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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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You Are the Legend of My Life - 你是我今生的传奇

2655 Views | 19 Comments | 2 Articles | 7/13/2020 12:19:13 PM

I haven't logged in CLM for years, and I've been trying to write something. I wish to speak but stop on a second thought. This time I am here to write an article about the love I found here. Let's condense the eight years of dribs and drabs into one article. And so everyone will get a general understanding of my unexpected predestined relationship here. Read more…

The Beautiful City of Vietnam - Da Lat 越南美丽的城市--大叻

7180 Views | 14 Comments | 9 Articles | 2/12/2014 3:41:41 PM

Because of the business,I am from Hu Zhiming West straight to the beautiful city - Da Lat.I have been longing for the beautiful mountain city,often go to Vietnam,but there has been no opportunity to go there. This time,I finally came to the beautiful scenery,four spring-like and picturesque town.It is in the southern city of Vietnam,it is Lam Dong province capital,it was built on more than one thousand five hundred meters above sea level on the plateau.Surrounded by mountains all around and surrounded by forest,it is the best city air quality in Vietnam,it is famous for having a large number of mountain forest,waterfalls and lakes.All the year round temperature in 17 degrees here,pure and fresh and pleasant climate. Read more…

Revisit pastly - Hu Zhiming city, Vietnam

9728 Views | 22 Comments | 8 Articles | 12/17/2013 4:58:14 PM

Due to the need of business,farewell Laos,I continue to fly to ho chi minh city,Vietnam.On the way, the aircraft stay in Cambodia's capital airport,it took almost 3 hours to get to the Hu Zhiming city.I have been to ho chi minh city in the eighteen years ago.Today of eighteen years later, I once again set foot on the long-lost city. Read more…

Memorable four days --- Laos trip (End) - 难忘的四天---老挝之行

6875 Views | 18 Comments | 8 Articles | 10/12/2013 4:05:26 AM
I'm in a great mood today,because I think today can get a visa to leave here.I get up early in the morning wash and dress finished,and then simply pick up the luggage check-out. I must to catch up with fly to Hochiminh city of the flight. It's at seven o 'clock in the morning and still have two hours time to open the door of the embassy. The Vietnamese embassy staff once promised me to get a visa at nine o'clock. After completed check-out procedures,I unhurriedly towards the embassy direction to walk. Read more…

Memorable four days --- Laos trip(四) 难忘的四天---老挝之行(四)

5766 Views | 12 Comments | 6 Articles | 9/24/2013 4:50:01 PM
In the morning of the dawn and I was awakened by the sound of the nearby temple bells and barking,I can't fall asleep,get up after take a bath and go out of the hotel to get a breath of fresh air.Today I plan to go to Laos one of the most famous PhaThatLuang. From the hotel to go to where there are 3 km.I heard the hotel waiter,all foreign visitors to Vientiane very pay attention to visit Pha That Luang,because it was seen as Laos numerous places of historic interest and scenic beauty of wonders,it is the Lancang era masterpiece of contemporary culture. Read more…

Memorable four days---Laos trip(三)难忘的四天---老挝之行(三)

4022 Views | 4 Comments | 3 Articles | 9/2/2013 2:39:44 PM
After breakfast in the hotel restaurant.I gently across in the direction of Vietnam embassy to go,walk from the hotel to the embassy in about 15 minutes.Thought of later will get visa can get away of here, my in the mind feel particularly relaxed.I side to walking and one side appreciate the high streets and back lanes.I found here rarely see the bus, more difficult to see the shadow of cab,but from time to time a motorcycle passing.The motorcycle is the preferred means of transport when Laos People to go out.On both sides of the road every 30 meters under the tree put a small table,some people sitting in that sell lottery. Read more…

Memorable four days --- Laos trip(二) 难忘的四天---老挝之行(二)

5967 Views | 16 Comments | 3 Articles | 8/22/2013 4:06:57 PM
Memorable four days --- Laos trip(二) Read more…

Memorable four days---Laos trip(一)难忘的四天---老挝之行(一)

3796 Views | 1 Comments | 0 Articles | 8/14/2013 4:01:20 PM
Memorable four days --- Laos trip(一) Read more…

Love with or without losing and winning? 爱情有输赢?

7190 Views | 22 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/16/2013 5:43:55 PM
Love with or without losing and winning? Read more…


9250 Views | 18 Comments | 0 Articles | 4/21/2013 5:00:44 PM
Tonight... Read more…
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