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刚刚过去的春节,除了“春运”,“团聚”,其实另一最大的话题是“吃”。过年的时候各种各样的美食,让人目不暇接。我家里过年主要是我母亲在忙着做各种吃的,我回到家看到她忙里忙外一刻不停,心疼地问她:“妈,您累了吧?”她开心地回答:“累,但是我开心啊,一年也就这一次,看到你们大家都回来团聚在一起,我虽然累,但是高兴啊,孩子。” Read more…

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Further to my first Blog, I would like to introduce the other two wonderful places nearby Wuhan which are worth to visit as well. First is Enshi Grand Canyon: It is located in the Southwest of Hubei Province. I went there on some weekend. Hiking in the mountains there is really a challenge to our physical strength. I still remember that my legs were so sore that I could not bend and I could only walk in a stiff and funny way in the next week after I got back from the Canyon.  I knew it was due to that I hadn’t taken any exercise for too long time before I went hiking in the Canyon. Read more…

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