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For the Women, Dating Safety Includes Freedom from Sexual Predators

From: China 四川(si chuan) 成都(cheng du ) @abi513 Time : 2010-03-29 22:36:37
As you know, there are many men who are creeps and come to China, Thailand, etc. on a sex holiday. They have many girls in many cities who believe this man loves them or is sincere. They may go from city to city trying to shag as many as possible in the one to two weeks in country, leaving and never to be heard from again. All are expecting, or hoping, to have free sex with these girls who they expect to be cleaner than a prostitute or Chicken girl.
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From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @dolphinsea Time : 2010-04-01 22:24:24 #1
oh,yes,thanks for your reminding....
From: United States Arkansas Rogers @kahnsfury Time : 2010-04-02 17:04:05 #2
It is people like this who give good honest men a very bad reputation. I've even had girls surprised that I don't even mention sex to them. It bothers me when I hear this because this means it is more common that I first thought. I am looking for my future wife, which is hard enough without the stigma of being "the American only looking for sex." I'd like any input on this. How common are the scummy men looking for just sex with an asian woman?
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @jacinchina Time : 2010-04-03 14:40:33 #3
Yes those men give good willing men a bad name! I know stories of teachers living together with students and then at the end of the semester or year leave them behind.
If I talk or chat with a Chinese women we can discuss every thing, even the love making part, I don't see anything wrong in that, only of course if this will be the subject; i.e. it's easier to discuss all matters involved in a coming relationship.
From: United States New Jersey Hillside @andyrs1000 Time : 2010-04-04 02:12:27 #4
Unfortunate it seams to be very common, it's very sad that stigma afect the good honest man, you put it very well Rogers.I was married for 18 yaers din't cheat on my ex, hope to find my next (for life) here and expect to be Chinese woman, din't mention sex to any of girl I meet , I think will be the last thing to talk abouy when find the righ one, and have to be very carefull because of this stigma, good luck to you all good guys.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @aussieghump Time : 2010-04-08 17:44:56 #5
It cuts both ways..... a few ladies on the site are really just chickens scouting for contacts.....check out the scammers!!! But because of the scammer prison there are less here.
Living in China, I will say that a lot of Chinese women, married and unmarried, are curious about 'sex with foreigners'. Travelling around, I get approached for elicit rendevous, offers and straight-out 'right here, right now'. There does not seem to be the 'moral' stigma. For successful Chinese men - a mistress is expected and it would seem 'what is good for the gander is good for the goose'. I am ugly!
From: China 上海(shang hai) 上海(shang hai) @butterfly688 Time : 2010-05-04 21:04:17 #6
most chinese women will regard him as scammer if he chats sex issue at very beginning.
From: China 重庆(chong qing) 重庆(chong qing) @happyatlast Time : 2010-05-24 15:53:35 #7
I agree.
yes, there are many western men who certainly have only one thing in mind, SEX,SEX, and more SEX.
most western women can see through men who are only after a quick leg over.
there are many good westerners who visit, or live in other Countries with good intentions.
China, has many beautiful women and it is bound to attract lots of bad guys who only give the good guys, a bad name.
so ladies, take some good advice, KEEP clear of men who try to get your pants off in a VERY SHORT TIME of your meeting, they may promise you anything. but the truth more often than not is, they just want sex, and nothing more.
mutual respect,trust, takes time to grow, then you will know if he is good or bad.
butterfly688 is correct!!
be caredul,and you will not get used and hurt.
From: China 广东(guang dong) 中山(zhong shan ) @sunsmiling2 Time : 2010-11-27 10:05:33 #8
Yes, Internet give much convenience for people to communicate with others,including communicating with people from all over the world. But it is true that there are quite a few men who only wants sex, free sex. So, be careful. Don't believe sweet words from a man that you know little.
From: China 北京(bei jing) 北京(bei jing) @babylingfang Time : 2010-12-07 21:51:01 #9
I like your talk. Very real
From: China 吉林(ji lin) 吉林(ji lin ) @ryan99 Time : 2011-01-04 01:45:02 #10
Ya, blame the foreigners as usual. It's always us right? I know plenty of Chinese guys much worse, Thai too. Your not doing us any favours buddy. I'm all for safety, but really, really tired of the same old stereotypes. (Sorry, but the portion of this comment in Pinying has been deleted. We will not approve Pinying as nobody, Chinese or English, has any chance of knowing for sure what is being written.)
From: Tunisia Tunis Tunis @Pask Time : 2011-12-10 04:27:03 #11
My dears. This is an old story and it comes from far. In the daily life, you'll find the same everywhere. That's here or in a coffe, it changes nothing. That are chinese women or American, it happens the same. Sorry, but in this way, you let understood that chinese women are chicken. All the women are able to take care about themselves. On my experience, i can say the same about women, even chinese. Of course, the man is a hunter but, believe me, the women, even here, can be as a spider. Happened to me, in the beginning all sweet, looking for love.. but after, cybersex and money. So, i think that, if everyone of us, more the chinese ladies, know exactly what we want, lies have short leggs and, you can understand immediatly who is playing with you. Once can happen.. but twice, it means that you like it.
Do you think that chinese men are better? Think about the fact that they divorce from wifes and look for younger and single women, leaving alone their ex.. what about it? I don't justify but, please, stop speaking about a thing that comes far thousands years.. it seems we are discovering warm water.. We are all mature
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