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如何办理单身证明how to get Marriageability Affidavit

@Anonymous1659 Time : 2017-01-14 22:41:37

你好 请问一下来中国结婚,单身证明是在美国办理好,还是在中国办好?本人一定要去吗?大约需要多长时间? 谢谢了。

Need any related information about Marriageability Affidavit, where is more convenient to authorize it in Chinese embassy/consulate in US or US embassy/consulate in China and how long will it take? and in both cases the guy must be shown in person in front of embosser ? THANKS  

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From: United States Florida Pensacola @dbear2015 Time : 2017-01-16 17:42:07 #1


Not sure of your guys situation but here is how I got mine. First you must have the document notarized, I used the local court house, then the document has to be authenticated by the secretary of state from the state he lives, then I contacted a service provider and they presented the document to the United States Secretary of State for additional authentication and then to the China Embasy for Authentication and Ligalization. I received the document back in about 2 weeks with all the required stamps and authentication information. I was only required to appear in person for the innitial notarization of the document, everything else was handled by mail. Hope this helps.

@Anonymous25623 Time : 2017-01-22 21:50:24 #2

@dbear2015 yes it helps a lot thanks so much :)

From: China 广东(guang dong) 广州(guang zhou ) @Grace172 Time : 2017-02-02 06:50:16 #3

My husband used the other simple way to get the single status certificate. He came to Guangzhou to meet me first and then went to the American Consulate in Guangzhou with his divorced document, but they did not even look at the document, but just asked him to swear that his was single at that monent then gave him the single status cerfificate immediately. It is much easier and faster than you get it from the Chinese Consulate in America.

Hope this can help you.

Good luck in the Year of Rooster!


@Anonymous25654 Time : 2017-02-02 22:45:07 #4


ok thanks a lot dear Grace 

all the best to yours!:)(h)

From: China 广东(guang dong) 广州(guang zhou ) @Grace172 Time : 2017-02-04 13:16:41 #5
@Anonymous25675 Time : 2017-02-08 16:43:03 #6

​Thanks again dear Grace

​Like a lot of people here, I always like you(sun)(h)

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