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From: China 江苏(jiang su) 南京(nan jing ) @Amanda0609 Time : 2013-11-01 22:28:58 #1

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From: Australia Queensland Brisbane @Barry1 Time : 2013-11-04 14:14:29 #5
@Anonymous936 .

I think the immigration forms required in the USA are similar to those required in Australia.

As well as the documents mentioned above, if you can provide written (or USB memory stick) records of the many conversations you've had with your partner over time, this is helpful to establish the historical bona fides of the relationship.

Here is the website for Australian immigration, in case you are interested.

I have lived in both the USA as well as Australia. If you have any questions about either country, I will be happy to answer them for you.

One word of advice though - please do not be in a hurry. I know it's tempting to marry someone sooner rather than later, but make certain he's the right person for your needs.

Is your prospective partner a kind person, a generous person, a sincere person? Will his family like you? Does he have a stable job? Will you be happy to leave all your family and friends in China? Will you be able to adapt to a country where English is spoken all around you, rather than Mandarin? Will you be confident to drive a car there, as public transport in many Western countries is poor, not like China that has excellent public transport. Will you become bored living there, if you cannot find a job?

These and a thousand other questions must be answered first.

Good luck with everything, Anon936.

@Anonymous9493 Time : 2013-11-05 21:38:55 #6
@Barry1 Very thanks for your advice.No doubt,you are a kind、careful gentleman.In fact,I was not known more about him,only we likes each other over one year,it is a feelings.As you said,one person"s character,family and work is most important for us,on this basis,I can decide whether establish our relationship.If I have been decided a thing,I will can overcome all difficulties,include language and income.
Bucause consider many difficulties,I once missed a man who love me come from USA before many years.
Thanks again!Good luck with everybody!
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