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How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams By Learning Mandarin Read more…

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We recently received a letter from a member who was asking just that: “Is a Scam Dating Site?”  Well not in those exact words, but it is certainly what he meant. When the message was brought to my attention I was a little shocked. Nobody has accused us of Chinese dating scams up to now, and given our anti-scam efforts I was perhaps a little defensive in my response.  Of course, we like to think we are one of the best Chinese dating sites (well, actually we think we are the very best, but I am trying to be modest here). Below is the exchange of messages that passed between us. In the end they might actually be of more interest because it evolved into a discussion of how to not to scare interested Chinese women away by pushing too fast for a meeting, once the chinalovematch scams discussion came to a close. Read more…

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