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New Years Apologies and Best Wishes to All

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2019-01-02 12:10:15

After I posted my Christmas thread, and before I remembered to move it to the top of the threads list, which we do with every new thread, I suffered a major computer meltdown. So I went from being relieved about my own health to being very stressed about my computer, and more importantly, about CLM, ALM and the Blogs. 

My primary computer was constantly freezing due to what seemed to be Windows 10 issues to refusing to open at all. And that remains it's current status. That wouldn't normally be a big issue because I keep a backup computer. But that also started balking at operating by running so slow that it was barely running at all. Sometimes a simple click to open a page on the website would take several minutes. Typing a sentence was a five minute ordeal, 

This all started immediately before Christmas, and it has taken until today to finally get the help I needed to get the backup operating correctly. So far the primary computer remains useless. These delays were partly due to the lack of trustworthy expertise to be had where I am located, combined with the busy Chrstmas season slowing everything down to a near standstill.

It is possible to do some of the simple tasks on CLM with a tablet, such as approving comments, approving new members, etc. But publishing a new blog or making changes to a website page requires a computer. So this thread is to apologize to the bloggers for the delays in posting new blogs. I am able to get to them now and will post several that are waiting over the next few days,

I do apologize for that and for a delayed New Years wish.

I do wish all members a belated Happy New Year for 2019, and hope it is your best year yet. May those of you still searching find a great lifemate here on CLM or ALM this year, and may those of you who have already found a great match cement your relationship into one that is life long and soul deep.

Cheers and best regards, John

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From: United States Georgia Suwanee @bethere4u Time : 2019-03-02 08:26:53 #1

delete your hiberfile.sys. google it


From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2019-03-12 03:21:22 #2


I followed your advice and my computer is operating much better since doing so. I appreciate your assistance but I sure do miss being able to hibernate.

Thanks for the great tip.

Cheers, John

From: United States Georgia Suwanee @bethere4u Time : 2019-03-13 22:35:36 #3



in cmd mode turn off powercfg.exe.

cmd>>>> powercfg.exe -h off

this should help. check google for info


maybe then you can turn back on hibernate

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2019-03-17 13:02:03 #4

@bethere4u - I appreciate the new tip but will be a while getting to it. Just too much to do and too little time. However, when I finally do make the effort I'll let you know how I made out. 

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