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MO (Modus Operandi) of a Scammer

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2010-05-29 14:11:22
We’ve recently placed another Scammer in Scammer Prison and thought you might like to see how this unfolded for the victim. Below are captions of their communications with certain deletions to protect the identity of the victim. Remember that these people have never physically met as you consider the Scammers pressure tactics.

Scammer's (talk2sam) Opening Letter:

“Hi I saw your profile and I liked it. I am really interested in knowing more about you. you've got really nice eyes and looking at you got me very much more interested in you. We can be friends first if you like, and lets see how things turn out. Have a nice day. regards Sam”

Portion of Victim’s First Response:

Hi Sam ,Thank you very much for you interest for me,also I like your profile .You looked kind and handsome and healthy. My Chinese name is _______ (Chinese means is a best special jade, as pretty as flower and jade), … now I am moving to _______ because my business on the January this year. I have one daughter and one son,t he daughther has been marride and son is studying in the secondary specialized school. I am a christian, I am not perfect, but I am kind, caring, gentle and understanding. You will feel that my consistent,dedicated and sincere loyal…

Scammer (talk2sam) Response:

Thank you for taking your time to write this long email to me and telling me much about you. I was born 30th September 1959, i live in woodland hills, Los Angeles in California State in America. I have an 18 year old daughter and she is in college. I was divorced in 2005, i used to work for the United Nations but now i am there consultant and I have my own real estate company.I would love to know you more too. it would be much more advisable if we could chat on yahoo messenger. my Id is i am much more available there. have a nice day Sam

(CLM: Why would it be “more advisable” to chat on Yahoo, and why is he “more available” there, he has to be online in either case? More advisable for him, because CLM will investigate him if asked but Yahoo won’t!)

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From: China 福建(fu jian) 泉州(quan zhou ) @dearjasmine Time : 2010-05-30 20:37:39 #1
I really hate that 'Do you understand?' question!!!! And 1.5 months chatting before meeting each other, and he was calling husband and wife??? Don't know what is better in the initial communication, by emails or by chating. I prefer to have some detailed email contacts in the first place and then switch to instant chats, as sometimes preparing a long email is just like playing a solo.

Really sorry for this lady, but just don't lose heart. Keep on loving just like you've never been hurt.
And you've really done a great job by identifying his intention.

It is just aweful in order to achieve their goals, these scammers would like to spend time to be 'in love with' you.
So again that cliche, just slow down and don't be overwhelmed by something too sweet.
From: United States California Panorama City @seekinglady Time : 2010-05-30 20:57:44 #2
How can one check the location of an e/mail address???; ....thanks
From: Australia Queensland Toowoomba @greg17 Time : 2010-06-01 20:55:06 #3
I read this with great sadness. This decent lady just wants to find happiness and she meets scum (word seems inadequate) like that. I encourage her don't give up, you deserve what you seek and thank God you didn't marry him.
From: Netherlands Utrecht Amersfoort @gerritl Time : 2010-06-01 22:31:02 #4
I feel so sorry for the woman in question here. If you read this, never stop loving, love like it is air, we all need love, and pure love. I am impressed with how alert she is, it is very easy to fall for someone like him I imagine.

About him... As greg said, scum does not really come close to what the official term for his kind is... The fact he is trying to sell the fact you can pay 90% of a deposit is insane though, and who just takes $36.000 and expect not to get sued? Nobody, so that was a stupid scam that he put alot of time in. Sam, if you somehow manage to read this... Where is your moral backbone?
From: Spain Madrid Madrid @xiaobull Time : 2010-06-10 02:55:28 #5
Hi to everyone. I feel very sorry for what happen to this lady, I deserve her better lucky nest time, and I encourage her to dont lose the trush in this way to contact. Bad people are in everywhere also here, and just depending on lucky we can find.
I think here need to have a very clears rules, as the wbesite is saying: never send money to someone you havent meet before.
Chinese woman or gentleman western will never ask for money, both would lose face,
I also think that she seems fall in love, as derajasmine said, how can he say husband and wife, if they even never meet? need to be patience, keep the heart in calm and let the things going step by step, with the best wishes, but step by step.
Again sorry for this girl, but go on, the love is waiting for you, and you will find it by su
From: China 广东(guang dong) 中山(zhong shan ) @sunsmiling2 Time : 2010-11-27 01:42:59 #6
Unluckily, I also met such a man like that recently. He talked about marriage with me even after we chatted several times. The sweet words came too early. Later, I asked him to call me. When I heard his voice, I know he is a scammer. He told me he is 55 years old. But the voice is not a 55-year-old man's voice. Besides, his told me he is from the USA. But his English is not American English at all. Haha, maybe he forgot that I majored in English.
I am just a bit confused. I am a loving, caring and independent woman. I care true love and honest better than material things. I just want to find a right man to spend the rest of my life. But seems very hard to find such a man.
From: United States California Sacramento @danruble Time : 2011-08-01 01:49:47 #7
Mr Abbot, et al... the translation buttion for mandyloev's is quite interesting.. You guys being playful? Or is that the alert that the bus just got in from Scambodia?
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2011-08-05 22:27:41 #8
Hey DanRuble. Thanks for alerting us to that. That translation is really a bad one. It seems to have even botched badly what was already there in English. And our Chinese manager assures us that the small portion that is in Chinese does not contain anything about $87,000, so we're as baffled as you are. We're going to ask our webguy to investigate in the morning but frankly there isn't anything we can do if the computer translation system screws up. The good news is that the translation can change from time to time because we rotate through 4 different possible services, depending on which one is working fastest at the time.

As for Mandyloev we've always been mildly suspicious of her motives given her rather suggestive photo (which photo has basically kept her at the top of hottest for a long long time) but the fact is she has been a member now for a very long time and no one has ever complained of any improper conduct on her part, so we've come to believe she is real.

If we come up with anything definitive to explain why this translation is so bad I'll pop back in to report it.
From: United States Michigan Ann Arbor @moondog Time : 2011-12-21 08:05:58 #9
Hey all, I've got a question about scamming web sites and how to recognize one. I've read on this site that ant site that asks you to pay for translation services is a scam. However, there is one web site I've frequented (that shall remain nameless for now), that claims to represent women who have made applications to one of a bunch of marriage arrangement agencies throughout China. The male members, instead of paying a time-based subscription fee, instead buy tokens or credits. These are then used to communicate with the lady members on the site.

These "credits" are claimed to be used to cover the costs of translation of the messages. The ladies can also initiate contact with a guy by sending an "Admiration Letter". The guy can not respond to this except by sending a paid message.

Well, hopefully you all get the picture. Has anyone had experience with such a web site? Any knowledge if this is a scam?

I'm currently a member of it but haven't purchased any of these credits yet. Based on the sheer quantity of Admirarion Letters I've received, it would almost seem to fall into the "too good to be true" category....
From: Germany @chiebie Time : 2012-03-13 12:30:34 #10
since i'm joined online dating last January most of mens whose approaching me are scammer but thanks to the site that provided info of what is scammer suspect so i can aware of this type of scammer .

I just found that recently they will use sms thrue phone communication rather then emailed you but onething that i keep in my mind - never ask money and never send money.
From: United States North Carolina Morganton @EddieG Time : 2012-05-18 04:32:47 #11
Moondog...I know the name of the website to which you are referring by the "Admiration" letters thing. I wouldn't spend a dime of my money there. I am currently researching that site for a blog article when I get my CLM blog set up.
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