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Let me stay in a corner who have loving heart to find me out.

@Anonymous390 Time : 2012-09-27 22:39:06
When I log on here, and see my pictures show in the advertising place, thanks for CLM give this lucky chance to me, but also I feel little bit being show off. I know there have lot of new comers, but maybe they have not this chance like me, so please give more places to show those new ones, let me stay in a corner who have the loving heart to try to find me out. Thanks you all.
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From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @aussieghump Time : 2012-10-02 20:53:28 #1
Sometimes the pictures show as an 'example' of an advertisement that you can buy - look underneath the picture you may see these words...other people do not see it!

Sometimes on the front page, maybe can see. You can turn your photos to password only if you like. Then people need to ask you for a password to see you.
From: United States California Los Angeles @ferlo Time : 2012-10-03 00:33:26 #2
I never look at ghosts.
Most peoples here say have not much time to develop a person to person relationship, people who have no time don't waist time looking at profiles with not photos. Keep in the corner and only spiders you find out.
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2012-10-03 11:43:41 #3
Hi Anonymous - actually if you can see the advertisement of yourself then you are just seeing our promotion to you to let you know that you can introduce yourself to the members for a fee. If you can see it then nobody else can. If you buy an ad the ad is only visible to members of the opposite gender who meet your match criteria, but cannot be seen by yourself or any other women if you are a woman or men if you are a man.

BTW, don't feel embarrassed. We have changed the text on the ads promoting the Introduce Yourself feature at least 4 times to make it clearer, but still about 3 times a week we receive mail with similar remarks to your posting or angry because they think we've advertised them without permission.

It is an ongoing work in progress.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @aussieghump Time : 2012-10-03 13:06:41 #4
JA, maybe you can overlay the word 'example' in the example ad... Like you do with the online status, and birthday ... Then people can see what it is like and the watermark shows it is not 'real'.

I've done it a couple of times...thinking I'd somehow pushed a button or started an ad service by mistake...especially when I was a newer member!
@Anonymous3414 Time : 2012-10-12 22:39:19 #5
thanks you all
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