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If it's a normal greeting without hidden context?

@Anonymous1697 Time : 2017-11-06 11:38:04

Hello all,

A small question:

Per USA people's habit of speaking, if "Good luck getting into USA on your trip" is a normal greeting as same nice and positive as "Have a nice trip", or has some other meanings?

For instance, if it has hidden context like "Hope you would encounter no difficulties getting into USA to be questioned by immigration officers?"

Hope some explanations will be got from native speakers... thanks in advance.

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From: United States Pennsylvania Pittsburgh @spiderboenz Time : 2017-11-06 17:04:30 #1
There is no hidden context. It can be difficult for a single Chinese woman to get a visa for USA.
From: United States Florida Pensacola @dbear2015 Time : 2017-11-07 12:08:07 #2


I agree there is no hidden context. Getting a visa especially for a single women is at best difficult. The immigration instruction states you must be able to "prove your intent to return to china after your stay". The only way you can do this is to have large sums of money in bank, own your own home, and/or owen a business. These are trying times and immigration regulations are changing almost daily. I have spent the last three years trying to get visa's for family members to visit in the USA and just can't get it done so far. Good luck and hope all goes well.

From: China 广东(guang dong) 深圳(shen zhen ) @IsabellaFly Time : 2017-11-07 12:23:11 #3

@spiderboenz   Thank you guy for taking time to reply. :D:)(f)  got it already.

From: United States Pennsylvania Pittsburgh @spiderboenz Time : 2017-11-07 15:43:06 #4

Apparently if they have traveled abroad in the past their odds are better of being granted a visa. 


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