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Limited travel to China

From: Canada British Columbia Lavington @newbeginning Time : 2020-06-29 22:28:22

I have a female chinese friend living in Aussieland who went back to China to see her parents recently, she was allowed to travel to China because she is a Chinese national, her husband is Australian, he was not allowed to travel to China as most foreigners are banned from entering China at this time. Personally I find this ludicrous, aside from Nationality/race what is the difference between him and her?

My coworker's son lives and works in the US and is Canadian, he cannot cross back into Canada as the border is closed to all at this point in time.

As a citizen of a western country has anyone here been able to enter into China recently? 

Canada as far as I can tell is still allowing spousal visa applications, strange huh? If anyone has any updated info please share.


Thanks to all replies 


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@Anonymous26849 Time : 2020-08-03 14:01:14 #1

I've been stuck her in China since December 13th due to the CCP virus. I've been quarantined 4 times and have a provincial document the certifies that I'm ok. I wanted to return to the US for summer vacation. I prayed, consulted with the White House, State Department, researched the SC Department of Health and Department of Transportation's websites, talked to an official in the Embassy in Beijing and talked to others. I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't return to spend the summer in SC. My university threatened me and told me that if I left the PRC, I'd be fired even though I have a valid enforcable contractual agreement with my school. But I never listen to my university. I don't follow man, but I follow God.

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