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Broad, general topics about China as it relates to the world at large.
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Broad, general topics about SE Asia or any of it's countries in relation to the world at large.
5/20/2014 1:13:39 PM By Barry1
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Topics, issues or questions relating specifically to Chinese and/or SE Asian women.
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The things about Western men that bug them, their fears, their thoughts, their questions & concerns. Chinese & SE Asian women members, speak out here!
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Dating Chinese or SE Asian Women is an endless puzzle. Share what you know or wish to know to make it all a little easier.
7/28/2018 3:18:34 PM By oldghost
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For those in a Chinese or SE Asian/Western Marriage with answers or those getting close who have questions.
9/11/2021 2:02:54 PM By melcyan
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Topics pertaining to cultural mores in China and/or SE Asia.
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Topics related to issues or questions that are uniquely Chinese and/or SE Asian in nature.
4/10/2014 1:54:24 PM By panda2009
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Topics pertaining to travel to China or travel within China.
6/29/2020 10:28:22 PM By newbeginning
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Topics pertaining to travel to SE Asia or travel within SE Asia
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Topics currently going on in the news that pertain to China and/or SE Asia.
1/25/2020 12:42:31 AM By JohnAbbot
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Life in China and/or SE Asia as it pertains to foreigners.
8/18/2021 6:00:16 AM By Imi5922
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Broad, general topics about Online Dating generally.
5/6/2019 9:26:26 PM By YinTingYu
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Comments on scammers generally or specific ones caught on CLM. In this spot negativity is okay.
8/29/2014 8:14:50 PM By paulfox1
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Anything you wish to advise or ask about concerning safety online.
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Any advice to give to make online dating more fun, or any questions.
New: Emojis
5/19/2017 10:26:20 AM By melcyan
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Funny jokes, stories or anecdotes that derive from or are about the member's own country, his adopted country or any other member's country.
1/7/2019 7:33:56 AM By WarmLifeGz7
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Topics about those matters that arise due to cultural or language barriers and how to deal with them.
10/30/2018 4:23:06 PM By Barry1
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Great recipes or restaurants from the member's home country, province or city for other members to try.
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Topics pertaining to how to succeed in maintaining a long distant relationship.
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Anything that can help others deal with visa and immigration issues, or questions so others can help you.
1/27/2017 11:41:49 AM By poetry26
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