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From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2016-12-21 15:01:33

I became engaged this December of 2016 after visitng my ladyfriend in China.  There is no definite date for our wedding yet, but we plan on getting married before the end of 2017.  I have some questions about the visa process.

She would like to visit me in America by the spring of 2017( her choice).  However, our wedding will not take place until the latter part of the year.  How does the fiance visa or K-1 Spousal visa work in this case?  Also, I would like to marry her in her own country of China and not in America.  The reason being: we first met and bonded in her country, surrounded by her culture and environment.  I would like to honor that with a wedding there.  Though it may be difficult.

What would be the best and the least troublesome option we could take?  In other words, is there a way she can visit me in the spring of 2017 for a couple of weeks, and then go back to China?  Afterwards, I would go to China in the autumn and marry her there to bring her back to America.  We don't want to be separated from each other after the wedding.

I would not mind living in China eventually.  Presently, I have responsibilities that would not allow me to pick up and leave. 

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From: United States Florida Pensacola @dbear2015 Time : 2016-12-25 22:37:08 #1


There is no easy answer to this question. If your intent is to marry in China you will have to file the I-130 Spousal Visa. and unfortunatly she will have to remain in china thru out the visa process, this will take 8 to 9 months. First to process thru USCIS, then the National Visa Center follewed by the interview process thru the US consulate in Guangzhou. As far as bringing her to the US I think your only option would be a tourest visa that is increasingly getting harder to obtain. If she can qualify for a visa I would recommend applying for the tourest visa before filling for the Spousal Visa. The tourest visa is good for 10 years and once she has it, she will be able to come and go as you both see fit. Go to the USCIS web site and read all of the info on the I-130 application process. Hope this helps and best of luck to both of you.


From: United States Ohio Elyria @poetry26 Time : 2016-12-26 22:04:12 #2

@dbear2015 Thanks for the advice. This does help.

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