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80 Central Banks Around the World Looking at Digital Currencies

From: Canada British Columbia Vancouver @Imi5922 Time : 2021-07-11 23:36:49

Digital currency is a crucial part of the Great Reset. Any digital currency, public or private, is a control mechanism. The easiest way to make sure everyone on the planet is numbered and tracked.

If you want your funds unlocked, you'll need to get the jab. If you wish to have your paycheck, you'll need to get the jab. The "bank" can stop one from buying a house, going to places, taking a flight, even buying food…etc. Not to mention fractioning cents so they can steal .00001 from everyone in the world and no one would notice. The elites can do anything to you with impunity. Earth is on a fast track to becoming a prison planet.

If you have time, watch the 2011 movie, In Time. It depicts what will come with 99% accuracy. We have been groomed for decades for this particular time in history.    

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From: South Africa Western Cape Strand @ernest19wood45 Time : 2021-08-24 04:34:34 #1

Digital currency is  a evil (joken)(n):D. Most people with some common sense see it as just another pyramid  or ripoff scheme,  especially you read the glib adverts for this so called currency. I know of many   educated people who were burned and now sincerely regret it.Its a gamble at best

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