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Don’t judge a book by its cover.  This is one saying that should be taken to heart by any foreign man seriously looking for a Chinese wife through Chinese online dating.  More specifically, do not believe right away that a woman’s photo is an “accurate” representation of her real looks, especially when she is all made up in it and in all the other photos in her profile.  Read more…

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Hello, everyone.  My name is Carl (CJS1960), and I have been hanging around CLM for about a year.  I have truly enjoyed the experience, and I have met some great ladies, I have enjoyed the writings of many of the bloggers, and (quite frankly) I’ve learned a lot.  Of course, I’ve also pissed off some great ladies, I’ve read some real b.s. on the blogs, and I’ve wasted an incredible amount of time sending emails to women who haven’t been on the site since 2009.  I just recently learned about the “last login” feature.  No wonder “Iamtheone” never responded. Read more…

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