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Writing is something that I came to love. It gives me a route to escape, forget, and heal, all at the same time. I had come up with the story Autumn in Guilin during last year's Mid-Autumn Festival. Janessa (my current girlfriend) always wanted to travel to Guilin, so we went, and this is a story about that. Read more…

3288 Views | 6 Comments | 1 Articles | 2/6/2014 10:31:08 AM

In my earlier days I used to be one third of the comedy team known throughout Southeast Asia as “Two Chumps and a Chimp.”  I played the con artist, Mr. Velly Clever. My fellow Chump was a befuddled Hippie, recruited out of the smoke dens of Kathmandu. He played, (with varying degrees of coherence and success), himself. Our third member, the Chimp, was an African chimpanzee who had retired to Asia after reading my book. Read more…

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