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A Moment's Silence for Our Philippine Friends

From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2013-11-14 04:53:24

We wish to ask all members to please take a moment of silence and use that to send your wishes to the Philippines for a fast recovery from the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda as it is known in the Philippines.  While the numbers are still unknown, there is no doubt that thousands have died and hundreds of thousands left homeless in this tragedy. 

We offer our sincere condolences to all citizens of the Philippines, and especially to our Philippino members on ALM and CLM. We hope your lives will return to normal as soon as possible, and that you did not suffer any serious injury or death among your own friends and family.

These wishes apply as well to members from other countries also struck by Typhoon Haiyan, but of course, the devastation was generally much greater in the Phils than elsewhere. For a good summary of the Typhoon Haiyan crisis please click here...

Please offer your own thoughts and conolences in a comment below.

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From: Canada Ontario Toronto @pourquoipasamour Time : 2013-11-14 06:00:26 #1
John, I find very disturbing the pictures out of the Phils, this was an horrific calamity. Some areas seem like a picture of a city that was bombed in a war. There is nothing left standing. It broke my heart. My heart, prayers, thoughts, go to the kind people of the Philippines. Our Filipinos brothers and sisters certainly are going through some hard times. I humbly ask to our members to be generous and donate to the Red Cross, Medecins sans frontiers or any other credible international organizations involved in the assistance to the people afflicted for this tragic event. It is not an act of God folks, it is an act of evil forces, God does not punish us or send calamities, the other side does, God allows things like this, but He never forsakes us, For me, it does not matter if something like that happens in Brazil, Canada, China, US, Indonesia, Phils or any other country. We are all the same, we all have pain, we all cry, we all suffer, we are all simply humans. To see the suffering f kids hurts me the most. They are really needing all the assistance, love and support they can get, from purified water, tents, medicines, to basic foods and clothing. Some people lost everything they had and were left with only the clothing they were wearing. May the Lord protect the Phils and their kind and humble people. Long live the Phils and their people. I have no words to express my sadness. Houses, schools, can be built again, but the lost lifves are irreplaceable. Please give generously. I am donating all the money I had separated for Christmas and gifts for family and friends. It is far more important to assist the Filipinos. Long live the Philippines and its people.
From: China 上海(shang hai) 上海(shang hai) @lhui Time : 2013-11-14 12:48:05 #2
please accept my heartfelt condolence on those untimely pass, wish their bones rest, soul's delivery....and the living person please become strong and optimistic...
From: China 山东(shan dong) 济宁(ji ning ) @paulfox1 Time : 2013-11-14 18:04:30 #3
So sad... so very, very sad that these lovely people had to endure such devastation
If there is anything we can do together (everyone on CLM and ALM) then we should do it
From: China @QinQL Time : 2013-11-14 18:39:53 #4
Yes, let's offer our sincere condolences to all citizens of the Philippines, and especially to our Philippino members on ALM and CLM, and members from other countries also struck by Typhoon Haiyan. We hope your lives will return to normal as soon as possible, and that you did not suffer any serious injury or death among your own friends and family.
From: China 福建(fu jian) 福州(fu zhou ) @destiny1 Time : 2013-11-14 22:09:39 #5
After the petrel, hit the Philippines suffered an unprecedented disaster, has estimated that tens of thousands of deaths. Untold sufferings, the situation of sad. I'm sorry, see the people in the disaster area are facing their homes were destroyed and the pain of loss, strong enough to face, hope they believe in the people of the world's attention to help them to revive and rebuild their homes. Hope they will be better tomorrow.

From: China 四川(si chuan) 德阳(de yang ) @prana Time : 2013-11-14 23:03:57 #6
From: Australia Queensland Brisbane @Barry1 Time : 2013-11-15 00:26:39 #7
@JohnAbbot .

This crisis in the Philippines reminds me of the earthquake devastation in Haiti or the tsunami in Thailand and South East Asia just a few short years ago.

On the news tonight, I heard an Australian plane landed in one of the towns there with medical staff and medical supplies, but after quickly discharging its cargo, it had to hurriedly take off before fully loading everything it had intended to load, due to the fact that it was in risk of being overrun by Filipinos desperate to get out of the area.

On the same news bulletin, it showed a lady holding her father's hand, weeping for the fact that he was dying of an infection. He later passed away but the doctor said that he would not have died under normal circumstances if basic antibiotics had been available to help him.

Another camera shot panned to a pile of rubble on the ground. When the camera zoomed in, you could see a lady's waist and legs sticking out from under it all. Obviously she had been sheltering in the building when it suddenly collapsed on her.

Shocking stuff indeed. Whilst we in the West wonder idly about what television show we're going to watch or whether to have a plain omelette or maybe one with tomato and garlic thrown in for good measure.

Life can be so cruel sometimes. This is the time we all need to reach out and do what we can. I feel like flying out there to do something practical and positive, but am at a loss as to what I could actually do there.

Whoever said life wasn't fair was damn well right.
From: Costa Rica San José La Uruca @shirley9183 Time : 2013-11-15 03:44:48 #8
I believe Philippine peoples mostly are nice and kind and I feel sad about this big disaster which killed so many members of them. But in my stance, the government of Philippine is a very terrible, stupid and arrogant one and they are one big dog which follow the ass of American government and always do the bad and horrible things to hurt our Chinese peoples and I hate them! The normal peoples in the world all love peace and fair life, but there are always some ugly politicians and rich guys who want to break the peace and balance of the world and want to do some crazy things to all of us, many politicians and cunning businessmen in the whole world only pay attention to the benefit in their pocket and never want to do anything which is related to environment protection, big nature's reserving and so on, now Many big natural disasters are bringing by greedy and corrupted human being and 30 years ago the big nature was totally not so bad.
From: China 浙江(zhe jiang) 杭州(hang zhou ) @JohnAbbot Time : 2013-11-15 04:16:38 #9
Hmmm. Generally, thanks for some great and supportive comments. I think a couple of you, whose hearts are normally very big from everything I've seen, are confusing politics (which is a dirty, ugly game regardless of which side you are on) with human decency. The people who died and the people who are homeless in the Philippines as a result of this disaster are all normal citizens. None of them are political leaders, or plotters in the very silly ongoing dispute over islands in some distant sea. These people are simply Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Brother and Sisters, all like those in your own families. And they are suffering intensely and need as much support as we can offer them, as little as that is.

I can't quite understand how we can say to a mother whose baby has been washed out to sea, that she deserves it because her government is in a dispute with our government over some rock in the ocean that neither of them would care about if there wasn't oil beneath it? I doubt if you guys really feel that way either, if you stop to think about it.

@paulfox1 (and everyone else) - if you will take the time to provide us with a the name and website of a high quality and trustworthy charity that is providing aid to the people of the Philippines who are suffering in this crisis, we'll get it posted where all CLM and ALM members and visitors can see it and contribute as they see fit.
From: Australia Queensland Brisbane @Barry1 Time : 2013-11-15 10:03:59 #10
@JohnAbbot .

For those wishing to donate, here are a couple of websites where this can be done.
From: Australia Queensland Brisbane @Barry1 Time : 2013-11-15 10:17:39 #11

I just noticed that the Red Cross website I gave in my previous email was for their Philippines office. Donations of course can also be given via the Red Cross branch in whatever country you're in, for example I just donated through their Australian arm at

A simple Google search will quickly locate the Red Cross branch nearest to you.
From: Canada Ontario Toronto @pourquoipasamour Time : 2013-11-15 15:23:54 #12
Hi John,

Please allow me to suggest the Red Cross, Doctors without borders (Medicins sans frontiers) and Unicef to start. Guys, please refrain to give individual donations. I know it sounds hard, but we never know who s in the receiving end and her real motives. To make sure the money and the so desperately needed food (even baby formula), medicines, blankets, tents, clothing and shoes, purified water (a must) etc will get to the right hands, let us play safe and donate to reputable organizations. Things are worse than our worst nightmare. There are reports that some people died or are dying because even basic medicines are in shortage. What I fear the most is some epidemics with so many corpses without the proper and dignifying burial. We are not in the Dark Ages anymore, let us put our money where our mouth is.
From: China 江苏(jiang su) 苏州(su zhou ) @yeranyi Time : 2013-11-15 18:56:25 #13
what can we do to protect ourselves from the destroy of future storms?

wish the Philippines and Hainan(海南) people could rebuild their home and restore their prodution --- the sooner the better
From: China 四川(si chuan) 德阳(de yang ) @prana Time : 2013-11-15 21:54:58 #14

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