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Is the person interested in long-term relationships?

From: Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dneprovskoye @Sergey77 Time : 2017-12-12 19:34:03

First of all, he knows your name (if it is specified in the profile), he can tell a little about your hometown and city of your residence, he knows how to get to you or fly, he can say in your native language - "I love you". , he remembers what you wrote in the first, hundredth and seven hundredth letter, he will not ask you to send or lay out your intimate photos, he will be interested in you and your environment and will not tell you about himself constantly, he will not complain to you about life and he will not boast of how rich and successful he is, he will want a video link with you, any European you can find in 2-3 social networks of friends from his city, relatives, neighbors, classmates, he is subscribed to the interest groups . He will not tell you about intimate desires with you until you are sufficiently acquainted with you. He does not hesitate to show his family and talk to you (later). It is not difficult for him to show his passport and register WeChat to show his location. He will not immediately admit to you in love and offer to marry (although I can)). Most will not want to move to China if they do not have business with China or want to work there (ask where and who they will work with). They will not ask you to find them on some paid site. They without any questions will give their phone number. Who has something to supplement or questions - kindly ask me to ask. Yours faithfully. 

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