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Fiancee Visa: Lawyer or Do-it-myself?

From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2017-01-27 11:41:49

I would like to hear from those who have applied for a fiancee visa to bring their Chinese girlfriend to America.  Especially, the ones who have applied for the paperwork by themselves.  Point blank.  I want to save a buck.  Is it worth the hassle doing it myself or should I bite the bullet and hire an attorney to process the visa for me?  Will it take about the same amount of time?  For the ones who have hired an attorney, and the ones who haven't, I'm willing to hear from both sides.


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From: United States Texas Canyon Lake @YinTingYu Time : 2017-01-30 02:47:02 #1


Hey there Poe!  I'm glad you raised this question because I have been considering the same as well. I've never applied for the Fiance Visa but when I do, I will engage the help of a reputable firm that specializes in such matters. Here's my reasoning; I am (and possibly you are as well) a fellow that generally resides in the area of artistic creativity. Both of us are busy doin' things we enjoy that helps to make some coin. You write. I make stuff and play music on a very high leveI. I admit to being ignorant (unknowing) of certain laws and beaureaucratic procedures regarding visa applications. I'm learning.

I chose a well recommended and researched "Expediting Service" that handles Passports and all sorts of Visas. The owner lady is a retired lawyer and there are two more in her company with excellent office assistants and associates in different cities that personally take each clients' paperwork and forms to the various offices. I was not just hiring a lawyer,... I hired a "Team" that deals with these sorts of things daily. I suggest you find the same kind of company to work with.

Get on the phone, speak with a live human (hopefully the Top Dog), introduce yourself and explain your situation and quiery. Ask what the procedure, paperwork, and cost will involve. Get their email and a check list you can print out regarding all the steps and written criteria you will need for application. Once all is "Tickety Boo" (in order), make an appointment to speak with a person in authority in the firm of your choice. When it comes to important "Business" like this, I really feel it is necessary to have some solid personal foundation to work from.

I looked up Elyria and I think the closest Consulate branch might be in Cleveland. Then, all has to go to New York. Possibly the "Team" you choose would have a base office in Cleveland? Make a plan for low traffic hours and somewhere around mid week to start the procedure if you have to go to Cleveland. No need for extra frustration. 

What's that you say ?? Still have not decided on the "Firm" of your choice ? Go to the local Asian / Chinese markets and resturants and ask for some help in decision making. You just might find someone who has gone through the same challenge. Listen closely to what they say. I did this and their info helped me to make a decision regarding "Firm" selection.

Get a name and phone # so you can call bi-monthly, politely of course, to check up on how things are progressing. If you excercise some careful consideration in selecting help, I sense this would be the best you can do.

Now, "saving a buck",...Buddy, I am one of the most frugal people you will ever meet (hehe) !! However, in this situation, I really think it best to find a good "Team" to work with. The inital investment may seem somewhat large but,  the benifits will pay off in the long run.

"Do It Yorself " ?? Brother, you are being responded to by one (me) who is a "Dyed in the Wool Do it Your Self" sort of fellow. I certainly can do whatever it is that needs to be done and equal to or better than many. I sense you can also but, you and I are fishing in unknown waters when it comes to Visas. We need some help. Find the "Team". Establish a relationship. Let them help you fill out the paperwork. Drop the coin. Get on with it and,... write back to CLM. Let us folks know what route you decide on. Remember please, I'm just one guy commenting here. No Pressure for response (ha!).

Poe, It's 5:00 am CST Sunday here in Texas . I want to move on with some other shop stuff that 's due Monday. I hope something I've written will have positive impact. I sincerely wish that the relationship between you and "Lil' Miss Chinese Everything" works out well.

Peace and Blessings,

Latcho Drom (that's Romani Gypsy for "Safe Journey"),

Y.T.Y. Gongji

P.S. Poe, has anyone ever noticed or told you that you bear a striking resemblance to Robert Johnson (Undisputed "KING" of the Delta Blues) ??  I see it and, if you believe in the "Possibility" of reincarnation,...well,...nice to meet you again !!  :)  If you ever get the feeling to take a jaunt over to Mississippi, right on down to the original "Crossroads" (I've been there) let me know. I sense if joined up, we could make "Old Nick" behave. (rofl)    Later....

From: United States Florida Pensacola @dbear2015 Time : 2017-01-31 13:40:26 #2

@poetry26  Hi guys. my wife and I decided to marry in china and I pondered the same question until I met a groupe that convinced me to do it myself. If you use an attorney you have to do all the leg work to gather all the required application paperwork and other information so your attorney can fill out the application. All the instructions are available on the USCIS web site as well as all of the forms. to put it simple. If you can read and follow the instructions you will have no problem. Just understand that the instructions are specific I 129 F for fiance (K1) visa and I 130 for spousal visa. Also before you file for the fiance visa make sure you read up on the requirements for filling for "Change of Status" you will have to fill this right after you get married.

Take some time and check out the following web site: China Marriage 101. Randy has several moduals dedicated to Fiance and spousal visa requirements. It is free to join and there is a wealth of information. If you can read and write you can surely do this your self and like you said save a buck. hope this helps.

From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2017-02-02 10:20:47 #3

@Yin Ting Yu Thanks man for your input.  I will take everything into consideration. And no, no one has ever told me that I resembled Robert Johnson.  Haha!  Thanks for the compliment!

From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2017-02-02 10:27:29 #4

@dbear2015 Thank you very much for your suggestions.  And I will check out the website: China Marriage 101 before I do anything else.  Again, thanks!  I'm sure this will help me to decide.

@Anonymous25651 Time : 2017-02-02 15:28:34 #5

@poetry26 There are a lot of changes since the new president took over your country. Would the fiancee visa be cancelled? 

From: United States Texas Canyon Lake @YinTingYu Time : 2017-02-03 17:23:29 #6


Thanks for being so understanding. I really did not know how my comment would impact you (hehe).Pay attention to what @dbear has written. Thank you very much Bear!! I checked it out,... China Marrige 101 seems like a great place to start. You certainly will have to do some leg / paperwork on your own, no gettin' around that but I sense, having a "Team" to work with will be the most expedient. Check back with us when you have time. Let us know on what you decide.

Peace out Bro.

Y.T.Y Gongji (the rooster haha!)

From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2017-02-04 04:13:59 #7

@Anonymous25651 ~~There are a lot of changes since the new president took over your country. Would the fiancee visa be cancelled?

Hopefully not.  Since Mr. Trump, himself, has a foreign-born wife.

From: United States Wyoming Gillette @wyomingman Time : 2017-03-15 13:32:23 #8

Hi @poetry

I wanted to save a buck also and I did it myself seven years ago. Even with a lawyer you have to do most off the leg work (submitt the paper to the lawyer). So I reasoned that instead of submitting to the lawyer why not submitted it to immigration myself. I thought it would be overwhilming, but it's not. I don't think you save any time though. You definitely save some bucks. If I were to bring another wife over again I would do it myself again. My Chinese wife just passed away in November 2016 from bone cancer, we were married for six years. This was my second wife that died, I've had enough. I would marry a Chinese woman again if I decided to marry again. If you want any tips I would be happy to help you for nothing.

From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2017-04-12 08:35:24 #9

@wyomingman Sorry, I'm just getting back to you.  Thank you for your comments.  You're right about the expense of hiring a lawyer.  I probably will do it myself or follow another alternative.  Thank you for offering to help me out.  If I have any questions or concerns, I will get in touch with you.  My condolences on losing your wife.  Take care, sir!

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