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Happy World's Largest Human Migration Everyone

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2017-01-28 08:48:17

Well, the "World's Largest Human Migration" has been underway for a number of days now, but Chinese New Year or Spring Festival officially started today. Most people outside of China are unaware of just how hectic this time is within China, as virtually the entire population goes home for the holidays. According to Forbes about 3 Billion trips will be taken in China this New Years.

If you are travelling in China during this time it will be unbelievably hectic as compared to travel in Western countries. Train and bus travel will be especially troubling, with crowds that we can barely imagine being the norm. Many of the Expats that I know in China use this time to escape to other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietname or the Philippines, and relax on the beach instead of fighting the crowds and trying to sleep through the endless fireworks and firecrackers that one faces in China.

However, for those of us with Chinese wives, assuming we are living in China, spending this time with family is both mandatory, and frankly, very enjoyable if you can develop the mindset to enjoy the best of what is going on and ignore the worst of it. It's a very happy time for your Chinese spouse and in-laws, so you might as well settle in and soak up the Chinese culture, the amazing Chinese food and the Chinese joy that surrounds you.

Where ever you are, however you are spending Chinese New Year and whoever you are spending it with, we sincerely wish you the very best of the season and that you have an amazing holiday. If you are spending it on the road during the World's largest human migration, we urge you to try to relax, keep your temper and go with the flow. It will all come to pass. It always has. 

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From: Australia South Australia Adelaide @melcyan Time : 2017-01-29 17:51:13 #1


I had a great starting celebration for the Chinese New Year on Friday with my partner and her family. (The celebrations are not finished yet.) 


I wish all CLM members and staff all the best for the Chinese New Year.

From: Netherlands @Macchap Time : 2017-02-01 07:53:05 #2


@Anonymous25645 Time : 2017-02-01 23:14:40 #3

Xinnian Kuaile! I went up to the Chinese Consulate in LA to get my visa to go back to see my girl. I didn't realize that they were closed until Tuesday for Chinese New Year. I remember reading the web site and it said that it was open on Friday, but closed on Monday. There was a woman who was flying to China on Monday and was told to come and pick up her passport on Friday. Anyway I went back on Tuesday AM and I'll have to return from San Diego Friday morning.

From: Australia New South Wales Sydney @oldghost Time : 2019-02-25 16:03:13 #4

2019-02 I got trapped in the travel rush, about Feb 15th, - 4 billion trips planned by plane train and bus - no tickets, trapped in a small provincial city, needing to get to Guangzhou international airport 200km distant. Very stressful

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