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Melcyan is a Water Dragon. He is also a retired Chemistry teacher and a lifelong learner. He met his Chinese partner for the first time in 2007 while ballroom dancing in Australia. Their relationship started in 2010 and they have been together ever since. His focus on CLM has been to learn more about the implications of his life-partner's culture and language for building a lifelong loving relationship.
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HARD-WIRED FOR DECEPTION complete picture/story brain bias

647 Views | 33 Comments | 0 Articles | 9/29/2021 11:30:05 AM

For many citizens, the complete stories of religion, superstition, and conspiracy theories seem to be holding sway over the incomplete stories of science. Science stories will always be incomplete and often tediously complex. Our brains are much more predisposed to completed stories than we are to science. Conspiracy theories satisfy the demand for a complete story. We are born genetically biased away from science. Much of science is counter to our intuition. The world does look flat, and, the Sun definitely looks like it moves across the sky. Our intuition, emotions, and immediate senses often lead us to false conclusions. Our monkey survival brain is never far from our immediate reaction to a problem.

Science is neither good nor bad. However, the label good can be used when science is used well by leaders and market forces, and the label bad can be used when science is used poorly by leaders and market forces.

A person is not drawn to science out of a desire for certainty but more so because they can problem-solve regardless of uncertainty. We need more Thatchers and Merkels inside the ranks of world leaders. Thatcher made the right decision on the  Ozone layer because she understood the science behind the problem. Unfortunately, when she opposed coal miners, she opposed them for political rather than scientific reasons. Merkel has moved with the same scientific force on climate change that Thatcher moved on the Ozone layer problem.  It is a great pity that none of today's leaders can match these women for scientific expertise.

 We, unfortunately, have to accept that Thatcher and Merkel are even further removed from the thinking of the average citizen.

It is doubtful that Homo sapiens have the level of brain function needed to cope with the demands of the AI world of the 21st century.  The human brain is basically the same as it was 70,000 years ago. A belief in witchcraft has existed much longer than a belief in science. In the 1990s Carl Sagan warned us that the world was moving away from science and closer to the thinking of earlier centuries.

Who are the "witches" of the 21st century in this post-truth age of unreason? Bill Gates, Elon Musk, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Klaus Schwab, etc., are the new witches and there are many millions who want to destroy them.  Are Gates et al evil or just a  natural product of our present economic and market system? There are convincing claims for the latter in this video by Nick Hanauer: The dirty secret of capitalism -- and a new way forward. Read more…

Our very own brains!

4247 Views | 52 Comments | 0 Articles | 3/3/2021 11:42:49 AM

I am disappointed but not surprised to see Conspiracy Corner type blogs like "Facts", "We're Living in A Movie" and "Mare-age" now spilling over to the main blog section of CLM.  I am trying hard to understand why this has occurred. Hopefully, by the end of this blog and the discussions that follow, we will have a better understanding. For many decades, I have been interested in learning how the brain works, in particular, how the brain gets easily fooled. Read more…

From Boy to Man part 2 - connection

2705 Views | 23 Comments | 0 Articles | 1/18/2020 12:06:55 PM

In part 1 of my blog "From Boy to Man", there is a strong emphasis on self-love and self-respect. While self-love and self-respect are essential to the formation of a  great relationship with a woman, they are not enough. What else is needed? In a word - connection! Read more…

Decluttering Is All About Love Part 4 - doubts

1540 Views | 19 Comments | 0 Articles | 8/16/2019 12:27:01 PM

I was reluctant to write this blog because I feared that I was moving backwards. Read more…

Little China

7632 Views | 56 Comments | 4 Articles | 4/28/2019 1:35:07 AM

My eyes flicker open. I awake in a bed that I have never slept in before. A young Chinese woman is above me. Where am I? Read more…

Decluttering Is All About Love Part 3 – the bedroom!

1088 Views | 8 Comments | 1 Articles | 3/14/2019 1:17:27 PM

My bedroom has not changed during the time my partner and I have been together. A queen size bed faces a lifeless double window.  Two wardrobes and a dressing table are on one side of the room. A chest of drawers and a desk are near the window. The other long wall has two large metal filing cabinets and two smaller filing cabinets covered with a top to make it function as a computer desk. A computer sits on top of that. The carpet has long passed its used by date. The walls need repainting and show many cracks. WARNING! I have taken a patent out on this uniquely designed love nest, so don’t try to copy it. Read more…

Decluttering Is All About Love Part 2 - transforming ugly to cute!

952 Views | 10 Comments | 1 Articles | 3/7/2019 10:59:52 AM

It is getting harder. My second son is returning home for 12 months. I have 3 areas of my house that are floor to ceiling clutter. I now return to the state where I have 2 adult sons living with me. This will be a truly testing time for relationships. It will test my relationship with my beautiful Chinese wife. It will test my relationships with my two sons. It will test the dark corners of my relationship with myself.  Read more…

Decluttering Is All About Love Part 1

2086 Views | 28 Comments | 0 Articles | 2/22/2019 2:00:32 PM

Decluttering is all about love. Great love is all about presence. Being present is a 24 hour a day activity. Read more…

From Boy to Man

6749 Views | 42 Comments | 1 Articles | 8/27/2016 10:48:45 PM

I know a 53-year-old man who has failed with two marriages with women from China. It is unlikely that he will ever get a third opportunity. He is good at so many things, but not relationships with women. It looks like the relationship part of his brain still only works at the level of a 14-year-old. I also know men in their sixties and seventies who have the same problem with the relationship part of their brain. Read more…

Online Dating Revisited - Multi-Meets /Single Meets & Much More 网上交友——论距离的影响 第二部分

3178 Views | 8 Comments | 0 Articles | 10/16/2015 6:33:50 AM

A final word on multi-meets versus single meets ending with a confession. It is interesting to flip through the blogs and magazine articles that John Abbot has produced over the years. His position on multi-meets has been very consistent over a long time and it probably does not need to be detailed any further in this blog. I will concede that for some men and women the multi-meet is the best approach. However, I know from my own experience that it was not the best approach for me and the many success stories on CLM also seem to support a single meet approach. Read more…

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