is a common fruit but tasty and nutrient-rich,looking so sparkling and lovely,so I want to be an apple in the eyes of my parents,friends and future husband.Pink means youth and health. I have been single so I'm not so mature as a married woman.Therefore,I'm not a very ripe red apple, just a pink apple, not so green,not so red.:-)
From: China 新疆(xin jiang) 乌鲁木齐(wu lu mu qi ) @Apinkapple Time : 2013-01-26 12:52:00 #17
“This time around I just want someone who smells good, and makes me smile. Like good drugs, medicine to heal and make it all better”.I do agree with you on the point.
Good luck.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 扬州(yang zhou ) @jiangshanmm Time : 2013-02-06 10:10:50 #18
I am new to CLM, is also a gold member. I would like to ask: if the IP display hidden, what is the situation?
From: United States Virginia Manassas @bob67 Time : 2015-10-10 02:35:42 #19

Hi John, I hope this message gets to you because I've tried to contact the service department here, and have not gotten any responses. I'm a new member here, and so far have not paid anything, because I keep seeing the free membership hint as I sign in. So if I need to upgrade to correspond here on the forums, please let me know. I will probably do that anyway, but just want to know if a non-paying membership is why I haven't been answered.

Once I get started here, I'll tell you about an interesting (to me) experience on another Asian site, with a beautiful lady, because at this point I think I might have been scammed, but only for paying for credits to chat with her,as well as onsite emailing, and one onsite phone call. I've been involved with her since the beginning of last September, so no real damage has been done, but still I've paid for a "lot" of credits.

Once I'm sure I'm getting through to you or any other interested party here on CLM/ALM,net, I'll give you the details.

Thank you Sir,

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2015-10-10 14:23:18 #20
@bob67 In response to your comment, first I want to apologize that you were not receiving replies to you earlier messages. I had our email searched and we did find three messages from you. We did reply to the first one, and I remember that happening because I helped our service rep formulate the response, since it involved questions about and I tend to deal with all of those personally.

We received the second message but it had been sent before, but was opened after, we had sent our reply to the first one, and that reply seemed to have addressed the second message as well. I also found a third message from you, sent a couple of days after our reply to you, which was unopened when I found it. I have no idea how it was missed by an employee and not opened, but I sincerely apologize to you for that. It should not have happened.

I am not going to post your message that we did reply to here, because I don't have any idea if you would want it posted in public, although I don't feel there is anything in it for you to feel embarrassed by. However, I am posting our reply to your message here, because we think the more often it is stated how we feel about the more people may be saved from being scammed by them. I really don't know why you didn't receive our message but here is what it said:

Hi bob67

We're really sorry but we don't really understand what you want us to tell you?

You've read our detailed warnings, and if you go through our blogs and other material we've written on the internet in various places then you already know what we think of We think they are a complete scam operation and are screwing their members blind.

We have no way of looking at one specific incident and saying at that exact moment in time it is a scam because we are not witnessing what is going on. However, our investigations, and countless allegations against AsianDate by our current members who have been scammed by them, make us confident enough that they are scammers to announce if publicly.

Regarding the form, because does deal with Chinese Marriage Agencies (who are active participants in the scams), they maybe required to comply with a law known as IMBRA that applies to Americans, because they maybe considered to be a marriage broker. Whether they are or not they say they are because it fits brilliantly into their ability to scam you Americans.

Do we think you should submit the form? No, because they are a known scam operation. You don't need to believe us, there are endless complaints about them spread across the internet.

Do we think you should continue to spend money to message or chat with women you aren't allowed to communicate with in private, and you have no way of knowing if they are real? No, because they are a known scam operation.

Do we think the woman you are chatting with now is real and genuinely interested in having a long term relationship with you? We think the chances of that are dismally low because so few women being chatted with on their site are real and genuinely interested in a long term relationship with a Western man.

How can we make it more clear to you. We think members of are getting their asses scammed off. Partly based on our own investigations, partly due to hundreds of complaints about them by guys who are now our members, and partly because of endless complaints about them across the internet.

In our opinion you and everyone else on their site should get off now, stop throwing your money away, and save yourself a lot of expense, time, emotional trauma and damaged pride.

Because they are a known scam operation.

We hope that addresses your concerns.

Best regards,

Again, I am sorry you didn't receive our message, but I assure you it was sent to your email address that you registered with us. However, because your message to us was sent through our Contact Us page, and not by direct email, our response was not a direct reply. So it is possible it is sitting in your spam box and was not delivered to your Inbox so please check there in case.

Meanwhile please feel free to respond here, or if you prefer, write to us at and include "Attn: John Abbot" in the subject line. It should be brought to my attention.

Best regards, John
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