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From: Australia Australian Capital Territory Canberra @webmst Time : 2012-11-02 14:24:59 #15
I would like to thank you crysatl for posting this letter - I think it is importnat people see what is being sent and that you are not alone.

I have worked in computer security and online systems for 20 years now and the threat from these scammers has been there all the time.
I can offer you the advice I give to our users and new computer support staff I deal with:
Always use your own good judgement when dealing with messages and information from someone you do not know.
If you are not sure - then ask ! :-)
I would advise anyone on this website to contact CLM support if you are not sure about a message from someone.
They are excellent in their approach and are much much better than many other dating websites administrators.
They are very happy to help !
From: United States Texas Willow Park @fireman197 Time : 2012-11-02 20:31:20 #16
Sorry. Came out the wrong way. It seems certain groups want to dogpile on men for preying on the perceived weaker sex- when I think we have all worked for issues of equality in what we do, including choices. I agree scammers are scammers, whether it be for cyber sex, money, or other-by a male or female. It just seem like more wrath falls on the male in an age of demanded equal rights-and received-in all facets of education, life etc.
Don't get me wrong, I think a man should be a cut above. But then again, this can be looked upon as being condescending by some groups that want it both ways. Until these groups start condemning poor behavior of their own , it will be ongoing.
From: China 湖南(hu nan) 长沙(chang sha ) @naduoni Time : 2012-11-02 23:11:40 #17
@Anonymous3625 Time : 2012-11-03 01:11:26 #18
From Indonesia- Medan - North Sumatera
For Crysati
I got the same the letter the same
From: United States California Sacramento @danruble Time : 2012-11-03 06:27:32 #19
Yes... without a doubt.. SCAMMER.. and scammers come in all colors, sizes, shapes, genders and music tastes...One way to help prevent this is to read all the anti scammer tips and ifomation Here On CLM.. start slowly and build a natural flow.. If it sounds too good.. It most likely is.. CLM offers a feature here that allows video cam chat.. This is not just for naked chat, but for people to get to know each other.. to see and hear what the other person is like. To see if you are able to COMMUNICATE.. Exchange some information..But to use it, you need to be a paid member.. You may find the few dollars worth it in helping you find that one special person.. Then maybe you need to look at how serious you are... The purpose of CLM and any other similar site is to meet people in a much easier way than relying on introductions from friends, fellow workers or other chance meetings.. But to meet people, you need to take action.. study profiles and send notes to as many people as you feel comfortable .. It is first about attraction,,, But it takes more than that. It takes common goals values and direction to find someone compatible. Yes.. It is easier, but it is still work. If you don't do the job, you don't get paid. But it can be the most interesting job you will ever do. Good luck. keep posting scammer questions.. We, the C/ALM community, can probably can save someone a lot of tears, time, heartache and money. ...
From: United States Nebraska Bellevue @Dayton Time : 2012-11-03 09:10:25 #20
This is definately a scam. There are so many tell tell signs that the letter actually has to make you laugh. As everyone has written this is very poorly written for an American.
From: China 四川(si chuan) 成都(cheng du ) @xmarlenexn0708 Time : 2012-11-03 15:23:01 #21
这信十有八九只有此一封,给十人就复制十份,以前我在其它的网站也遇到过, 有次更搞笑的事,他自己都不知道给我写过信没有, 十天之内写同样的信三次, 而且根本他不记得你是谁
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2012-11-03 16:21:55 #22
@fireman197 - thanks for clarifying that. I understand you're feeling, as many of us are including myself, extreme disappointment in the way that women in the west (at least in the USA and Canada) have evolved over the last couple of generations. But I think you're making a mistake to bring that frustration out on the members of CLM/ALM. These women come from completely different cultures, and have not evolved the same way, and hopefully never will. Your anger is misspent here. You're truly in a better place so I heartily recommend that you kick back, put a smile on and enjoy the new company you're keeping.

@webmst - you've offered some great advice and a truly insightful and intelligent assessment of CLM/ALM support :-). Thanks for both.
From: China 湖北(hu bei) 武汉(wu han ) @crysatl Time : 2012-11-03 16:39:28 #23
Everybody:thanks every answer.
I like CLM.
From: Indonesia Banten Tangerang @justvero Time : 2012-11-04 00:54:51 #24
hahaha....crysati, he's absolutely.. totally.. really.. a scammer!!! There is no way an American writes a letter with such terrible structure.. and take his 13 yrs old son to a recreation center everyday? ... in Afghanistan?... so what's his working hours there?... lol can't stop... you will prove it that he is just a cockroach (sorry to say that) after say about a month or two, but it's just a waste of your precious time. Better to do something else which is more meaningful rather than chatting with this.. (I even reluctantly call him a man)
From: Australia Western Australia Perth @warriorsage Time : 2012-11-04 12:42:58 #25
can anyone tell me which 'sentences' are the giveaway of the scam?
just not able to properly make a correct english grammar / spelling is the giveaway of he is a scammer?
i can't guarantee 100 percent correct english grammar / sentences myself, because i am not a native english speaker.
From: Australia Western Australia Perth @warriorsage Time : 2012-11-04 13:54:55 #26
can anyone tell me which 'sentences' are the giveaway of the scam?
just not able to properly make a correct english grammar / spelling is the giveaway of he is a scammer?
i can't guarantee 100 percent correct english grammar / sentences myself, because i am not a native english speaker.
From: United States California Sacramento @danruble Time : 2012-11-05 00:18:13 #27
Warriorsage , To answer your question as briefly and succinctly as possible, NO son of a US GENERAL, would ever use such a convoluted mishmash of incorrect grammar, run on sentences, poor relative word usage and misspellings. .While it is a fact that many Westerners use English in a bastardized manner, those that have reached a certain level of success in their field, will no doubt be able to compose a short missive without looking like a total ignoramus. There are many indications that this was hastily concocted by a non native English speaker bent on relieving as many people as possible from their hard earned money. .. A native speaker of Chinese, can pick out certain questionable verbiage and translation aberrations sent with the aid of translation programs, or machines, or learned from second language courses..Someone that has studied a foreign language for years, will still not quite get idioms, vernacular and slang in quite the right way. I know a girl that studied English for at least seven years in the West...Almost perfect English.. But most English speakers know the the "South" in Southern is pronounced like brother, not mouth.. Just a tip.. English speakers, on the whole will spot such inconsistencies in written materials as well. I should think that any man wishing to make a good first impression, would take some time composing such a letter.The one you recieved, screams "SCAMMER" Third rate at best.
From: Indonesia Banten Tangerang @justvero Time : 2012-11-05 20:40:15 #28
Undoubtedly an a****le! You'll know it soon if you write back to him but that will be just a waste of time.
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