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A retired Aussie programmer from Sydney, I am an ardent traveller, student of things Chinese, and in retirement both an online teacher and online MOOC student. I write mostly about travel and experiences in China, and of interaction with Asian culture and people. Don’t expect controversy because, like a cat in a puddle, I tread carefully - but sometimes I just might throw in a ‘googly’!
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Second trip to China- Getting Married

1123 Views | 7 Comments | 1 Articles | 4/7/2019 1:53:21 PM

I was in a strange, nay weird state on the second trip to China, having worked for a company taken over and being dismembered.  I had sat at a desk on double pay for two months, doing absolutely nothing under strict instructions to do nothing, and then released in October, after guo qing jie, went to China.  I had consulted lawyers, immigration experts self-proclaimed and they had advised me that I would lose my queue place if I married in China - the queue for my fiancee to come to Australia, but it didn't make sense to me, so I went to China planning to proceed nevertheless. Read more…

Bus Travels in China (1)

603 Views | 4 Comments | 3 Articles | 3/31/2019 10:45:30 AM

My very first bus-trip in China was the ghastly trip from Ningbo to Huangshan that I mentioned in my previous blog - tedious, boring, exceedingly uncomfortable and otherwise to be forgotten, although Huangshan itself was indeed memorable.  We must have been married by then because no-one objected to us staying together in a twin room!  The marriage, the hospital inspection, the civil ceremony and celebration is another story for another time. Read more…

My very first sojourn in China - last century (2)

689 Views | 8 Comments | 1 Articles | 3/23/2019 11:20:13 AM

The chronology of those early trips is somewhat confused - more than 20 years have passed by - but I think after the Aussie Melbourne Cup celebration at the embassy next port of call was Ningbo, by overnight ship from Shanghai.  A two-hour bus trip from Shanghai to the port wheezing in clouds of smoke from beneath the no-smoking sign and then overnight in the four berth cabin of an old clunker to Ningbo - memorable.  I'll see if I can find any photos.  Meeting family, then by bus to Huangshan.  Oh! how buses have improved since then, speed and comfort wise!  The 'seats' were reclining wicker beds, you could not sit up at all.  In the misty morning you could choose xifan zha cai mantou or nothing haha (wet rice, pickled turnip bland buns). Read more…

Generosity and Hospitality in China

1157 Views | 20 Comments | 2 Articles | 2/28/2019 12:04:37 PM

Every time I visit China I am overwhelmed and embarrassed by the generosity of the people towards travellers.  It's not part of our Western culture, at least not part of the Australian culture, but it is a seemingly sacred part of Chinese culture. In 20 years, 8 trips to China, I cannot remember being permitted to foot a restaurant bill, pay for bus tickets, no matter how speedy I am with the wallet, VISA or Weixin qianbao.  There is a conspiracy it seems between the waitresses and Chinese clients to reject laowai payment! Read more…

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