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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Daniel has lived in Toronto, Canada for 28 years. He’s a loving father, practicing dentist, divorcee and a well traveled “citizen of the world”. Having had extensive experience with online dating, travel and life in the Philippines, Daniel will tell it like it is and will no doubt open some eyes. He is currently engaged to a Chinese lady that he met on CLM and will very soon get married. However, he's seen a dark side too. Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly.
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6787 Views | 12 Comments | 2 Articles | 5/12/2014 5:47:07 AM

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.” Read more…

Planet Madness I

6896 Views | 14 Comments | 2 Articles | 3/19/2014 10:32:18 AM

Few days ago I made a comment to John Abbot, I told him that I really feel that the only truly happy people in this world are the idiots, the imbeciles, the completely mad and the children.  The more you know, the more you become aware of what is going on and consequently the more you suffer. Read more…

It Is A Jungle Out There!

3143 Views | 9 Comments | 1 Articles | 3/5/2014 7:36:07 AM

I have selected a few topics to write articles, but somehow I feel that this one should be the first one of this new series. I intend, God willing, to venture at my own risk into unchartered territory, write about curious, bizarre, current and hopefully useful subjects and to openly discuss with our community. They won't be about Chinese dating, but for members of CLM they will be relevant to understanding each other and each other's cultures and society.  I encourage people to openly comment and allow us to benefit from their experience or knowledge. Read more…

Getting Ready to Celebrate the Birth of Our Baobao

4145 Views | 8 Comments | 1 Articles | 2/26/2014 3:53:56 PM

As time goes by and the days drag on and on endlessly, our anxiety, anticipation and expectations are increasing geometrically.  We reached that stage that most couples do where we wish to have our little angel in our arms, bathe him(her), care for him(her), cuddle and give him(her) all the love, attention and protection we can possibly give and beyond. The due date is 1st of March, but the top doctor which is assisting Angela might decide to go to a C section ahead of time.  The last estimate was that the baby was already 4 and a half kilos and long bones and a big head like me and a normal delivery would be nearly impossible or devastating to both,Angela and the baobao (baby). Read more…

Say What You Will

11690 Views | 36 Comments | 1 Articles | 10/23/2013 5:10:00 PM
The Airbus A340 from Hainan airlines roared in the runway and took off like an Asian tiger. In the high tech era we get a direct flight from Toronto to Beijing in just 13 hours. I loved this route, far better than to fly over the Pacific. If you live in the North of the US and will be flying to China to meet your sweetheart, please consider this route. The cost was $1,300 (Canadian currency) for a two-way ticket. Of course prices are different at different times of the year. At the time of high season in China or during the Chinese festivals it will cost you hundreds more. Please also consider Chicago too and as a port of entry in China, try Hong Kong or Shanghai, just shop around. Read more…

Lucubrating About Food and Health

5673 Views | 12 Comments | 1 Articles | 6/2/2013 4:32:22 PM
First and most important, I am elated to share the good news with all fellow members of CLM and ALM. Angela, my lovely Chinese wife to be, is fully recovered of her respiratory problem (it was probably a virus) and I am actually packing up my stuff to be heading to Beijing on June 3rd. God willing, everything will be fine and we will very soon be getting married. I will share the news and pictures of us celebrating our Chinese marriage with all of you. Read more…

The Pursuit of Happiness Part III

3962 Views | 9 Comments | 0 Articles | 3/15/2013 4:58:41 PM
Real and true love surely should be able to endure and survive anything life throws at us and make our bond even stronger. A kiss of get well soon, my sweet little angel, I need you, with all my love. - Daniel Chermont Read more…

Sex, Myths and Reality. Part 3

4060 Views | 3 Comments | 1 Articles | 3/1/2013 2:08:55 PM
One of the most romantic and affectionate expressions of love between two people is a kiss. It is the seal of love. Yet, it can carry many dangers, with all its innocence, good intentions and warm feelings. At one time or another during our life time, chances are that every pathogenic (disease causing) organisms that exist in our planet will travel in our mouths. Read more…

Sex, Myths & Reality. Part 2

3615 Views | 2 Comments | 0 Articles | 2/26/2013 3:11:48 PM
Chimera - A Greek mythological beast - According to the myth, she was the sister of Cerberus, the three headed dog which guarded the gates from Hell. In modern days she symbolizes an absurd idea or story. In the medical field, she symbolizes bizarre, peculiar conditions which are usually rather extremely rare. The type of case which is presented in a Congress and draws a standing ovation. Read more…

Sex, Myths and Reality. Part 1

8059 Views | 9 Comments | 0 Articles | 2/24/2013 1:33:40 PM
Ana Carolina Soares Nakamura - (Carol Nakamura), Brazilian dancer (classical ballerina, Jazz etc) and actress, born in Rio de Janeiro, is 29 years old, she will be 30 in 3 months from now (May 2013) and is the mother of one child. She works in a popular TV variety show and acts in several movies, from drama to comedies. She is a typical middle class girl which loves beaches. Carol is indeed the living proof that the union of Latino and Asian people works very well. I strongly believe that the marriage of people belonging to two different racial groups, e.g. Caucasians and a black African person, Asians, Natives, you name it, produces some of the nicest, prettiest, most intelligent and smarter children as the end product. They inherit the best genes of their parents. She is considered the quintessential sexy woman for SouthEastern Brazilians. Read more…
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