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Weiming, aged 42 and single, has lived her life as a woman of small physical stature, working in a small company, but possesses an inner bigness. A woman of seeming contradictions, she can be a little naive yet also learned, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Always a believer in love, friendship and loyalty, yet her belief in undying devotion has been fading as of late. She has been pursuing happiness, but happiness is proving to be imperfect. She lives a busy city life, yet yearns for a life of countryside leisure. She yearns for a happy family, yet lives in solitude. Her life, like herself, is contradictory yet harmonious, complex yet simple.
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美景,往往在路上 The Beautiful Scenery on the Road

3909 Views | 6 Comments | 5 Articles | 8/5/2014 1:10:14 PM

"I look how enchanting castle peak, castle peak see me, also should be so," here is a sentence of Xin Qiji's ci poem "He Xin Lang", he was the famous poet of Song Dynasty, his style of ci poetry was both bold and graceful. Chinese residential environment has always been very particular about geomancy, most of the old houses are fronting water and with hills on the back, is to rely on the mountains, the river is the source of life, the front of the house is best both sunny and open, in fact, stress is “Nature and Humanity”, and natural blend. People living in it, mind and body are both at ease, spiritual pleasure. The clay tile roofs is now rare, most have been replaced by reinforced concrete houses. Read more…

A Harmonious and Beautiful Home is the Source of Our Happiness. 一个和谐美丽的家园,就是我们幸福的所在

3020 Views | 4 Comments | 5 Articles | 7/19/2014 3:39:37 PM

In the little by little indifference and alienated world, I've always wanted to show some more beautiful things, it will make us get some spiritual comfort, work toward the good direction. See this group of photos, do you have want to escape from the cracks of the city, back to nature in the arms? Read more…

我的花花草草 My Flowers

3750 Views | 6 Comments | 10 Articles | 7/1/2014 9:24:21 AM

这是我在一家寺庙里拍摄的一株蝴蝶兰,原来我对于兰花的认知,仅限于这一个品种,因为实在太形象了,真的就像一只翩翩起舞的蝴蝶。 Read more…

Home Is Where The Heart Is 心安之处是为家

4598 Views | 12 Comments | 1 Articles | 6/21/2014 6:43:16 AM

在中国,因为竞争日益激烈,男人为了他们眼中的成功需要付出更多的努力和时间,而女人为了缓解家庭的经济压力,也努力使自己变得更具竞争力,她们也要为此付出更多的精力和时间。许多人都追赶着别人的步伐生活着,为了购买更大的房子、更好的车子,把孩子送到最好的学校,为了明天更幸福的生活而透支现在,透支自己的健康和精力,包括透支整个社会的生活环境。最后男人和女人都会抱怨,为了家庭如此辛劳的付出,却再得不到对方的温柔对待。 Read more…

Chinese Dumplings

9283 Views | 26 Comments | 5 Articles | 6/15/2014 1:10:51 PM

小的时候,我们家人总喜欢聚在一起做各种各样的好吃的,那是一段非常美好的时光,饺子更是我们常做的食品。我的父亲还喜欢把面团捏成各种小动物造型以博取孩子们的开心一笑。 Read more…

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