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@Anonymous320 Time : 2012-06-04 00:21:07
The recent articles on idiot expats in China have motivated me to share some of my own observations. First, let me clarify that I have never been to China. So all of these observations are taken from conversations with expats (still in country), conversations with Chinese women, a multitude of self-admission videos and vlogs, and forum postings (mostly other forums, not CLM). This is what I have noticed. On the whole, foreigners congregate in packs for security. After a certain comfort level is achieved, the enter "spring break" mode, which lasts pretty much the entire duration of their stay. By "spring break" mode I mean acting like you own the place, trashing the environment (because after all the Chinese do it), and basically acting like an ass. This is no different than spring break in the US, so I am not sharing anything new here. An interesting thing I noticed about the foreign women is that they tend to start off enthusiastic, but end up drunken and foul-mouthed because they realize China is a man's paradise, not a woman's. So they eventually resemble the girls in the "girls gone wild" video series, however no one (not even Chinese men) pay them any attention. I digress. Back to the foreign men in China. A good number of these guys (of which I have personally communicated with) enjoy taking advantage of Chinese women. And this is cyclical. Lead a woman on for about 3-6 months, getting great sex, then dump her. Continue cycle. The guys make up some excuse about "we weren't compatible" or "the cultural differences were too much" but that is complete BS. The guys are working on more conquests. I am surprised the women do not see through this. This is why I chuckle at a lot of comments about marriage on this site. The majority of guys probably don't have marriage anywhere on their minds, but will get a girl into bed for the sex by leading them on. As a side note, these guys are waay below average in physical appearance. Are Chinese women's criteria really so low? I could go on, but I would like to summarize with: laowai are probably 75%-80% bad in my opinion. It is a man's fantasy and playground over there, so you can imagine the temptation to stay "good". I would like to say that if I ever go to China I will do my best to steer clear of these expat congregations. Frankly they disgust me and I believe a good number of foreigners SHOULD be kicked out of China.
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From: China 天津(tian jin) 天津(tian jin) @dreambaby Time : 2012-06-05 16:50:03 #1
Truth is always so brutal that we can never cheat ourselves. It needs much courage and sense of justice for a foreigner to share this bloody reality on transnational love. So we should give our sincere love to those who deserve it. Thanks.:)
From: China 广东(guang dong) 珠海(zhu hai ) @lucyove3 Time : 2012-06-06 03:10:04 #2
i really appreciate the last sentence a large number of foreingers should be kicked out of China. in their mind , there is no concept of loyalty to their gfs or wives. In addition , it is true that China is their paradise, so i keep thinking where chinese women's paradise lie ?
I live in a city where quantities of foreigners live , there is no doubt that they have brought in new thinking and new products and energy to China, but in the meanwhile they spread sex culture in every corner when they travel all over China.
i am not aggressive to drive them out of my country,but when i see or hear one foreinger will leave China soon, i feel there will be several girls crying for him...
what is life? what is the real meaning of marriage? i guess oceans of people are scared of being married.
Faced with many problems in life, we each should be strong and keep on...
Enjoy our life and make each day count in the wild world
From: Canada British Columbia Victoria @bmccull Time : 2012-06-06 04:19:18 #3
Whoa, some sweeping generalizations from someone who has never been to China!

-foreign women are drunken and foul-mouthed??
-a good number of guys enjoy taking advantage of Chinese women??

I think you have been led astray in your online forays. Yes you will find occasional examples of the above stereotypes but they are not the norm. Why don't you get over to China and see for yourself.
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2012-06-07 00:14:55 #4
I find it a little bizarre to try to summarize what is going on in China from such a distance. The reality is that there are all variety of Foreign men in China, in about the same ratio as in their own homelands. The reason it seems there are so many womanizers in China is because the good guys get snapped up almost instantly by Chinese women who recognize them for their goodness, and the bad ones are left to play at will. So of course the bad apples stand out and the good ones are home enjoying their domestic bliss, out of sight, out of mind. How exactly does this differ from life in America, where the song of single women is "the good ones are all already taken".

If good Chinese women are really being taken advantage of by these guys, the solution is incredibly simple and obvious - STOP!!! Stop going to bed with someone before you're ready! Stop taking your clothes off on the webcam before you're ready! Stop doing anything that you might be ashamed of later! Come on, no one is responsible for your behaviour but you. Take responsibility for your own actions and take back your pride.

I love and admire Chinese women, but the ones I see hanging around these wolf packs of Foreign men who live in the bars are not generally "good Chinese women", they are generally the bar girls and the girls in the sex trade themselves. They no more represent normal, good Chinese women, than those guys represent all Foreigners in China. It is foolish to think otherwise.
From: United States California Sacramento @danruble Time : 2012-06-07 10:27:00 #5
I am finally calm enough to write something in response OP. .. you state that you have never have been to China, but you decide, based on your reading blogs and watching videos, that 75-80 percent of those that are In China are bad, up to no good, and deserve to be kicked out. The same idiot logic can be used to say that certain areas of Western society have higher crime rates, so 75-80 percent of the people in those communities should be jailed.. NO LOGIC NO SENSE. I have asked numerous questions here and elsewhere trying to better understand this strange and alluring nation, China. I have read both bad and good regarding foreign visitors.. From what I have read the good far, far outnumbers the bad. Acts of good Samaritans. Acts of random kindness. giving free medical services to poor back area farmers,or others than can not afford good medical That is one thing the world knows about the US .. , caring and sharing.. This is the picture I see mostly. yes i have read about the mischievous ways of some. but like i say, from many sources the good seems to be the norm. Perhaps you should take Mr Abbott's advice and see it from the ground. In response to a response...( In reply to another poster here),.. I have to tell you it takes no courage whatsoever to post denigrating, derogatory or dangerous unsupported rumors as graven in stone fact..certainly no courage if you are hiding your name and picture.. Now, I would take a little more stock if a member like G Hump, Hat Man or Peter stated such accusations as fact. I know that there are many good men that would be in heaven to be in a long term relationship with some Chinese lady. please look at the big picture.. Some areas of China as late as 5 years ago had dozens of people follow a foreigner around because they had never seen a real one in person.. I know that may not be the case today, but goes to show that the foreigners are a minority and stand out. Be it good or bad, they are noticed..Ladies, I tend to echo John's statements.. remember a man will only do what you allow... And a final thought .. The news reports pumping such stories will only serve to inflame unrest. By the way.. The ass in the video got what he deserved.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @aussieghump Time : 2012-06-14 21:57:46 #6
I've never been to the USA but I'd like to share my own observations on extensive research I've done reading newspaper articles, talking to Americans in America and Abroad and watching YouTube (via VpN in China) as well as a 24hour stint on MTV and I must conclude that the USA must be full of naked flesh-eating vigilantes who like doing stupid things on skateboards, drive Escalades and call everyone they meet 'Dawg MoFo!' and they all should be kicked out of the USA by anonymous posters!

c'mon Dawg, - see how stupid that is???
@Anonymous2000 Time : 2012-06-15 07:31:00 #7
Not as stupid as you think aussieghump. What you described is quite close to the truth actually. The US is not the grand paradise people make it out to be.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @chrisfr2 Time : 2012-06-19 07:36:30 #8
i suspect the writter of this blog to be a chinese male citizen...

i did read a blog from a foreign resident in shanghai who has been recently involved in a "laowai rampage" ..
"Kick out the foreigners out from china" seems to be something more and more common on the blogs of china mainland...
From: China 辽宁(liao ning) 沈阳(shen yang ) @ShenyangIrish Time : 2012-07-02 19:00:36 #9
I am in China to teach English, History, Geography, Business and Western Culture to whoever in China is interested enough to want to learn about it. I also try to tell my students about my native country, which is Ireland, because Ireland is not well known here and Chinese people are absolutely fascinated to learn about new countries and cultures. And while I am doing this, I also like to learn as much about Chinese culture as I can. I am not unique in this. This is what most people engaged in the teaching field are here to do. We are not here to either judge or change China. Most of us are not here to take of Chinese women or girls. Many of us, indeed, are on our guard to make sure that we ourselves are taken advantage of by corrupt Chinese, who luckily are in the minority. I, myself, find many Chinese women very beautiful and kind, though I would not over-generalize on that point. I would like to marry a Chinese girl, which is why I am on this site. But I have no desire to plunder the entire female population of this vast country whilst trying to find the right girl. I hope I am not overstating things when I say that I believe I am fairly typical of most foreign men in China. So, add this one to your various articles and blogs !
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