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Memories - a trip to sichuan zigong

From: Australia New South Wales Sydney @oldghost Time : 2018-07-20 14:21:48

Today I received a wechat video of a 'daba' tour bus with passengers unsuccessfully trying to retrieve their luggage, and it reminded me of a (now) hilarious journey from Chongqing to Zigong.  I had an Internet 'friend' (we often argued animatedly online) Helen in Zigong, self-confident, self-opinionated, attractive whom I had known for years and had arranged to meet, not romantically.  

I flew from Wuhan to Chongqing, late autumn after Guo Qing Jie.  Having arrived in the early evening, I found the bus ticket office and booked a bus to Zigong to arrive about midnight.  It left at 9pm.  Something about the bus driver warned me it was his first ever drive to Zigong - maybe it was because he took a right turn and then looped back onto the freeway ... Anyway after an hour he drove onto an exit ramp, eyeing (metaphorically) an exit but drove past, then stopped.  Inwardly I was thinking 'oh no, don't tell me he is going to try reversing to the exit!'  Inward thought become reality, and there he was reversing down the ramp towards the exit ... and bing! surprise surprise, a vehicle rammed into him.

First he, then the assistant got out, and an hour long wait followed.  Then, carrying my camera I too disembarked, and went to the rear.  There in animated dispute was the driver of a BMW, his tarted up girlfriend and the two from the bus.  The BMW was totally undamaged, except for dust knocked off the front plate. Everything in Chongqing/Sichuan is dusty!  I took a photo of the pristine but dusty numberplate and the guy started getting aggressive so having replied to his Sichuanese in faltering but correct Mandarin I backed off .. and retreated to the bus.  3 hours passed and then the two bus workers put together 300 yuan, and that was the end of that.  The fat cat in the BMW proceeded 300 rmb wealthier (what a storm in a teacup for 300rmb), and we proceeded (continued, no need to back up) on our way, arriving at 3am. 

The bus stopped in the middle of the main road, letting everyone off except me, they told me to stay on and we went to the depot where ... no luggage, empty! OMG what a disaster!  The driver walked back and found my bags unloaded in the middle of the highway.  Of course nothing was open and certainly not hotels, but the driver's assistant took me around knocking on doors. Finally someone unlicensed for foreigners took me in for 70 rmb, and I slept for a few hours,only to find I had lost my glasses and my credit card.

I met Helen that morning (we continued to rub each other up the wrong way as always), and toured the dinosaur museum and the markets of the dustiest city I have ever seen.  Youzi (pomelo) were on sale at the roadside everywhere I went, it being October.  The return trip was thankfully uneventful.



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@Anonymous26318 Time : 2018-07-25 00:43:26 #1

I enjoyed your story alot, would have liked it if you had gone more in depth about "Helen" she sounds like a real firecracker! Your bus trip sounds like a trip from the twilight zone lol, personally I find Chinese men quite aggressive verbally when angered but they back down quickly when you stand your ground and let them know body language wise they are in for a world of hurt if they press farther. 

I quite like Zigong and I hadn't found it very dusty at all, maybe I was there during a good week!. The museum is quite wonderful and I enjoyed it immensely although like everywhere else it was full of Chinese tourists and it was extremely loud, also a man's gotta watch where he steps with so many people in one area we all know what litters the walkways etc. rofl One thing else is in places like the Museum one has to be vigilant in regards to pickpocket thieves, they are very good at what they do.

What did you do about your lost glasses and your credit card?

@Anonymous26319 Time : 2018-07-25 22:36:58 #2

Dinosaur museum? Hahahahahahahahahaha

From: United Kingdom Hampshire Alton @RobertB Time : 2018-07-27 22:39:44 #3

Meeting a friend is very good Of'course sometimes if you meet someone who is very hard to get on with is not that easy but ata least you did not have to worry about sex. Hwha. 

Once, I remmebr I moved in to one house precisely becaause a woman living there made me feel we would never have such problems. 

Sometimes too much eroticism is not good because it can make you feel too goal orientied. instead of just relaxing and sharing some thoughts and experiences of the past. 

From: Australia New South Wales Sydney @oldghost Time : 2018-09-16 14:55:08 #4


The museum was virtually empty it being after guo qing jie; I travel in the off-seasons, and assiduously avoid any national holidays.  As for glasses I take 3 pairs, knowing I am likely to break or lose at least one.  On my 2017 trip I took only 2 pairs, and a leg fell off one, and one lens fell out of the other, but I borrowed a paper  clip to wire the leg back, and travelled the last few days single-lensed.  I also carry a spare International Visa card, but  being down to just one, I was nervous with almost a month to go.  What do you know, a little boy I had noticed watching me flawlessly picked my wallet on the last day in HCMC as I was waiting to withdraw from an ATM ...  so with no money whatsoever I went back to the hotel I had just checked out of, and they double-charged me and gave the cash back, using the card details on record.  Needless to say, no duty free!


Sometimes an ATM will eat your card too, that is very scary.

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