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Originally from Seattle, USA, I've lived in China for 27 years now, 22 of them in Taiwan. For those 27 years I have been teaching English to Chinese people of all age levels; kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school, College, University and many business managers. I have traveled to many countries, enjoy cycling very much, enjoy reading and studying and love Chinese Art Museums and walking through Nature. My favorite musical instruments are 古筝。。 古琴 。。 琵琶。。 二胡 。。 笛子 。。 (guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, dizi).
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The Puzzling Case of Greek words

1900 Views | 22 Comments | 0 Articles | 11/30/2018 2:36:21 PM

The first Greek word is 'Eros'. 'Eros' is the name of the Greek God of 'erotic love', and it's easy to see that the English word 'erotic' comes from this name. So, for this type of 'love' we are looking at 'instant attraction' that leads to the ripping off of each others' clothes, followed by mad, rampant sex... luvverlie ! Read more…

A personal rejoinder to the Open Mind issue

2669 Views | 40 Comments | 0 Articles | 11/22/2018 1:33:58 PM

Here at CLM I guess that without some of the regular contributors it might seem too slow or bland.   Also with someone often repeating the apparent echo chamber of ----  Just more lies in order to control the 'sheeple' --- it probably stirs up enough fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.   Read more…

Perception, Compromise, Respect -- Compromise

1048 Views | 5 Comments | 0 Articles | 11/18/2018 12:54:37 PM

Compromise Read more…

Perception, Compromise, Respect

4573 Views | 82 Comments | 0 Articles | 11/5/2018 2:48:58 PM

If Barry was wondering IF his kind and congenial invite would have any response -- this might indicate he was successful. Read more…

Intercultural awareness

1345 Views | 2 Comments | 0 Articles | 6/27/2016 2:02:46 PM

How many times do Westerners and Chinese have the frustration about understanding each other ?   When will it ever cease?  Most likely ... never ... Read more…

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Chinese meaning of 心 heart

2411 Views | 5 Comments | 0 Articles | 6/11/2016 3:58:36 PM

There are some, many or numerous foreigners who often make an interesting comment about Chinese people and their social behavior or thinking .  I have heard (and in the beginning years of living with Chinese I also used the same comment ... ) -- Chinese have no logic!!  In other words, these foreigners assert that Chinese social behavior is devoid of rational logical thinking ... So, I am going to write more than enough blog posts to consider this assumption .   Read more…

Life Should be Cherished

1560 Views | 4 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/28/2016 2:08:47 PM

I recently told a really good Chinese friend of mine ..  maybe one of the myriad of reasons for the misunderstandings between Chinese and Westerners belong to Ethnocentric social behavior on both sides of the proverbial fence.   Read more…

Newly Arrived foreigners being Shocked

1954 Views | 3 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/13/2016 1:10:48 PM

I have received enough suggestions ... I write too much and too long and with too much fluff....  Hopefully this is better .. Read more…

E Chinese poem JieJu

1322 Views | 3 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/13/2016 1:01:31 PM

   雪花飘落的姿态 Read more…

D - Do You really want to be Happy living in China?

1940 Views | 8 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/2/2016 2:00:35 PM

If you really wish to be happy living in China (excluding the SARs and that Island ) Read more…

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