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A New Years Message

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2015-01-01 10:35:39

Here in the West the midnight chimes are still a few hours away, but in China it is the morning of a brand new year. We wish to first wish you all a Happy New Year and a great 2015. I will keep it to that here but ask you to read my blog where I list 10 wishes we have for you. You can find it at "ChinaLoveMatch & AsiaLoveMatch New Year’s Wishes".

In addition, we are sponsoring a New Year's Photo Contest this year in which someone will win a one year Gold upgrade and everyone who enters will receive a 10 day Introduce Yourself Ads package for free. This contest is being run on our Facebook page but for all of you who have no access to Facebook we are offering a way to assist you in entering the contest. You can all read about the contest at "Announcing the New Year’s Photo Contest".

Happy New Year Everyone from the owners and staff of CLM/ALM.

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From: China 广东(guang dong) 深圳(shen zhen ) @Aimeeer Time : 2015-01-01 11:21:14 #1
Happy new year.
From: China 广东(guang dong) 深圳(shen zhen ) @Aimeeer Time : 2015-01-01 11:29:00 #2
Happy new year(f)(f)(f)(f)(f)(f)
From: China 广西(guang xi) 南宁(nan ning ) @panllran Time : 2015-01-01 14:05:53 #3
From: Canada Alberta Edmonton @canadianmike Time : 2015-01-05 12:57:01 #4
@everyone (you get the point)

Happy New Year to everyone at CLM/ALM, and to all the friends I've made through this incredible website. I hope your 2015 is full of happiness, success, and excellent health!
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