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Passports and Visa's

From: United States Arkansas Rogers @kahnsfury Time : 2010-05-03 10:25:55
I don't know about most people, but the idea of having to go through all the beauracracy just to move from one place to another is mind boggling. I was told that just to get my U.S. passport it could take between 1-4 months. Seems to me since you are paying $130 dollars they could expedite the process a little, but then again this is government we are talking about and we know that governments are slow when it comes to helping you, but don't pay your taxes and see how quick they become. I'll be covering some of this more in depth with my new blog series that will deal with my adventure in going to China.
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From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @sea1 Time : 2010-05-05 12:43:39 #1
Why only to the U.S. passport? Why would anyone take her life do gamble? In fact, life in China is also very good!
From: United States Arkansas Rogers @kahnsfury Time : 2010-05-06 01:36:17 #2
it is just one step of many to get to China, I have to have my passport first, then everything else will open up. I can't even apply for a job yet without my passport. After that I can focus on Chinese visa.
From: United States Arizona Tucson @woaizhongguo Time : 2010-05-06 14:01:36 #3
It gets worse. In order to go to China you need to get a separate Chinese visa (for which you will have to send along your passport). Unless you live in a city where there is a Chinese embassy, you will have to pay a middle man to expedite your Chinese visa, which will cost somewhere around $200. But at least this usually only takes a week or two (and can be expedited for extra money).
From: United States Hawaii Honolulu @Lanikai Time : 2010-05-08 21:51:30 #4
With regards to getting your China Visa, I would reccomend that you find a Travel Agency in your City, that is approved by the Chinese Government. So look for a Chinese Travel Agency and ask them if they are approved? Here in Hawaii, there is such a Travel agency and they only charged me $175 Total for the China Visa and that included the passport sized photos! The cost of the visa itself is $145 USD if I remember correctly!
From: United States Pennsylvania Pittsburgh @spiderboenz Time : 2010-05-10 02:14:54 #5
They must be retarded in Arkansas, if it takes 1-4 months for a passport. I live in Pennsylvania and I got mine in 17 days.
From: United States Arkansas Rogers @kahnsfury Time : 2010-05-11 01:53:09 #6
It never gets any better, it's just something I've gotten use to. It sometimes seems like they really want to discourage any kind of travel when they make you jump through hoops like this.
From: United States Arkansas Rogers @kahnsfury Time : 2010-05-11 22:25:54 #7
well considering it is filed through the U.S. government not the state government. I would say no the U.S. would be the retard. It just depends on how many passports are pending as to how long it will take to process. So there is no real set time. At one point after 9/11 it took nearly 6 months to get a passport.
From: China 河南(he nan) 郑州(zheng zhou ) @fengjie Time : 2010-07-02 19:02:47 #8
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From: United States @stingray53 Time : 2010-07-19 10:11:26 #9
Hello Kahnsfury,
Here is what I did to get my US passport and after that, the Chinese visa:
The US post office has the applications for your passport. You will need to return the application to a USPS "acceptance facility" in person along with a passport photo and proof of identity (Birth Certificate is best), US driver`s license, etc.
I just got my first passport Sept. 2009. It is a relatively painless process but yes about a week.
The Chinese embassy that services Arkansas is in Houston, TX.
It also processed my own visa. I am from Lubbock, TX.
Unable to go to Houston in person (same day service for walk-ins), I found a visa service online to take it. Total cost $300 for 1 week delivery. I am in Xian, Shanxi, China as of this writing. Good Luck!
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2010-07-19 21:58:31 #10
Hi Neil. As of about 2 days ago you simply need to go to the Visas/China section on the CLM upper menu and click on the Travisa ad. Quick, easy and damned inexpensive compared to traveling somewhere yourself to get passport or visa. They can handle both passport or passport renewal and the visa. Be sure to give them adequate time. Cheers, John

For non-Americans we're trying to track down similar services in your country so if you know of one please advise us.
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