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How many foreign expats currently live in China?

@Anonymous1640 Time : 2016-11-16 18:23:38

A buddy of mine who is an expat in China, from the states told me its a lot, something like 2 or 3 million with most being men. He said he figured this number by seeing just the amount of Chinese women with foreign (love,sex,dating) partners, espeically in the big cities like guangzhou, shanghai, shenzhen, beijing, nanjing, suzhou, hangzhou, tianjin etc


what is your guess?

1. under 500,00 foreign men

2. 500,000+

3. 1 ~ 2+ million foreign men

3. 3 - 5+ million foreigen men

4. 6 - 10+ million foreign men.

5. 20+ million foreign men (total conquest overkill)


3 million Chinese women today are married with foreign-expat caucasion husbands, that is already at least 3 million foreign men, and most like 90% are white men. so realisticly , my guess is total foreign expats in china is 3. 5 million!!!!

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